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   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Sunday, April 29, 2012
@ 8:31 PM

Random thoughts:

Wowww blogger changed new style!!! so strange to be typing on this gmail-like interface ahahahahah.

Google Drive is good stuff man.. free 5gb vs the pathetic 2+gb dropbox. And the transfer speeds are MUCH faster also lol. can share movies or whatever easily next time :D and its accessible from my gmail, or using a desktop program just like dropbox. rockss!!! need to get everyone to start using google drive!

Everyone watching hongxingdajiang right now lol. but im not really interested in mediacorp stuff xD but can see they really put in alot of effort to make it as grand as possible with all the red carpet and nice array of costumes.

MPC is irritating. dunno how or what to study! gah. hahahahz

SNSD's Twinkle sounds like Lady Marmalade to me!! haha.

Ytd i had a super detailed dream during my 5-hour afternoon nap loll. Gambling with a mongolian and buying and eating sushis with 2 of my ri friends omg lol. even zipai-ed with handphone omgggg. so weird... and those 2 are prolly like the 2 smartest guys :o both 11 A1s scorer omg... maybe subconsciously my brain is trying to tell me not to take afternoon naps and should study hard like them hahahaha. totally STRANGE dream. but ARGHHH... dreaming about guys eew!! im not gay please eeks.

 Can't wait for this last week to be over!!!!!! end of a stupid modified sem!! hahaha. Then holidays will come soon and i can do soooooooo many things i want :DDD now i'm having big plans about wall mounting a 32" or bigger TV on my wall opposite my bed :DD then installing a switch so that i can switch from my 22" monitor to my tv anytime to watch shows/ do work. Instead of having to look at such a small screen from far away on my bed :DDDD hahahaha!!! makes me happy just thinking of the setup! Guess i haven't changed at all, still so geeky after so many years <3 but means i nid to earn money to fund my TV :( maybe i'll try for an IT show job to sell TV! ahhahaha then can shun bian get discount.


Friday, April 20, 2012
@ 4:31 PM

Hahaha so blur today!! did ppt and put in thumbdrive then rush out until forgot to bring my thumbdrive xD luckily i uploaded dropbox in case :o hahaz dunno why everyone so scared of law tutor lol... he isn't that scary ba actually...

And so, this semester's lessons ended just like that lol. feels weird. like very abrupt. too sudden lol. My past semesters were all like a car accelerating... then reach its max speed during midterms + project due dates... then decelerate towards the end of the sem to a stop for us to study for finals peacefully. This time it feels like reaching a max speed at the end of the semester then pulling the emergency brake! mytians. the feeling is so weird!!

hahha like hr i'm thankful to my friends in sch too! esp kq hr :D making this sem more fun despite all the crazy datelines :D :D :D haha traffic light!! lol. and i got to talk to a few new people too which is so amazing for introvert me lol.

Wonder how i'll feel one year from now when its my last day of lessons ever.. after studying for so many years =\

Went out with jc friends ytd!! yyy dajiejie and cherie hahaaz... korean dinner buffet at city square mall! houmais reminds me of tt time when i went there to participate in xingguang lol. managed to dig up this photo from long ago hahahaha. 007 james bond LOL!!

Today I also realised i know too many medicine people!! lol. so many are my ex-classmates. hahaha! nxt time no nid be afraid of not being able to get MC liao loL. really gratz to everyone who passed!!!

Listening volume up again directly from my blog entry lols. keeps getting nicer and nicer.

And Happy Birthday to my bro!!! hahaha i love my family :))

Monday, April 09, 2012
@ 12:39 AM

ok this weekend has been slack for me :D longggg weekend cos of good friday hohoho. shiok mans... saturday felt like sunday then when sunday actually came... its still a sunday!! ahahhahaahhaha. so had an extra day to rest :D

Finally visited Jcube on Thursday!!! Really must thank HR sooo much for sacrificing time to accompany me... even though its only 2 of us!! :)) Jcube has quite a few never-heard-of shops.. which makes things slightly interesting... but of course im MOST interested in THE RINK! hahahaha now the ice skating rink is super exposed. People eating in the restaurants also can see into the rink... from the 4th floor also got a free spectator area to sit down and watch.. No more enclosed rink like the past! hahaha.. and olympic size..... not as big as i imagine when i watch the olympics on tv lol but nevertheless its still much bigger than the past!! haisss i really get reminded of the good old days.... hmmm 6 years ago... so carefree just keep going onto the ice and enjoy skating like a free bird.... really miss those times... waiting for ws and zw to come back to skate again! hahahaz.... here's 2 of my loves: Hot fries (from a new WTF stall in the basement with nacho cheese sauce <3) and ice cold rink! (lol used some random app to design the frame tts why abit girly loll)

Can't wait to go skateee!!! thinking whether i should temporary curb my craving by going rollerblading at bishan park myself lol.

then friday and saturday.... my holidays... haha ended up going to bai bai... friday my mum's side near err hougang area also dunno what its called and saturday my dad's side at guangmingshan. hahaha super tiring on both days!! sweat and sweat because of all the incense burning and the hot weather... but glad to be able to spend time with my family! and having lunch together outside... haha tired but feeling happy that i have such a wonderful family :))

hahaah then today do the smrt cg project and chill at home.... and watching 4minute's new video! Volume Up!!! wahhhhh never particularly liked 4minute in the past but really love this song and mv.... the costumes so cool... the background gives the song a very mystical feel... the dance is sexy... the song is catchy especially the saxophone ooooh yeaahhh... hahahaha volume up!!! :D naiseeeee addicted now

Wednesday, April 04, 2012
@ 11:46 PM

AHHH. OBSSESSED. Since JCube opened on Monday i've been thinking about ice skating non stop. everyday.. my legs are itching to go skate lol how to wait til after exams at this rate! haahahaha i wanna learn new tricks!!!!! so many years no skate dunno if still can rmb ahahahahz. no mood to study no mood to care about how badly i did for mpc lol. Thinking about ice skating is enough to occupy my mind and forget all my troubles :D

Life ish so fragile... :( anytime can get knocked over by bus.. anytime can suffer depression and suicide :(

So must enjoy life while i can! Eggggciteddd about going Jcube tmr wheeeeeeee!!! and meeting my lovely jurong east ice skating rink after so many years ohhhh my love i miss you so~~ wait for me baby i'll get onto you soon~~~

Mehhh just received my Amex rejection lol. looks like this hols is going to be a slack 3 mths loll