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   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Sunday, April 30, 2006
@ 1:05 PM

Hmm... was alone in the house juz now, pangsai-ing, when random thoughts started flooding my mind as i got too bored sitting on the toilet bowl...

Was wondering, what would i do if a burglar enters the house at this time? Would i hide in the toilet? Or would i go out to confront the burglar(s)?

First, i would listen out to see if there are conversations, and listen to the footsteps to see if there's only 1 or a few burglars... If no. of burglars >1, i would stay and hide in the toilet. if not, go out.

But, the burglar is probably armed! Most likely with a knife. Since if he has a gun or sth he would probably be robbing some other places. yepps. so i have a few choices:

i) Fight with my bare hands. With some luck i might grab his neck from behind and strangle him b4 anything he retaliates. If he swings his knife at my body, worst come to worst i would sacrifice my hand and grab the blade to retard his attack. He might be shocked at this move, then i would take the chance to execute a series of punch and kick combos which i learned from Street Fighter (one of my fav games when i was young).

ii) Arm myself with the 2 glass bottles (my dad's cologne and some disinfectant thingy), and attempt to smash the burglar's head up close, after sneaking up from behind. Hopefully that might knock him unconscious. But on 2nd thoughts, i doubt it would... its more likely that the burglar would get provoked and start assaulting me with his knife instead. I would also be intimidated by his bloody head (if i managed to deal the preemptive strike). yucks. No way.

iii) Attempt to dismantle the shower door and equip it like a giant riot shield. I still rmb when i used to play CS, the shield was totally imba. there was even a bug such that u can never get hurt as long as u are facing the enemy.

iv) Dismantle the metal hangar used to hang the towels and use it as a crowbar. This would be the best choice. Since the hangar is made of a light alloy (increasing my dexterity while using it) and is abt 1.5m long, i can attack him from a distance, rendering his melee attacks ineffective. Might even throw a towel on his head to blind him b4 i whack him up.

Yay! So after i've defeated him and knocked him unconscious/immobilised him, what would i do? i have no rope to tie him up (and i dunno how to tie someone up either =S)! and if i leave him alone and go call for help he might get up and run away! Oh no... im at a loss as to what to do. I guess the best bet would be to scream until some neighbours hear me...

Oh, i noticed i've only considered the case when the burglar is a "he". if the burglar is a "she", which, by probability is supposed to be 0.5, is chio and i manage to subdue her, i might.. hehe... take revenge in my own way =D

Haha. i think i must have shit-ted quite long to think of all these =P

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
@ 11:15 PM

Finished the book. Disappointing. Jillian ended up as a side character =(... i think ws would be happy to hear that the main character's name was Kayla, = k lah = k lar = klar? -.- lol

Gahhhh... chem rem tut is madness... i prolly know as much abt chem and ionic equilibria as i know abt op-amp -.- and wth is heterogenous equilibria can someone tell me? i've never even heard of the term b4..

Mike He Jun Xiang is really shuai in the show 恶魔在身边! goshhh... so bad boy kind of shuai... so cool... so much 风度... so comfortable around the girls.. yet deep down he is sooooo kind-hearted and 痴情!!! How can any girl not fall for him!?! *gush gush*

i still feel weird trying to stick out my lower jaw so my upper jaw doesnt look so jutted out in comparison.. cannot get used to it leh =(

Monday, April 24, 2006
@ 11:30 PM

Just started on a new book today, called "Pure Indulgence". haha its awesome!! check out the starting paragraph of the book:

"Oh, God," Jillian moaned in pure, unadulterated ecstasy. "Your triple fudge Bavarian torte is right up there with great sex... not that I've had any of that lately."

oh mannnnnn. Jillian(Gillian) + moaning + food + sex! what could possibly be more enticing? =)

yeaa... i have a feeling its gonna turn out to be one of the most amazing books i've ever read.

btw, amber girl didnt look as chio today as the past 2 weeks =( the new hairstyle doesnt suit her... and speaking of hairstyle, there was this girl in lt1 today, 3 rows down, who got this damn nice hairstyle.... its basically short hair but with erm, 2 locks of hair quite some length longer than the rest, extending from the middle... and as ws described it, looked like a "swallow". yea. cool! dun nid to tie one... and her hair looked so soft and smooth lol.

heyhey, im not a perv ok... its not my fault that humans are attracted to looking at pleasant things by nature... and the lecture was simply too boring.

Saturday, April 22, 2006
@ 11:59 PM

"guy is friendly to girl. girl is friendly to guy. guy wants more. girl is still just being friendly to guy. guy starts being overfriendly. guy tells girl intention. girl is aghast. girl says dun want."

ok i guess this scenario is really quite common, even though it might not apply to everyone. Why?? Why must it be this way!? issit because guys are too greedy? What are guys greedy for anyway!? for accompaniment? a feeling of completeness? the victorious feeling of having won over a girl? for sexual gratification???? to continue the family line????!?!! what??!

Kai's hedonistic view: "girlS are friendly to guy. guy is friendly to girlS. everyone is happy. The End." Good?

ahhh... songs!!!! every song brings back different memories. how nice... its like each song represents one part of my life....

listening to old english songs like m2m's mirror mirror... ahh... im reminded of my primary school days. how i really miss my pri sch days. i tell this to almost everyone, i LOVE primary school life the most!! constitutes the happiest period of my life... everything seems so well planned... everyone so nice and innocent and friendly and mix together boys and girls no difference... playing table tennis everyday... no worries and no troubles, besides whether there's enuff time to rush home to catch my favourite x-men cartoon... and breezing thru all the tests and exams effortlessly...

still rmb there was a time when this playful boy in my class went around asking pple to raise their arms.. ahaha. to check whether pple got armpit hair?!?!! after the girls found out went around checking out the guys and the guys oso went around checking the girls. LOL. but it was purely for the sake of HAVING FUN. no dirty thoughts. but now?? if someone does that he'll be branded a pervert for sure.

Friday, April 21, 2006
@ 9:30 PM

gah.. which 4 pigs pink-stickered my wonderful twins poker cards! brrr... 过马路小心!

haha lucky i nv study medical biotech, in the end no test! phew!

physics spa was... lol. can throw away the question paper. but somehow i got this feeling that the test tube shouldnt be vertically in the water and should be horizontal instead... if not very unstable equilibrium lohh... but heck i didnt bother neither do i know how to amend it...

havent been reading harlequin for the past few days... time to continue!

wheee, and i finished dling 恶魔在身边! finally can chiong the series le.

why didnt 小天使 go ice skating on wed! ='( What would happen if i asked 小天使 "would u like a yellow sticker?" can't imagine. goshh, dun tink i'd even dare to ask it.

not happy with someone. the reason seems to be so minor. but still, not happy means not happy.

arghhhh this is bad!!!! our group got UNGRADED for bio S paper essay! that isnt supposed to happen... =(

Why do i dare to say certain things to some pple but not to others?! and can't believe i blurted out whatever i was thinking of in the spur of the moment yesterday. it was so inappropriate but i actually felt better after saying it???! argh.

any more random thoughts? dun tink so le. lolz.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
@ 11:15 PM

Ok. shall keep this entry completely CLEAN and innocent! =D and cute, just like me =P

These 2 days have been really weird lah. i can feel happy for no particular reason at all, then suddenly feel sian again. whats wrong with me? haha, i thought usually pple only undergo mood changes after something(however insignificant) has happened...

heee, anyway got the RJC stikfas today! Stikfas rockks! the poses are so realistic!! luv it!

haha cute anot? somehow alot of pple kept asking me whether i got a guy or gal stikfas -.- of course guy lah!!!! But then again, if someone can spare me a girl stikfas i'll be able to take more interesting shots =P maybe like, pose them according to some... hehe... manual/sutra? (oops couldnt help it sorry dajiejie =X no more, i promise)

Chem ARP today was quite useful =D i bombarded the teacher with all sorts crazy questions i had, and he couldnt provide a proper explanation for some of them! yay!!! i feel accomplished.. i think the rest of the class must really hate me for asking so many qns and dragging the lesson longer...

oooh... and i signed up for "Create the Magical Moment" for civics!! The title sounded good, and its supposed to teach me how to be more sociable yay. the class is full liao! but hehe, if anyone wants to join, it is still possible wahahaha... here's how to make the vacancies for this particular elective NEGATIVE:

i) Go to that modules site using any sch comp and LOG IN FIRST
ii) AFTER u have logged in, enter this address and hit enter:
iii) Tada! Magic! u can now sign up for the course even though its full! =)

lol. it just takes a simple bit of thinking for anyone to figure out the method =/ but still, im proud that i thought of it!

yyy is so responsible!!! always help to clean the whiteboard after class, put the rest of us to shame >.<

Monday, April 17, 2006
@ 9:28 PM

ahhaha! just watched Superband + So You Think You Can Dance at the same time! my remote control going to spoil liao. i tink kept switching channels until the buttons oso sink in le.

Amber Girl!! Haha. While the camera was focusing on NiuNai my eyes were locked onto Amber Girl behind him instead! Its just weird.. Her hair is still so messy and explosive... normally i would think that hairstyle is too kua zhang and laugh at it... in fact i might even think its hideous looking... but no! somehow it fits Amber Girl's image perfectly! gave her more style and character, complimenting her cute 八掌脸 (anyone knows the eng translation?) and her sparkling bright eyes... oh mi god.

and guess what? they sang Alex Toh's 脱掉! Big turn on there.... Watched in anticipation but unfortunately heehee she didnt even take her jacket off =X But the way she swung her head 陶醉-ingly to the music while her fingers danced nimbly on the electronic keyboard.... it was absolutely seductive.. the way she looked at the camera and at the audience far surpassing any experienced temptress, capturing every pounding heart and hungry soul out there...

Imagine if she got so absorbed and started flicking out her tongue and curling it back in a slow flirtatious manner... whoa... there will be a 灾难 lah, the guys would all either be KOed or be rushing to the toilet... even a monk would 还俗 immediately...

okok. im going too far... and im no good at descriptions. That's enough.

Sunday, April 16, 2006
@ 10:37 AM

恶魔在身边!! By Rainie Yang Cheng Lin and Mike He Jun Xiang! ok i know its abit outdated but i only got recommended this show a few days ago... the choice of cast is PERFECT!! one so damn shuai and one so sweet! Watched 1 episode only and i oreadi think its very nice! Get all sorts of mixed feelings... laughter sadness pity and sweetness... im definitely going to continue watching!!

and stayed up last night to watch Jolin and XiaoZhu's .. haha jolin is so cutee! absolutely worthy of me going all crazy over her the last time =X haha

so many of my ex-crazes on tv recently.... should i watch the Ruby Lin show thats going to start soon? hmm

argH, Monday's Superband clashes with So You Think You Can Dance!! what to do?? i tink i'll just watch Amber perform and then switch to the dancing.

TV Addict! =)

i think reading too many romance novels has made me more imaginative but emotionally weaker... and i noticed a pattern in most of the harlequin romance novels i read... its usually about how a guy and a girl (strangers, one of them is attached, they are enemies, or just merely good friends etc) gets together unexpectedly under a different setting (island, office etc).. so repetitive!! but somehow i still get glued to them compared to some action story.. is that the power of harlequin romance? guess i should get exposed to other kinds of romance..

Thursday, April 13, 2006
@ 6:53 PM

hmm quite a normal day ba, besides the excitement of the pw results release...

First was civics. a talk from some brightsparks guy? found it kind of useful... hmm, some tips here and there abt interviews which i nv thought about... ok lah give him some credit. but somehow i can't imagine him being a debator. He doesnt sound like one, nor does he sound like someone who has studied in america b4...

then there was chemistry. i actually like the way dr chan lectures regardless of what others say... he's lame-ly funny, and speaks my kind of language... i tink its cool. although grammatically and vocabularily =) wrong, its highly comprehensible and to the point imo. hee. and he watches shen yi xia lu: too. I guess probably only me and cherie understood what he was talking about when he said something being "as old as Xing Shan". RJ pple are just so un-cheena.

Maths was siannn. only thing that kept me hanging in there were smses... ahha! so glad they came at the right time =) dunno if i've written this b4, but i really luv the thrill from receiving smses.... its like an anonymous someone sending u a present and u just can't wait to unwrap it to see whats inside..

realised i like to use the phrase "dunno if i've said/written this b4". cos im a really forgetful person and often repeats myself. study exams oso depend on my short term memory... yet there are some things which i keep trying to forget but keep failing to do so... =
back to my day... gp was compre. summmary was crazy and i didnt understand the 2nd passage at all lol.
and right after gp went off to check my pw results... got a band 2. quite disappointed but thats the avg so i guess its also not too bad... since i screwed up my op, getting band 2 was quite expected... but apparently my whole pw group seemed to suffer the same fate too.. so weird considering the fact that my grp is supposed to be a gd group with pro pple. did i lian lei the whole group? or issit just that we missed out some important part in our report/presentation? =S

i want to go ice skating tmr! but need 1 more person... if cannot find then too expensive to go le =(

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
@ 6:14 PM

hahaha. warning that im going to sound damn 嚣张 this entry. not happy den dun read. ahahahahaha!!


WHEEEEEEEE!!!! hahaha. broke my 9 year straight bronze record today!!! so happy!!! tralalalalalala!!!! finally got a silver this year!!! and that means i dun have to go for extra 3 months NS training!!! OMG!!! 3 months of freedom!!!!! thats like.... enough to bear 1/3 of a child. l0l!! I am so proud myself for doing so well without crazy training!! ahahahaha!

unlike the girls who are so slack, guys have to do 5 stations + 2.4km in the same period!! all the more i feel my silver is commendable lol.

ahaha. first station was... pullups!!! whoa... quite a killer for many pple!!! cos the teacher is so strict!!! must have arms straight and whatever.... but ahahahaha! thx to sheer willpower and determination i successfully did my personal best of 7 pullups to get a C! woohoo!!

lol. nxt were shuttle run and situps.. yawnz. no kick. =X

Oh no! after that was my most dreaded standing broad jump!!! that intimidating 3 metre mat with edges that seemed to curl up in a deliberate sly grin, mocking my inability to jump well... shitttttt.... usually jumped only around 2 metres which is 12 cm below even the E grade... so i took my position and started swinging my arms and bending my knees in a simple harmonic motion anddddd........... VROOM!

oops. 189cm =X

ok, luckily there were 2 tries... so i stepped back to the starting line and thought to myself "Fuck the World!!" and whacked! ahahahahaha!!! this time it was 222cm!!! Scraped a D!!!!!! My Goodnesss!!!!! Even i couldnt believe it myself!

Sit and reach was last station. ahaha, being a xiaomeimei, guy's sit and reach proved to be no challenge at all.

And then for The Final Test... 2.4km run! already worn out after the 5 stations le, didnt think i could run a D grade under that condition... but thx to the encouragements i got and to the excellent weather i survived!!! most of all must thank Sinwei for chionging the last part which motivated me to chiong too =D

So the final results? CAADAC!!! a vast improvement from AAACEE last year!!

No more exercise for me until NS! shall gorge myself with all the unhealthy stuff i can get my hands on and grow fat fat!!!!! maybe with some luck can get atherosclerosis and skip NS altogether! whee! lol

oh ya, and Chem ARP sux mann... wth, that teacher taught us that C-C-C-C has 9 H atoms attached??!! and he didnt even realise it so i was too lazy to correct him. zzz. what an utter waste of my 1 hour.

Sunday, April 09, 2006
@ 11:59 PM

恋爱频率 Duet by Kai and ???:

LOL.. enjoy and have a gd laugh ba! =D

watched SuperBand today! whoaaa the girl from AMBER band so chio!!! i like her all messy and fluffed up hair alot!! so coollllll!!! and when she plays the keyboard, the way she bends her knees and swing to the mood of the song is so addictive to watch. no wonder she's from AMBER band... she's so hot!!! making me on fire!!!

and i have to admit KK is right, the ms singapores are not that great loh.. amber girl will whoop their asses if she go participate lah.

omg. i hope amber girl's bf is not reading my blog or sth, if not sure will kena hacked(either my blog or me).

and then today was last episode of my shen yi xia lu:... ending was too expected so disappointing!!!

and dajiejie!!! i dunno if "cheer up" is the right phrase to use... just dun go too crazy k!! =)

Thursday, April 06, 2006
@ 10:27 PM

lol. got pwned by while signing up for my NS medical checkup... check it out if u have the time:

anw im ADDICTED to READING!!! haha. no kidding and no sarcasm intended. Harlequin romance novels are really really really really amazing!!!!!!! can't stop reading once i start.. currently reading this book called "skin Deep" the story is so captivating, keeps me in suspense about what will happen next to the characters in the story... and of course the descriptions are so fantastic... so real.. and so.... intense.

ahhahha! came up with a list of some old english songs which i used to like!! if anyone can send any of them to me for me to reminisce i'll be glad =)

Breathless - The Corrs

Irresistable - errr.. Jessica Simpsons? not sure

Survivor - Destiny's Child

All or Nothing - O Town

I Want it that Way - Backstreet Boys

Pretty Boy, Mirror Mirror - M2M

What a Girl Wants, Genie in a Bottle, I Turn to You - Christina Aguilera

Stronger, Lucky, Oops i did it again, Crazy - Britney Spears

Its Gonna Be Me, Bye Bye Bye, Dirty Pop - NSync

Upside Down - A teens

Reach, Don't Stop Moving - S Club 7

Wowww.... quite a list eh? can't believe i actually listen to so many eng songs last time lol.

Saturday, April 01, 2006
@ 9:32 PM

im so enthu for youth club?? can't believe it... actually turned up for some amazing race thingy today!!!

goshhh... felt quite extra tho.. cos the rest are mostly exco members.... if not they are j1s.. and this yr j1 youth club members are horrible unbalanced...ratio of girls to guys is like 20:1 or smthing...

lol but this yr j1 youth club members are nice!!! and im NOT talking abt looks lol. im talking abt..... their excellent tastes for idols!! hoho. we were playing some amazing race thingy today then i was in jian's group tgt with black and woonli and ron and wantian and j1s...

2 j1s saw my twins keychain hanging from my bag and 1 asked "You like twins?"
me: "yupp.."
"who do u support more? gillian rite?!"
me: "yes! how u know???"
"of course lah! Gillian is soooooo chio!!! so pretty!! i love her too! charlene is ugly! rite? rite?"
me: "errr... charlene is ok lahh"
"ahha ok but u basically dun care abt charlene rite? shud cut out her picture frm all the twins pictures just leave gillian there can le!"

whoaa.... that is just so.... ME. omg and i later found out she pastes twins posters and buys their canto album(including the latest one)!! whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i was so shocked and so surprised that i didnt know what to say le.. haha... totally O_O Youth club is becoming so very interesting!!!

I've come up with a Kai's Law of Gillian: Any person who likes Gillian MUST be a nice person!

heee.... anw after that went orchard with sinwei to buy some stuff... walk til legs very very tired! lolz... but whoaaaa yet again! was walking around far east plaza then i saw RAINIE YANG CHENG LIN!!! ok thats impossible, but i swear she looked almost totally like her!!! exact hairstyle, those cute eyes, same figure and face shape, juz maybe a wee bit taller and thinner.. wow! was half expecting her to start breaking into her "mei, you meng dou de dao zhu fu!!!!" or "ai.. mei.. rang ren shou jing wei qu"....

walk walk walk until missed my shen yi xia lu!!! ahhh... but managed to catch xianjianqixiazhuan.... i like the butterfly "demon"!!! she's such a kind-hearted and self sacrificial "demon"!! >.<

phew, thats all for today!! im tired!