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   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
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   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Thursday, August 21, 2008
@ 3:12 PM


lol. first thing after coming back is to bathe then chiong to the mess to use the computer ^^ im addicted!

lolol. this field camp was actually... quite slack =X for me, at least. loL. but i was soooooo boredd! highlight of the whole outfield was...


the fact that i managed to call into 933!!!!! and talked to wuxu mali!!! wheeeee my all time favourite dj <3 lol. on such a easily memorable date somemore. 20-08-2008. =D

hahaha. it was at around 1pm... they were having this "guess the secret number" game. so, feeling quite bored sitting down there in the vehicle at some unknown part of sungei gedong under the hot sun with nothing to do, i whipped out my uber lucky phone and just started dialling 66911933. lol... number busy. number busy. then on the third try, it got through!!! omgzzzomgz. haha i was totally stunned to hear mali's voice through the phone. so she asked me about what's the number i guessed, and what i would do if i won the money etc... in the end i still guessed the order of the number wrongly even though the 5 digits are correct... 69378 =( hahaha.

but the main point is that i got to talk to my fav dj <3 and hearing my name coming out from her mouth sounds so much nicer, much more lively, more cute, more melodious, more vibrant than normal =D <3 <3 <3

that really lifted my spirits for the rest of the camp xD other than that, everything else was stupid and boring and useless and meaningless. just like everything else here.

now left 2 more major events to ORD LOH!!! whee. and YUP!! I STILL WANT TO PLAY TABLE TENNIS!!! *whines* lol.

Saturday, August 16, 2008
@ 1:11 AM

wheee! Singapore get olympic medal for Table Tennis!!!! =D hee. managed to catch the last and most exciting part of the match b4 booking out. =D rockks. i want to play table tennis!! lol i should go advertise in forums: Looking for decent Table Tennis playing partner, not too pro but cannot be too lousy either =XX so difficult to even find a table nowadays though... even those hdb void deck kinds =(

haiis. stupid sia... got to book in on sunday MORNING -.-! prepare for the field camp next week oh my tian. im quite prepared liao actually lol. Got my handy portable fan, my portable radio, 4 packets of wet tissue and other guniang items =X lolx. these are probably more important than all the spare uniforms and mess tins and stuff. and i REFUSE TO EAT COMBAT RATIONS EVEN IF I HAVE TO STARVE =X Prepared 3 cans of sausages and 2 cans of tuna and 1 tube of potato chips. oh dear... lol, i think im making this sound like a picnic. NO IT ISNT OK... need to ration them wisely to last 4 days 3 nights -.-!! i think i'll end up becoming very skinny =X

ITS OKAY! LESS THAN 3 MONTHS TO ORD!!! and...... this is going to be the last 2nd outfield in singapore!! after this, 1 more atec, and 1 more wallaby and THATS IT! IM OUT!!!!!!!!! congratulate me please thanks =D and oso, congratulate to panda(yupp... the famous and respected celestial gm) on his crossover to ocs lol. met him today on the bus out of pasir laba.

hahaha. my blog how come like so easy to find arh... pple i know seem to stumble across my blog so easily... hahaha luckily i nv wrote bad things about kahhoe and nongnong =P

ohoh, and i need to inform everyone MY PHONE SMS GOT PROBLEM!!! sometimes cannot receive sms de. 1 guy smsed me 6 smses and i didnt receive at all =\ so dont blame me if i dont reply! and call me if there's anything important ><

lastly to lil sis: jiayou for next week!! =D
(haha see i specially dedicated 1 line to u. im such a good bro ^^)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
@ 12:20 AM

last week was a Horrible week. 2 rubbish field camps in the same week T.T xiong arhh.

Totally the worst national day i've been through in the 20 years of my existence. being stuck in the small confined space of the vehicle cupola for most of the day... the dusty interior, the stale air, the awkward positions i had to adopt to keep my limbs from becoming numb... arrghh... while the rest of the nation was happily celebrating away. oh yea. and the ndp planes.... oh my tian... the blaring and mocking sounds of jet engines as they flew past, right above our heads... bleahhhh. suxest feeling ever.

feel much better now tho :) *hugs my computer* i love my comp. just using it makes me feel significantly happier :D listening to a random canto playlist on imeem now.. quite nice and soothing..
off in lieu until wednesday! dont know what to do tho. =\ probably just eat sleep play rot. yawnz.

EXACTLY 3 months more to ORD!! oh my tian... i can't wait to get out =D

Friday, August 01, 2008
@ 11:59 PM

lol home for this weekend! must treasure this weekend, cos next week not booking out! -.- got field camp on monday to thursday, then saturday (national day) to monday again. OH MY TIAN. this is so horrible. can't go for class gathering! =\

luckily got off in lieu the following week. a long break from tuesday afternoon to sunday morning. but so long break do what??!! anyone got any plans? >.< argh.

i wish the next 3 months+ will pass quickly.

and happy bday to my mum! =D

1am and im feeling so tired le :( nitez