Name: Kai

   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Singers: Twins, S.H.E, Jolin, Aya Hirano

Actors: Jacky Wu, Stephen Chow, Michelle Ye Xuan, Leila Tang Ning

Anime Characters: Saber, Suzumiya Haruhi, Asahina Suzuka, Konata Izumi, Naru Narusegawa

Hobbies: Dota/CS, Ping Pong, Tennis, Ice Skating, Pool, Singing(kbox), Dancing(ddr/para para), Learn Jap, Anime/Manga, HK Serials, TW Varieties, Photoshop


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Tuesday, November 27, 2012
@ 3:52 PM

one exam this semester! lol vasoo module. dont feel like studying... but its prob the only module that i can aim for A this sem so i should XD hahahah im not writing in french anymore! shall take a break since all french exams are over.. super proud of myself think i score about average for all the assignments and test. so that means i'll get a B i hope :D ahaha. still rmb the start of the sem i was still stressing over french module until dno what lol. oh wells. and today is cyber monday! black friday just passed. Honestly, this year's deals are pathetic compared to last year's... but nevertheless, i bought a domain name lol, for real cheap xD lol. so funny. didn't really think much anw cos it was so cheap.. will be keeping the name for at least 2 years XD hopefully my mini part time project gets more customers lol. Crazy over Pretty Little Liars now. just about chionged through it all the way to season 3 episode 13 alrdy lol. am i crazy or am i crazy XD my exam in 3 days and im just chionging angmoh dramas. ah wells. whatever!! stupid euro faster drop abit so i can buy you.

Thursday, November 08, 2012
@ 6:28 PM


Recently saw Twins on the 933 awards ceremony on tv... and 933 playing Twins song right now... 见习爱神... from goodness knows how many years ago... gawdz.. What i'm feeling now i also can't describe. just had to open my blog to write something.... I feel like I'm transported back to my sec sch/jc days... abit of sadness that so many years have passed and that things have changed so much, missing those days, yet i can feel the carefree-ness i used to enjoy so much... wearing my white school uniform, carrying my school bag and running around as if nothing mattered.. And i remembered my room in the past... walls pasted all over with Twins posters... can't find the photo anymore haiz. But those were the times... Now don't have such hobbies to chase stars to such an extent already... :(