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   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Thursday, February 23, 2012
@ 8:45 PM

I've tried my best... if i don't get anything it means i'm too cui liao lol. ji tired!!!

My past week of hard work ohmais :

Thursday, February 16, 2012
@ 1:34 AM

WOOTS ITS 1.35am in the morning and I'M FEELING DAMN HIGH NOW!!! yeAHH!! High, High, into the skyyyyy~~~

no im not drunk, not on drugs or anything. nor did anything particularly good happen. hhahaha i'm just browsing through biz school's talentedge website for summer internships LOL

Kept regretting that I did not apply for summer internships after exams cos i only focused on relaxing and slacking lol. In the end all the bank's applications close liao T.T But now it feels like I'm reborn like a phoenix!! Resurrected by an angel!! Given a new lease of life!! A new ray of hope!! Like spotting a crack within the rocks at the dead end of a long dark tunnel!! Phew!!!

Because suddenly there're so many openings on talentedge again for internship this summer :D Yummyyy muackks!! Even though its gonna be tough with my not so impressive resume and current cap compared to all the scary pros out there lurking around in the different corners of business school T.T ah wells.... but if im going to apply for like 10 internships surely there's a high chance that one of them is going to 看走眼 right! >.< wah but i'm quite happy! hahaha cos I now have the right to add this very satki line into my resume under my education: Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society! lol looks pretty <3 <3 <3 but my cca part is totally cuiiii to the max. bleargh. disgusting. pukes~~ puiii~

ok i'm shameless :( hahaha but dunno why im so high dunno how to go to sleep. tmr lessons at 9am oh my tians!! or rather today. wadda! hahahahahahaz... shit man. why i sound so childish :(( 长不大!:(( if any of my propective employers stumble upon my blog see me write until like that i am so gonna die loll. wah lao but i'm like that! blah. so let me be myself on my blog!!! THIS IS MINE!! MY PLACE!! TOO BAD!! and i'm not writing anything slanderous or harmful!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~

tralalala la dee dumz lmao.

Sunday, February 05, 2012
@ 1:32 AM

Super long entry... because i had a very busy, yet interesting and enjoyable first week of school!!! :D

Went out with jc friends for dinner! :D with cherie, dajiejie, sheenie and yyy!! Really happy, everyone is so busy but still made time to have dinner with me :) Ahaa had dinner at this chinese restaurant called Wo Peng, kept thinking its called 我朋 or sth... end up its called 和平!lols.. cantonese i believe.. haha my dialect is really cmi :( dinner was on the expensive side but thanks everyone for the treat!! had duck, chicken, pork ribs, fried fish skin, yimian and vegetables (but i only ate the mushrooms)... Selection wasn't a lot because didnt expect that the restaurant would be still having CNY menu :(( and many of the dishes were charged per person instead of per plate :O oh my tians!

After dinner we just lazed around in dajiejie's car while she drove us to 112 katong shopping mall to find dessert! Having a car is so convenient at this sort of outings! I must faster pass my driving!! Unfortunately my basic theory is only in March so can't rush now :( ahahha. Had the famous tiramisu cake at Da Paolo Gastronomia + a hazelnut cake thingy can't remember what its called... Actually 112 katong looks like a really nice place to have dinner outings... Must keep that in mind next time if I need to find somewhere for dinner :D Really enjoyed the company and wish we have regular outings like this!! Meetup of old old friends of 7 years... but the next time may only be in April or something :( Everyone is so busy!!

I miss my ri friends too... like berge hanxu chinks teck bakua mh etc.. sort of feel we have drifted apart because most of them have been studying overseas... exposed to different environments different things from me... hais... must really meet and catch up with them when they grad and return this year.. been too foolishly preoccupied with other stuff for the past 3 years...

Happy Birthday to me!! :D hohoho. Saved this special day for my family... My bro treated my whole family to buffet dinner at Plaza Brasserie @ Park Royal hotel! Oh my tians!!! It ish the most expensive buffet I've ever eaten in my life :o :o :o somemore its C
NY period even more expensive!!! wahwahwah.. But seriously its also one of the best buffet I've ever eaten. Its crazy.... all the good stuff I ever want in a buffet is there... soft shell crabs... sashimi.. sea cucumbers.. pork knuckles... lobster siewmai.. xiaolongbaos... real abalone (ohmytians not those lousy fake ones), prawns, scallops, mussels etcetc... even had fried oyster omelettes and durian pratas! *goes crazy* hahahaha..

This is just a small sample of what i had... although it totally doesn't do justice to the super buffet: (abaloneee on the left!! imagine free flow abalone omg i took that almost every round =x)

Accounting and Audit Challenge 2012 @ NTU! LOL. This is really a joke. Went there totally unprepared. Team Hukajaka... even one of our team members jason couldn't make it and so it becomes Hukaluka lol. huangrong kaiqing wenyi and myself. Never really understood why would people want to participate in this kind of competitions... But after this day, I've found out MY reason: Its not about winning the competition... nor issit really about winning the ipad in the lucky draw... Its just an event where friends can get together, try something special, and have fun! lol.

If I were in a team that won, but the team members are just mere acquaintances, i would be happy because of the prize money.
If I went there alone and won the ipad in the lucky draw, I would be happy because I get an expensive new toy to play with.
Our team didn't win any prizes, nor did I win the ipad. But, because I went there with friends, we chatted, we laughed, we played games and went LAN together, had lunch and dinner together, I can just think back of this memory and subconsciously smile to myself... I definitely prefer this kind of happiness.

But anw! Our Hukaluka team did very well! hahaha even though we didn't win anything, somehow we were the top NUS team! No idea how on earth that happened lol. And to me, we were the most fun team in the whole competition :D

ok, time to go do some homework and readings lol. Been playing too much :o