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   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
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   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012
@ 10:05 PM

j'ai echoué mon permis de conduire... c'est tellement embarrassant! so embarassing. 丢脸死了!hahahahz.. oh wells... peu importe, je vais essayer encore une fois en Decembre! Esperons que je réussirai! RAHHS 我可以的!hahahz. Ça va.. au moins je peux me concentrer sur les autres choses dès maintenant jusqu'a Decembre. :) Comme mon petit projet! :) Je pense mes achats vont arriver demain matin! :)

Je n'ai jamais regretté d'avoir pris le Français 5. J'aime de plus en plus la langue. En fait, ce cours me rends compte que j'aime apprendre les langues! TOUS les langues (sauf l'anglais et le chinois, lol). Peut-être j'ai le potentiel de devenir un linguiste dans l'avenir heee.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
@ 10:22 PM

Ahahahahah! Got back my first 2 french test results =D heypi. One of the rare times when I feel so heypi scoring the mean score for my tests loL. 

Ça veut dire mon français n'est pas si mal après tout! 哈哈哈! I'm average!!!! LOL. 自high un moment. LoL. Not bad, je pense j'ai atteint the stage where i can sort of 收放自如 loLL. what is Singlish mannn!!! Je vous montrez my special language cocktail: Frenglese!! French+English+Chinese 厉害吧!lolol. ok mais serieusement, my 法语 still cmi loL. Seulement act 一个 nia. hahahaha this is très interessant!! 我喜欢 write comme ça! Vraiment 过瘾!真 fun! LOL <3 <3 <3 peut-être one day 我可以 ajouter aussi le Japonais into the mixture! Then je vais 把它叫做 Frenglipanese! lol like a Frangipani flower. Quel 美丽的 name!

hahahahahhahahahaha. Looked like a bunch of computer error message LOL. Self-amusant.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012
@ 3:23 AM

YUPPIE!!!! Le lundi est passé!!!!! The most xiong day of this sem so far... finance assignment + risk presentation + french test... like some 3 in 1 kopi mix in one day loL. Luckily! got an excellent teoheng session with chork yyy and cherie to end off the day :DD

FIESTAR JEI <3 <3 <3 Je t'aime beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beacoup!!!!!! Trop belle, trop mignon! <3

Monday, September 10, 2012
@ 2:21 AM

Revision on Panorama Historique: Summary

Para 1: The decolonisation of France has reduced it into a Hexagon Shape. From 1946, the French population has increased to about 1.5 times more. At the same time, the electorate has also increased given the lowering of the eligible age from 21 to 18 years old. The number of French speakers has also increased.

Para 2: The population composition has undergone important changes during these 50 years. For example, the refugees from Algeria have introduced their own accents and language habits. The contributions from the foreigners have diversified. France has been a country that welcomes immigrants, because immigration compensates for the demographic weakness. At the end of the war, in order to provide the workforce to rebuild the country, France has welcomed immigrants from Spain, Portugal, etc, until 1974 where the government decided to stop immigration due to the oil shock. The influx of the new job seekers has create administrative political problems. Most of them are concentrated around the peripherals, making it difficult for them to integrate with the society. These nuclei populations results in an increasing dissociation between the written language and the daily oral language.

Para 3: The distribution between the working sectors have changed as well. After the war, about half of the French population worked in the rural areas, and half in the city. At the end of the century, barely a quarter of the population lived anymore in villages and small towns. The farmers often composed the minority groups. In just 50 years, France, from a country which was just able to provide sufficient agricultural products for its own subsistence, has become the second largest exporters of agricultural products.

Para 4: The industrial sector has diminished as well. More and more French citizens have abandoned the tasks requiring manual work to the foreign labour.

Para 5: The tertiary industry has taken in the the workers who left other two sectors, and have expanded considerably. The expansion has resulted in the rise of grand shopping malls at the expense of the small stores.

Para 6: The gender distribution in the active working population has also undergone great changes. The proportion of females in the active population kept increasing. In 1956, they constituted barely a third of the working population, but today, the numbers are about the same as males. This has brought about changes to the nature of employment, even though there remained a gap in the remunerations.

Para 7: The changes in technology are undoubtedly the most obvious. The Industrial reforms by Georges pompidou, the nuclear policies, and the concentration of busineses have allowed France to modernise. France has harnessed nuclear energy to provide 78% of the required electricity.

Para 8: The daily life of the French has also been modified greatly. Their buying power has increased tremendously. After the years of shortages, the buying power from 1949 to 1981 is estimated to have multiplied by 4 times, almost catching up with the United States. At first, the consumption has brought about better conditions and cleaning equipments. Once the basic needs were satisfied, the consumers turn to hobbies, distractions and culture.

Para 9: The importance of work in the daily life has diminished as well. The working hours has reduced from 40 to 39, and then to 35 in 1998. 5 weeks of paid leave was fixed in 1981. Aerial transport has become more commonplace, life expectancy has also become longer. These have caused people to take up travelling and sports as hobbies.

Para 10: The way of living as well as the norms which governs them have changed greatly. Extra-marital affairs have spread considerably.

SLEEPYY..... writing more and more shoddy summaries...

Para 11 and 12: Religious practice in France has diminished as well. Majority of the French are still Christians only if we take into account those who identify themselves but do not actually follow the religious rules.

Para 13 and 14: Compulsory education has been increased from 14 to 16 years. Lifelong learning has also become a right of the salaried and an obligation of employers.

Para 15: The role of media is as important as education. The television has become a principal means of communication. As for the press, the number of readers hardly increased.

Para 16: The government has done everything they could to reduce the inequalities within the society and increase social welfare. One of the measures is the introduction of a minimum income (RMI) for those who stay around the peripherals. This has improved the situations of the old people, who were the main victims of inflation.

Para 17 and 18: The policies have however led to a rise in unemployment, striking especially on the younger population who has no working experience. Unemployment also results in a series of consequences: indebtedness, dislocation of family units, and social fragmentation.

Para 19 and 20: The spread of a language reflects the influence of a country. French language has diminished in importance since the fall of France in 1940. The French population is also too small compared to the rest of the world. However, decolonisation has resulted in French language being the official language of some 20 countries in the United Nations.

Para 21: French has been "contaminated" by English, leading to a Franglish language. A law was passed to forbid the usage of English terms if they exist in French. The French are more attached to the language than money, and it is also the language that unites the country.

Friday, September 07, 2012
@ 2:02 AM

Je m'occupe de beaucoup de travail cette semaine! C'est mieux comme ça... pour que je ne laisserai pas vagabonder mon imagination et pense à des choses très stupides XD

haha il est encore la fin de une autre semaine!! Et il y a beaucoup de nouvelles chansons Coréen récemment. C'est très satisfisant!

Tout d'abord, la nouvelle chanson de Kara s'appelle Pandora! Comme d'habitude, j'adore ses tenues!! hahah leur pantalons sont un peu trop courtes, comme s'ils portent des sous vêtements dans leur MV X'D mais leur jambes.... <3 hahahhahaha Goo Hara et Seungyeon Hwaiting!!!!

En suite, Il y a aussi un nouvelle groupe qui s'appelle Fiestar, avec leur chanson Vista :DD Cette groupe est de la même organisation que IU :D Loen Entertainment. Bien qu'elles sont nouvelles, elles semblent très expérimentés! Elles chantent et dansent comme des professionelles!! J'ai hâte d'ecouter plus de leur chansons! bi lub per, per bi lub per lalalala! ahahha j'aime Jei!!! Elle est très très belle!! Presque comme Jiyeon <3

Le dernier mais pas le moindre, c'est mon groupe preferé T-ARA!!! SEXY LOVE! ""ooohh sexy eyes, sexy nose, sexy mouth, don't you know! ~lala~" <3 avec leur danse robotique. Malgré leur scandale, je les aime toujours! Jiyeon et Soyeon je vous aime tous les deux!! <3 Chaque fois j'ecoute cette chanson, je veux me lever et danse avec eux! :D lalalalalalalalallaallala.

haha, je sens que mon français a amélioré! mais je dois faire encore beaucoup beacoup de travail :) Bonne nuit! haha les chansons peuvent vraiment me rendre heureux!

Saturday, September 01, 2012
@ 1:46 AM

今晚我没心情用法文写部落客, 也不想用英文, 于是只好写中文。。。 好久好久没有用中文写一篇完整的文章了啊!觉得自己的中文都退步了许多。。 学那么多语文有什么用呢?! 结果到头来全部都只学得半桶水。。 英文方面, 我只能以简单的单词表达自己。。 华文呢,也时常须用到英文字来辅助。。 法文方面,说来说去也只会那几种句子的构造。。 日文 更可笑了。。 说自己考过JLPT4, 我都觉得不好意思!

已经是大四了, 快到了学生生涯的尽头了。。 怎么我觉得自己似乎一事无成。。 学业方面说不上太差,但也好不到哪里。。 事业方面, 盲目地签了kp 的合约,只因为怕自己毕业后找不到工作需要一个保障。。 但说真的, 自己到底要什么, 连我都不知道。。。 一向来那么懒惰的我,多希望可以像一些专业forex traders一样,每天呆在家里,靠玩forex过活。。。 但这终究只是一个梦想而已。。。

我自己到底是个怎样的人, 连我都搞不明白了。。 我绝对不是一个外向的人,不善于与人相处。。。 但说我是个内向的人似乎也说不过去。。。 因为当我自己一个人在房里时, 我感觉到的并不是安宁, 不是寂静。。 而是孤单,寂寞。。 而且看着周围的朋友个个都活得那么充实,每天都有那么多活动, 我更是觉得自己很可怜!

当然, 多在家里也不是完全没有好处。。 至少能多陪家人。。 最近和父母一起看一部港剧“绝代商骄”, 内容情节都很无厘头, 但真的很好笑!最重要的是,我已经好久好久没有和家人坐在一起观看连续剧了。。这,也是一种幸福!

下午, 也和父母到附近的小贩摊吃午餐。。。摊主是一对夫妻,一个忙着招待客人, 一个忙着泡面。。虽然辛苦, 也可能赚不多钱,但是夫妻同心一起为生活打拼。。我觉得其实这种简简单单的生活, 是最幸福的!不需要什么荣华富贵, 也不需要在办公室与人争斗。。 哈哈,要是我能和自己心爱的人, 像这对夫妻一样。。 白天看管摊位,晚上一起在家里看电视,偶尔出去走走逛街逛超市看电影吃顿好的,一年一两次带孩子出国旅行,开开心心过日子,我就心满意足了!但我又在异想天开了。。 在现代社会里,样样都讲究金钱与势力, 没钱的话,大概也没有女孩子会要吧! 毕竟每个人都会想过着无忧无虑与舒适的生活。。。谁会喜欢一个穷光蛋!唉。。

寂寞真的很可怕。。。 能让一个人胡思乱想到这种程度。。