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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

Yo! back to blog about another day of work.

I really feel very very fortunate to be under toys department! =D i think its the best department in the whole of robinsons centrepoint!!! everyone's so nice.... got so many pple, then the seniors and manager so ez to get along and quite sui bian oso... make many of the part-timers from other departments so envious... lalala! nehnehnipupu =P haha...

So nice until got free food to eat today sponsored by Mr Quek! ahahaha! chicken drumlets! sausages! beehoon! and some other stuff forgot what... only ate the drumlets and sausages cos got no more plates =X

Listened to 1min+ of every song in S.H.E's new album today.. i like track 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yue gui nu: shen! the melody superrrr nice! better than all the other songs. but all the songs are nice too! except track 9 which i think is quite crappy. whoa. but the album got free qian chang hui passes and free coasters which are very cute! alot of hebe ones =D (of course tho, hebe is nowhere as nice as my most lovely gillian)

Today is a crazy day. Store closed for the public at 6pm (sorry jinyue! >.<) to prepare for the Gala Night at 6.30 where Robinsons card members get 20% discount storewide. whoaa. even got free wine and champagne and food. going to make sure to kope some tmr. wine is good!!! =D haiz. but stupid 20% discount then everyone buy so many things.... scan the stuff scan until hand tired. stand oso stand until leg pain back ache. so when there was no one around we juz sat down on the ground behind the cashier counter... the gala night thing made everyone damn stressed.... dennis got into quite a bad mood... den regina was like falling sick.. awwwww.... even the very kind senior kimeng actually told some pple off...

ahha. but i felt very senior today at work. cos got a new batch of part time workers!!!! woohoo. they dunno anything still had to seek our help! hehhhheeee! feel so pro..

hope tmr will be a better day =) and here's a reminder for pple to go appeal ur S papers if u havent already done so.

Sunday, November 27, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

whoa. nv expect myself to be blogging abt work everyday for the past few days.

watched harry potter this morning until abt 3+am!! ok lah, not that bad a movie. anyone wanna guess which girl i like most in the movie? everyone allowed 3 guesses list in order of 1st 2nd 3rd. see who understands me best! =)

shall watch ff7 tmr morning! yea! and complete this website creating task that im allocated to. =X late by 2 days liao i hope yanshuo doesnt kill me.

was just discussing about vampire 3 with jinyue on msn... haha, managed to rush home after work juz in time for it. was telling pple that 我和<<我和僵尸有个约会>>有个约会 haha. Its a really great show!!!!! getting more and more exciting... pple like wanyanbupo whom i thought was the most powerful at the start is now defenceless against pple like renwang and yaochi lol. then there are like so many events happening at the same time and so many characters in the show that u wonder what will happen to everybody. for a more philosophical view of the show, please refer to jinyue's blog =P

today work quite sian hmm. didnt talk much cos siewmai seemed to be in a less talkative mood today sigh.. talked more to KAI today lol. yupyup. another kai. hehh.

smsing alot illegally today oso. haha. if i get sacked it'll be yyyour fault =P u know who u are. hehehehehehe.

ahha. got my first visitor today! thankss sophia for popping by! really a pleasant surprise =) and joyce too!

what does the D in nydc stand for? someone tell me! hmm..

eh zw and ws, tmr how?????

Saturday, November 26, 2005
@ 11:21 PM

OMG!!! wth!! i juz remembered i forgot to swipe my card to sign out today!!!!!!!!! shittt!!!! means i might not get today's pay!!!!!! KNS! i hope my punch card can be used...

but gd news! my dear supervisor said i can take dinner break at 7pm on some days!!! means i can catch zhen ming tian nu! yeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwwww!

met the 156 pedophile today. we were waiting at the bus stop outside njc. really crazy person. he went up 171 (same as me) then got off 2 stops after that to wait for another bus -.- im pretty sure the buses available are the same. freaky.

Also realised today that the cashier machine is real cool. we were treating it like some game console playing a password guessing game. lol. oh ya, and i finally got a copy of ff7 advent children.. thx to siewmai hakkao nanrenpo ribena xiaomei. hehh

heeeeeee. Happy birthday Meryl! =D Wish u'll stay a Merry Meryl!

Friday, November 25, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

lol. here i am to blog about work again!

Saw this girl today at the customer service place. WHOA!!!!! she looks like an Elva clone!!!!!! omg lah... her eyes, her face shape, her skin colour, her figure... everything la! Elva!! think her new album should be coming out. looking forward to it =)

Worked overtime today. hahaha. i simply loveeeeee $$$. hehehe. overtime pay is normal pay x1.5 then work past 12 got xtra 6 bucks and can claim taxi fare. so hua2 suan4!!! of course i work lah! hahahahaha. I love working overtime!! =D

my nxt 2 off days are on 28th Nov (monday) and 7th Dec (wednesday! can go iceskating!) anyone anyone? go out!!!

I missed zhen ming tian nu: again =( no fairrrrrr!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2005
@ 11:10 PM

another day of work lol.

Always arrive at my workplace damn early. so today went hmv walk walk. haha. was sampling cds and discovered that Rong Zu Er has a damn nice back:

Sexy? yupp.. and the album songs are quite nice too. i think i seriously prefer canto pop to chinese pop.

Realised im becoming a very ill-behaved worker lol. charging my handphone underneath the cashier counter.... slacking around during work time chitchatting... haha, and was veryyyyyy tempted to play the ps2 today cos no one was around.. oh wells. ahha, but at least i didnt use the phone at the cashier counter for personal reasons unlike other pple lol.

AND I MISSED S.H.E's ZHEN MING TIAN NU!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! sigh.... any kind souls can tell me where to dl it without using bittorrent?

tmr is going to be a boring and lonely day at work. arghz. someone sms me to keep me entertained can? =D

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
@ 11:35 PM

yay. played parapara yesterday and now i love it! jec really rocks. 1 token parapara, cheep cheep wor!!!!!!!!

haha, another repetitive day at work. today muz do some arranging of the toys somemore. not as slack as other days... and the senior in charge of us today is lousyyyyy...... boring day facing the toys as usual, but at least got lihao and regina! ahahahahaha. 2 pple of highly contrasting characters.

Wish i can find someone to play pool with every tues/wed/thurs from 11 to 1pm at orchard cine. then at least got something to look forward to everyday. hmm.

we should start a class website!

ok, im randoming.

Sunday, November 20, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

ok. owe chork this entry so shall blog b4 i go asleep. its 1.04am now lol juz finished watching vampy 3.. thats the only show i can watch now! cos of work... hmph! my she4 diao1 gone liao. super funny and abit li2 pu3. they portrayed hell like an airport liddat.

kk. havent blogged since i started work.. think i might make this a super long entry so bear with me if u're reading k.

Im working for centrepoint's robinsons now for a very meagre pay... from 1+pm to 9+pm 6 days a week. MONDAY off! so someone pls pls go out with me on monday! =D outing or anything pls put on monday kaez! =)

The toys department there is actually quite small but there were 5 pple assigned to it at first. 3 others got sent to other departments like Travel goods and Lingerie =P luckily for me i still remained at toys! wheeee... Toys department is greattt! learnt alot. Barbie dolls! The newest Magic of Pegasus series! Rayla the cloud fairie! Winx! bloom flora stella! lol ok wadeva. oh ya, those interested in SUDOKU (chorknsheen?) might be interested in this sudoku electronic handheld game that costs $19.95. has like 300+ different puzzles i think.

don't really like packing and arranging the toys. its damn sian. somemore stand around and watch pple play ps2 and xbox etc then cannot play myself. damn jealous of those kids and the ps2/xbox promoter. get to play loh... Cashier duty is fun tho. u nv know what might crop up, and can get to talk with the customers oso. that makes it not so boring...

hmmm. shall talk abt the pple there. Of course there's Boon =D!! too bad we different departments only meet during dinner =(... then oso there's oso some newer frens like dennis n kaiyun who works at travel now, leona whom i think is the only other j1 there, raphael who got transferred to RC, lihao the mattel games promoter, simon the ps2/xbox promoter, helen who quit after one day and...... regina! a few others whom i nv talk to yet. hmm. shall talk abit abt regina ba, since she's the same department as me. Ribena. nygh girl. hmm under IP same as boon so lucky... really nice and interesting girl! haha, quite open oso, i didnt start anything she oreadi started a convo abt oral sex. and bdsm(learnt it today). said she learnt those from wikipedia lol. maybe thats why tre likes surfing wikipedia so much =X yea, basically she talks real well and i dun feel awkward at all talking to her (thats really rare). but its great! make my job much more colourful (is this the correct adjective?). nxt there's Mr Quek (the duapai around), Ms Loh, Ms Anna, Mr Wee.. all very patient and kind to us! thanksssssss! =)

what else... hmmm... oh. juz remembered. if anyone of u are looking for some batman stuff advertised on the papers, its at RAFFLES CITY Robinsons. dunno answer this qn how many times til mouth oso dry liao still got pple come ask.

on the 2nd day. there was this stupid indian woman. wth. come toys department cashier pay for shirt. then we scan liao she complain should have discount wth. dun haf discount de loh, got discount will show on the cashier screen. then for the sake of politeness say sorry maybe she should go to the shirt level and ask and then pay there. say SORRY liao wth. then she say "yes, u should be sorry!" then give us that damnnn buaysong look. wtf cb knn idiot. damn kiam pah.

today reached somerset too early so went cine to walk walk. was chking out the k-gold membership thing at kpool.. hmm 20 bux for the whole year. sounds like a good deal if i play alot of pool. then went arcade and watch pple play para para. hilarious! i know i shouldnt laugh coz i can't do any better. but i want to learn! >.< anyone knows how to dance para para? anw today was slightly better, no weird customers. to make things more exciting supposed to have some mystery shopper around to chk the cashiers' performance.

Yupps. thats all abt my work. for now.

tmr is off day! yay and aww.... working is actually quite fun oso. but yay cos can go out! but im quite sure pple will pangseh me and not go for ice skating tmr as usual. haha. maybe i should pangseh pple b4 they do it to me.

Too lazy to create a quiz like everybody else. not much point anyway, probably the qns will be as simple as, do i love Gillian from Twins? yes 10 marks, no 0 marks. whoever dun get full marks = not my friend liao.

And Congrats to Meryl for going thru the first round of campus superstar! Jiayou jiayou jiayou! u can win de! even if not interested oso win for fun lah, or for the sake of winning =P

Chork, satisfied now? =P

Thursday, November 17, 2005
@ 4:28 PM

ahhahha! juz came back from my briefing.. starting work tmr!! wheee!! until 24th Dec. But that means i'll have no more time to play liao =( awwww..... luckily i've oreadi played quite alot for the past few wks. esp thanks to pek rox qq hy for playing pool and iceskating for the past 2 days! at least now i can go work with no regrets lol =)

lol. the briefing was damn gan1 ga4. everyone damn silent except these 2 nygh girls keep chatting non-stop. haha. got this gold badge that says my name on it. reminds me of my pri school prefect badge. how interesting...

Yepps. And im posted to the toys department!! lol yay. i love toys!! =D haha better than boon's kitchen ware imo =P

hah. damn addicted to Jaychou's Ye Qu. Super niceee. but i still can't rmb the lyrics...

oh ya, b4 i forget. i saw this malay person at batok mrt today while waiting for my bus. whoaaaa damn cooool lah. the way he threw his unwanted bottle into the dustbin from like 2-3 metres away. Not just the accuracy.... the STYLE oso! so casual yet so cool. omgomgomg. if only i can throw rubbish like that manz........ maybe i should start practicing.

yeaaa and i reached ORANGE rating 1815 in towers this morning!! wahhahaha.

*edit* lol. juz came back from westmall again! hahaha. I smiled at HER and SHE smiled back at me. who's she? who's she? don't u all want to find out? LMAO! go ask jinyue =P

Sunday, November 13, 2005
@ 7:17 PM

phew. i rock! slept abt 16 hrs today. from 12am to 1pm, den from like 4pm to 7pm. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- anyone gonna comment about this?

oh no. looks like i MIGHT be working at robinsons at centrepoint and not at raffles city after all according to boonshing. he said he heard the person say briefing is tmr, but im damn sure i heard its on thurs. argh, he's scaring me... to bad no one else to confirm with..

this is someone who worked there last yr, dunno who (thx boonshing):

quote from his blog: "My working contract ended on christmas eve 24/12.. LoLx.. =D During these working periods, i've got to make lots of new frens.. They are the staffs (part/full timers) and the promoters.. I really didnt regret joining robinsons as i've got to noe such great ppl there and have learn lots of new stuffs.. Hahaha.. It's really a good experience for me and i have to admit, it was quite sad to bid goodbye to them on my last day of work... Most of the part-timers oso ended their job on 24/12, same goes to the promoters.."

wow, i really hope its really as nice as he described... and i wish my contract really ends on christmas eve too! then i can go out on christmas!! ahhhh.....

wadevazz. right now im juz looking forward to vampire 3 later. and yupz, i like Wulei in the show most! more than Maxiaoling and Maoyou! too bad she only likes one-fanged vampires... awww. wulei! dun die pls!

nothing todo now. lol. don't even feel like towering. i want to sleep more

Saturday, November 12, 2005
@ 8:08 PM

lol. i love my pw group as much as ever =P

i love today. its a superrr day. lol many things contributed to it:
Steph's house! Steph! Sophia!! TRE! SiZheng! Steph's bro! Steph's parents! Kiang Hon! and Jinyue! ahahha! =D

Wait for the song on my blog to load! absolute NEWEST S.H.E song. Bu Xiang Zhang Da. i dun wanna grow up too!! such a cute song, i tink it fits a cute xiaomeimei like me hehehe =P

Tzekwan, cheer up!!

Friday, November 11, 2005
@ 7:46 PM

ahhahaha. lots of reasons to be happy today.

1) Happy Birthday Sheena and XiaoPekPek!
2) Played Pool! yayyyy! hahahahehehehoho.
3) Im going to be a sales associate of Robinsons soon! =D Do visit me ok?! =)
4) Bought my first ever twins poster. going to start decorating my walls with twins posters from now on! =D don't care what my parents will think liao.
5) Fried Rice for dinner! lol

ok thats enough. im juz very happy!! =D wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thursday, November 10, 2005
@ 10:59 PM

See? Im Bored yet again..

oh yay! finally added sound to our grp's op flash. thanks to inspiration from my dream! lol

oOpS. haha. nv realised zhaohan's blog was until now OOPS!!!!! sorry sorry! added to friends liao =D

Tuesday, November 08, 2005
@ 6:45 PM

gah. wasted my time today... enthusiastically went for this job interview thinking it would be fun and a good way to spend my hols...

met jingzhou jishun boonshing at raffles city... they were late so i went HMV... sampled more than half of luo zhi xiang's new album b4 they arrived...

Stupid longggggggggggggggggggg queue. all kinds of pple there, got hwachong pple, poly pple, got lao aunties, got chiobus, got shuai ges etc... all applying to be gift wrapper or sales associate... jz and js decided to back out cos they might not be free.... haiz so wasted. so left me and boonshing down there wait wait wait. wait so long might as well go be waiter -.-! disgusting lah, nv expected so many pple to be wanting the jobs.... the queue was like.... comparable to the jueduisuperstar autograph session at westmall last time.... =\gah.

so we queued there patiently for dunno how long, finally get to go in. wah, the "interviewer" quite cute! =P but its not exciting de..... cannot even be considered an interview. gah. juz ask us what school and what position and brief us abt whats required for the position, den wad contact us to tell us results during the wkend -.- lousy!!!!

Here's my souvenir? lol.
Application Form
Somehow, i get reminded of RI/RJC foolscap when i look at it -.-

zzzzzzz... could have been playing towers during all this time instead.

Bought LianHeWanBao on my way home. lol, its realllly interesting!! Everyone should read it! its not all gossipy contrary to what most pple think. in fact, its VERY factual. talks abt how babies can die because of bad sleeping posture. Then most interestingly got this cool sex survey, which says like there's a decreasing trend in the number of times pple have sex in a year, from 110 in 2002, 96 in 2003, 79 in 2004, to 73 in 2005.... are pple getting sick of sex? hmm... weird.

Aha, another few cool facts:
1)The avg age of humans having sex for the first time is 17.3 years (omg i've exceeded liao!)
2)A singaporean has an average of 7.2 sex partners (eeeeeks.... so hua xin!)
3)Having sex in the toilet is ranked 2nd to having it in the bedroom. 3rd is in a car

See, how interesting! =P everyone should start reading LianHeWanBao to learn FACTS! =D

Monday, November 07, 2005
@ 11:40 PM

woke up this morning at 8+ thanks to mr tre's sms abt pw.. zzzzzzz..... was planning to sleep until 10+ de loh. haiz, but since wake up liao might as well do something constructive, like Towers! ahahaha. Was partnering this person called cant_hoo_worth_shit who's quite pro... lucky me. but my rating hardly changed cos the other pple were pro too. sigh. i want my 1700+ rating back!!!!!!

hmmm.... then play towers until 12+ left the house to go sch to play tennis. saw jon foo sitting at the canteen eating yong tau foo... went up to the tennis courts din see anyone, so in the end followed jonfoo and justin to comp lab and continued playing towers with steph's bro.. hmm... then play til quite sian smsed tzekwan where they are, then she say at courts, but i still din see anyone, until after i walked in then realised everyone sitting by the side...

argh, im sounding so loh soh... heck, so i played tennis play until skin chaota then went to bathe.... eeks, realised forgot to bring extra underwear so had to wear back the sweaty pair lol. no choice. cannot walk around without underwear ritez. =
met chork and zhaoyan then went off to jcho's house after stoning around in j8 for some time. weiling was telling us how she was going to fly to china then fly to us and norway and dunno wad.... haiz, make us so envious.... the rest of the time was juz playing cards and eating. bridge is not fun! >.< keep losing.... but half the time not really my fault...

found out huanna had another nickname called Ruhua. ahhahaha. and half of team-b seems very interested in dajiejie lol. Ruhua even ask me to post dajiejie's pic on my blog... hmmm... dun tink i have any except class photo lol. if u all want to see go ask her on her blog lah. or ask berge.

chao tired. should i still go towers? tmr still got interview. so excitingg! ahhahaha.

Friday, November 04, 2005
@ 10:15 PM

ahha. my first ever kbox trip. how can i not blog about it?!?!

Must first congratulate both myself and kbox that their karaoke system din spoil. wheeeeeeeeeeee.... yupyup, and i sing loudly cos i got no mic at home. so if too soft cannot hear myself hehehe =D dun blame me! >.<

haha. can classify everyone who went under 3 groups.
super enthu group: steph and tzekwan
super quiet group: roxanne and qiaoqi
super anyhow group: me and sinwei

first time hearing roxanne and qiaoqi sing! qiaoqi sings sunyanzi songs quite loudly *SHOCKED*!! and roxanne very shy when pple watching her sing! hahaha. so funny =P and i dun believe tzekwan usually dun kope the mic and sing, haha, someone sing jj until very happy hor... hehe, and thanks for correcting my cantonese =D steph is really sporting, tried to sing every song... and sinwei the multitasker who kept smsing while he sings, and he really knows alot of songs... zai!

hahahaha! really had fun! the only un-fun things were probably the cost(stupid titbits *%#^&(#) and the stuffy cigarette smell towards the end of the session...

hmm... weird. can't seem to think of many things to write, cos we basically juz sing and sing and sing =P yep yep, and im starting to be addicted to the song AiQingFuKeBan even tho i never thought much of kemixiaozi... Twins still rulez! too bad couldnt go airport today to welcome them...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
@ 9:39 AM

ahhaha. everyone last minute dun wanna go ice skating anymore. Don't care so much liao. fan3 zheng4 today ice skate the price duzzen change if go alone or as a group. I'll GO ALONE!~~ buahaha... train myself loh. don't believe i cannot make frens there.

Venue: Jurong Entertainment Centre Fuji Ice Palace
Time: After Lunch to after dinner
1) Learn backwards
2) Learn Hockey stop
3) Try crossovers? (depends)
4) Make at least 2 new friends to make ice skating more enjoyable

ok. now i have a clear target in mind liao. Hmph! go alone then go alone! ahahaha

hahaha. anw yahoo towers is really fun! Can meet new friends too haha. Currently i've met 2 new nice pple on towers, freshenry and xue'er. if anyone see them rmb to say hi haha. Steph's bro has become a yahoo towers addict too. Everytime oso see him playing.. haix, everyone is improving, but im stagnant....

woohoo. finally took time off to upload a few pics to my handphone. No more Jolin wallpaper! hahaha. check out my new handphone wallpapers! Free for all!

btw the song on right now is twins newest chinese song! new album in May nxt year. looking forward to it! and yep, jay chou's album quite nice, esp the song Ye Qu. Go listen go listen (but of course listen to twins first)!