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   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Friday, May 26, 2006
@ 2:00 AM

Dear blog reader (insert YOUR NAME),

By the time you read this note, i am already miles away from home...

I know its really irresponsible of me to leave you like that without a word in the middle of the night, but i really do not know how to say goodbye to you. I couldnt bear to see your pained expression, and was afraid that i would end up not leaving if i stayed around longer to bid you farewell. I know you are heartbroken, but, it is as hard for me to let go as it probably is for you to accept this truth...

I really cherish our close relationship and all the wonderful time spent together... the sadness, the joy and the laughter we shared during those momentus occasions. But one thing i've been keeping from you, that is, im already a man with my own family... so i sincerely apologise that i have to leave you for another...

For the sake of this family, i had to make this extremely difficult decision to leave you as well as this place in search of new memories of my own. Please do not try to contact me during this period until the 14th of June, since i'll be in a really faraway place... somewhere on the other half of the globe... Besides, i believe both of us need to spend some time to sort things out in a calm manner and concentrate on more important matters at hand.

人有悲欢离合, 月有阴晴圆缺, 此事古难全, 但愿人长久, 千里共婵娟... ...

All the best to your endeavours, and enjoy your holidays!

Remember, no matter where i am, i'll always be thinking of you...

Kai~ *muacks*

lol. ok i oso dunno wat i was writing about.

Thursday, May 25, 2006
@ 2:26 PM

yayyy! start of holidays for me le!! hahahaha. i bet everyone is jealous right now, cos im not going to school tmr!!! wheeeee..... flight is at around 7am (if my memory nv fail), lol, abt the same time as school =P tralalala.

ahaha. quite long nv see my bro le... New York hereee i comee!!! haha then on 6 or 7 june oso got fly to Las Vegas lol. can i enter the casino? i hope so! nv been into one b4. skarly meet weihong there. hahahaha. probably can get computer and internet access lah, but dunno whether i will bother to blog anot haha.

btw everybody, go try o2jam during the holidays if u have time!!!! ( its a super game! the likes of beatmania and ddr and para para. juz that its uses pressing the keyboard buttons to simulate the jamming of the piano/drums. and its FREE!!!

Oh, and Mr Dave Sim is a SUPER COOL teacher!!!!!!! omgomgomg. can't believe i only found out so late.

kekeke, buaizzz

Wednesday, May 24, 2006
@ 7:09 PM

lol. as usual, im in a very good mood =) =) =) what else can i say. hahahahaha. but its not cos of gp lah.... gp was... satisfactory. i dunno, at least i dun tink i went too far out of point for my essay, and for once i actually had time to do the aq. lol.

lol =S my idol... if only i can be like him, sigh.. haha:




oh~ oh~

hahha, the lyrics are so cool lah. nv realised huangyida was so talented until now...

Monday, May 22, 2006
@ 10:21 PM

Lol. im starting to find hardwarezone forums highly interesting... the topics they discuss abt are... lmao. highly interesting read. and their typing style... zomgz so unique!

TisH isH frM d foRumzz kopeZ de... mii ishh tiNkinG it iShh veRii iNteRestinG Male Toilettz worrs. GPGT!

Wat chiu tink rehhz? :

haha. liddat how to pee seh?

lol. and i have to thank sheeeen's mum for her compliment on my previous entry =P hehe

Ahhaa... 4 more days and i'll be leaving!!! yayyy.... excitedd!! =D but abit scary... cos we are going to tour the place with my bro's gf's parents... whoaa i really scared scared leh. haha.

Lastly, having a lil sis is soooo cooool! >.< >.< >.< haha wheeeeeeeeeee!!! =X hahahahaha, extremely happy XD heeheeeeee

Saturday, May 20, 2006
@ 6:05 PM

hahaha. This was what i did to waste away my Friday afternoon after being dismissed early =P

i sense alot of omggg-ing and wtf-ing and rofl-ing. dun care! im just did what i felt like doing heehee.

haha, on a separate note, sometimes i feel like im being made use of. hmm.. not targetting anyone specifically (cos actually i can think of many examples), but sometimes pple whom u are not that close to suddenly comes up to u all smiles and ask u for a favour, then seem very friendly, then after that they just cast u aside again... =S the feeling is not very shuang..

Reflecting on my own actions, im guilty of doing that sometimes too... sigh.. o well.

haha, but nvm! im feeling extremely happy cos the position of younger sis has been filled up!!! =D my unofficial lil' sis! XD wheeee

Thursday, May 18, 2006
@ 6:35 PM

Hello World!

Found a random mask in our neighbouring classroom today and decided to take this photo (thanks tre!) as a momento lol. I think its damn cool! (even though the mask stinks) haha, somehow it seems to fit my head shape quite well tho, like custom made? =D i like the reflective gold colour!!

GP... questions 2678 (buy 4D!)... how come all the girls seem to know its those qns arh? gp rep so unfair!!! only tell the girls =X oops. lol, but knowing the qns didnt help me anyway, since i couldnt be bothered to prepare.. Supernatural eh? Almost felt like writing about X-men having supernatural powers... -.-!

btw who's going for the X3 preview after gp common test?! moii wants to go!!!!!!!

Physics S sucked like mad. didnt understand most of the stuff, and i was sitting alone! wah kao, damn stone lah.... dammit, why are there so many physics Sers taking napfa today!? heee... luckily got Chork and Liling's smses to keep me company, so it wasnt that bad after all =D thankew! btw everyone be careful of chork! he is very very naughty! =)

the cold war is still on. lolz. in fact today i think it intensified. i don't feel im at fault, so im not going to do anything about it! hmph. haha

Tuesday, May 16, 2006
@ 6:53 PM

No idea whats wrong/right with me recently. My character n behaviour are still quite the same, or so i think. but i feel like a different person. A changed person, internally. like a moulting crab shedding its shell and emerging after that, naked, vulnerable and even abit empty.. Yet its not a bad feeling. just can't explain/describe it. very very strange..

Another thing i have to say, after playing the role of an observer during chem remedial. That is, I respect zhaohan. His helpfulness and thoughtfulness, as i noticed from his little little actions in trying to help weihong. made me feel ashamed of myself.

and dammit, i must really start working hard. wonder how long i can last "working hard" this time. dun tink i've endured more than 2 continuous wks of working hard ever in my jc life b4.

Yoohoo! Here's a crazy lunatic who blogs at 3am in the morning =D

nothing better to do =)

tralalala... what should i dream abt later?

I think tmr i'll be abnormally high. then collapse during bio lesson.


wakakaka. im a MADMAN!

dunno what to write le. how? hmm.

heckz. lol. incoherence at the max. im pro!

my heart is pumping faster than normal. i need rest. or maybe gene therapy.


Sunday, May 14, 2006
@ 1:57 PM

Happy Mother's Day! i Love U Mummyyyyyyy!!! =D

Back from Pulau Semakau! lol. so early. usually only juz wake up at this time. am i the first to blog about it?

haha. 1.5l of water eh? barely drank 500ml -.- waste energy lugging everything around!

and where's the tan?? my rudolph nose leh?

haha, and didnt see alot of things leh... just some some pangsai worm and some barnacle-like animals and some little crabbies... and lots of mosquitoes!

but the trip itself was quite fun.... waddling through the thigh-deep water was quite enjoyable after getting used to it... playing taiti, bridge and ji-gou-ba on the ferry... singing horribly on the bus then watching the girls go "oh mann!" in a disgusted tone... enjoying the breeze at the sport fishing place... haha, most things except the walk actually =X

Oh! and i feel this urge to go in front of the ferry and raise my hands up horizontally and shout "I'm Flying!!"

Glad im on group 3 with dajie + mugg + pek + pf + rags + rox + six and... yue! can take that cute little van then can avoid the crowd and seeing some pple on the bus =) wheeeeeee. oh yaa and thx Alice and Ms Yeo =)

lol, then after that took mrt to westmall just nice they giving out free bottles of Coke! Wow... then i think it just started there was no one queueing! cool. haha should have taken another bottle =X

and i have a sudden inspiration for creating something outrageous on photoshop XD hahaha partly thx to ws and pf.

Saturday, May 13, 2006
@ 12:31 PM

anyone needs a lift from clementi mrt to the jetty place tmr? sms me

Friday, May 12, 2006
@ 9:13 PM

Happy Vesak Day! of course happy lah, its a HOLIDAY! =D

haha, went out in the morning to this temple in toa payoh to 浴佛. dunno how to translate into english. Buddha bathing? yepyeps!

still rmb last time when i was young always got someone help me use this ladle to scoop the water and pour over this miniature statue of Buddha... then after i got older they changed the system! became more high tech. just press this button and water will shoot upwards from the side like a fountain liddat onto the statue. So cool!
And this year, they changed back to the ladle scooping method again! No idea why.... maybe ppl prefer traditional methods? Conflict of science and religion? does this mean science and religion cannot coexist? =X

lolz. then after that went to eat vegetarian food. hahaha, ended up eating all the fried bean curd skin stuff only. cos even the beehoon got beansprouts and carrots =X heehee, yes im that fussy!

then after that went visiting my ah ma. she always cannot rmb my name! only rmb me as "ji soong" (2nd grandson in teochew). and her eyesight seems to be getting worse, monday going for checkup hope everything turns out alright.

and i bought potato chips for this sunday! =D hahaz. and my dad still hasnt decided whether he's going to bother waking up early to drive me to the whatever jetty anot lol.

Thursday, May 11, 2006
@ 5:14 PM

wooo... felt extremely peaceful today. my mind, my heart, all in a very calm state. a feeling which i have lost touched with for quite some time.

I think my tolerance level for boredom has ascended by a notch. my 心 feels very 静, so much so that i think i can sit down there and stare into blank space the whole day without feeling any frustration or discomfort. hmm, i like this feeling, a 忘我 level, like im in harmony with everybody and everything. There's zero negative feelings. Is this what Buddha felt while sitting under the Bodhi tree? have i attained enlightenment? =)

But then this enlightenment is a strange kind. not the 色即是空, 空即是色 type. i still think about things, but i feel happy just being immersed in my own thoughts alone. Letting my imagination run wild, creating vivid images of things and people, like gillian and alexandria. Puts a smile on my face even though i may be bored by whats happening =) i've confirmed that "absence makes the heart grow fonder". For some reason, i can picture them in greater detail than b4. maybe that has something to do with my calmness too.

haha. ok i guess im weird. But hey, i think everyone has a weird side to them. I have a pretty scary side too, but i try to exercise self control to prevent my scary side from showing too often =)

lolz. and whats the big fuss about the semakau trip grouping? i just think it doesnt really matter, though of course, i would feel luckier if placed in the same group as pple whom i am more familiar with. But i can't be bothered by such minor things.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
@ 6:47 PM

Dang. Lost my wallet yesterday. til now i still dunno how i lost it. THANK YOU WEI SHERN for helping me ask the general office after i went home yesterday =) and thanks lucky star for the luck too.

Yupp, so i got back my wallet from the GO today, but wtf. All the money gone, except for a few pathetic coins and a one dollar note -.-! My $80+ in the wallet!!! Ah well... glad that my ic and ezlink and house keys are still there though. i guess the $80+ is literally the price i have to pay for being so careless.

To the anonymous person who returned my wallet, thank you too =)

For the faint-hearted and guai pple, please please i strongly implore u to stop here as usual, cos im going to start cursing pple, and its not exactly very nice.



To that bastard/bitch who stole my money: u are juz a pile of shit that should be left by the roadside to rot, with maggots and whatnot crawling all over.

U will be haunted by ur guilty conscience day and night and be unable to do anything in peace. Strange, distorted fifty and ten dollar images will be floating around ur head all day long, gradually making u go berserk and start pulling out all ur hair and clawing urself. U will go bankrupt and end up by the roadside begging for money, scouring for leftover food, eat dog faeces and drink your own pee. As an act of desperation, u will resort to selling urself to the brothel, which will not bring you much money anyway due to your incomplete and malfunctioning sexual organs. If you ever have children, your daughters will turn out to be whores; ur sons gigolos.

I hope ur eyes will pop out of their socket this very moment and dangle in front of ur face, held on merely by a single nerve fibre. Ur fingers fall off one by one over the years, leave bloody stubs behind that will never heal. May you be banished to the 18th level of hell when u die, which won't be soon of course, since u will be experiencing life worse than death. Everyday, ur skin will rot and peel off bit by bit and cause u immense pain and suffering. Ur joints will turn 1 degree a day so that within half a year, ur limbs will be twisted the other way. and u'll get to hear the loud "craaaaaaackkkk" as ur head twists 180 degrees around ur neck.

To put it more blatantly, go fuck yourself and bleed to death. No one gives a damn. pfft.

Sunday, May 07, 2006
@ 1:20 PM

*9.45pm update: ARGHHHHH!! DON'T EVER BUY Sun-Maid Raisins!!!! GOT WORMS (if u don't look carefully its even hard to spot them)!!!!! brand new from ntuc somemore... -.-

uh oh, and i think i 得罪-ed some pple cos of my 口无遮拦-ness >.<


wahhh.... just noticed all the entries on my blog right now got no images at all!!! So uncolourful!!!!! This will NOT do! I must have images!

Its been such a long time since i last touched photoshop... my grp is doing Anthrax for bio project so i thought i might create something related... chose this picture cause it sort of symbolises suffering? (i guess)

Saturday, May 06, 2006
@ 7:27 PM

Hahahahaha. xiaozhu and jj's yulebaifenbai episode is so cool and soo funny!!!!! lmfao! must admit its the nicest yulebaifenbai episode i've ever watched.

hmmm... alot of pple took SAT today. wonder how was it? hope everyone did well!!! and all score full marks! =D haha then all can get a scholarship and go to some american universities or some other overseas uni, dun vie with me for NUS ok!? hahaha, dammit, my laziness is causing me to be very ambition-less.

wheeee, and i defeated pokemon gold's ELITE 4 with my lvl 53 Alexandria!!!! almost single-handedly, with only abit of help from my Gillian and Dragonair. and lots of Hyper Potions. wheeeeeee!! i've completed the game!!!

haha, just came back frm playing tennis with black. Whoohoo! Tennis!!! Thats one down! now i have pool, ice skating and kbox left! ahahaha. Then while playing tennis at his place there was this young girl with her tennis coach, sighhhhhh makes me think of alexi... i want to go ice skating!!!!!!!!!!!

ahha, my parents watching wei si li now.. ooh, got a character in there called Liling!! hahahaha. reminds me of someone. looking forward to watching 《仙剑奇侠传》again later! yay! Ah nu a.k.a 刘品言!!

OMG!!! Why so coincidental!!! juz finished typing abt liling, going to click on Publish Post den suddenly received an sms!! hahahahahaha!!!! super zhun! im going mad. hahahaha

Thursday, May 04, 2006
@ 6:04 PM

wow. my dabian entry got so many tags! haha =) Shifu said how come things always happen to me when in the toilet. come to think of it its qt true...

i) handphone vibrating in pocket very near... while peeing
ii) thinking weird things while in the toilet
iii) listening to the 3 kinds of peeing sounds while squatting down there
iv) my descriptive essay on shitting in sec 4 which was the only essay which my teacher ever complimented
v) pants button ripping off while i was unzipping my pants to pee! (Newly added today!!)

cool man.. and today i wrote gp essay abt computers and mobile phones, i actually talked abt how smsing was so rampant that pple can sms the person in the next cubicle to pass toilet paper! ahahaha!

lol. "Voice out your thoughts". thats what im learning to do. Some pple interpret this as giving ur honest opinions, but to me, i interpret it as saying whatever random crap thats on my mind. yepp, so don't be shocked if i start telling u how my pants button got ripped off or if i say i want to tie ur hair. lol. But those are truths oso.

i really yearn for a REAL younger sister (not saying u're no gd, dajiejie, haha)... haiis. whom i can shower my love on, sayang, pamper, and protect unconditionally. who will throw tantrums occasionally, giving me a gd mixture of 喜怒哀乐 and adding colour to my life. who really knows me inside out. who will infect me with her giggling over slightest things. who will play with me. who will start distracting me while im doing my homework. who will go "gambatte ne!" to encourage me while im studying for tests.

And no, i dun wan a chio sister. i want a cute and fun-loving one. maybe a wee bit on the chubbier side. maybe abit blur. maybe talkative. But with soft, smiling eyes + a heartwarming and refreshing grin =)