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   1 Feb 1988
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Thursday, February 21, 2008
@ 11:42 PM

Recently liking this singer A LOT!!! Sachi Tainaka... she has a great voice and is talented too!

and this is her singing live (soo talented and nice!!):

Friday, February 15, 2008
@ 6:26 PM

Lol. Spent my valentine's day doing COS duty in the office... -.-!!! hahah. did a bit of drawing though. may post it up sometime this weekend if im bored enough to scan it.

Haven't done one of these tagging games in a while... zomgz its in traditional chinese xD


1.如果愛人背叛你.你會怎樣? 伤心欲绝

2怎麽才知道一個人是喜歡你? 当那个人直接对你说

3.你夢想的婚禮? 既然是梦想... the bare minimum must be a 空中/海底婚礼... or in Las Vegas... on top of Grand Canyon... etc etc :D

4.對前途.你迷惘嗎? YES xD

5.你心中的理想情人是怎样的? 最重要和我谈得来... 华人.. (might consider japanese as well, but not other races ty)... 不抽烟... 对长辈孝顺&有礼貌.. thinks in the same way as me.. optimistic.. 爱我和我爱她一样深...

6.愛人或被人愛哪一種更幸福? don't know. my opinion on this changes all the time. Currently, its 被爱比较幸福.

7.對著自己喜歡的人.雖然他/她不接受你.你還會堅持下去嗎? 看情况..

8.如果有人強迫妳做不喜歡的事情,但她是為妳好的,妳會怎么做.? 做那件事时会讨厌她, 但之后应该会感谢她...

9.最近有什麽事情最令你不開心? 对于大学要另选什么科目而拿不定主义. 是否 carry on with computer engineering??

10.最想得到什麽? Happiness

11.這樣的點名,覺得好玩嗎? 还OK... "不過問題好噁心" <--- 我同意

12.如果你發現你的好朋友和自己的男/女朋友在一起.你會怎樣? 悲愤不已

1 3.目前,自己最重要的人是誰?自己

14.你觉得我是个怎么样的人? 一个和我很相似, 和我很谈得来的八十岁小婆婆

15.最難忘的事情是什麽? 有许多难忘的... 但没有什么难忘的....

o.O 点解突然变成cantonese? 看情况. 也许会找机会和她说话. 也有可能什么都不做.

17.如果恋爱,你会全身心投入吗..?i will try... but 世事难料

18.你相信永遠麽.? YES

19.你喜欢怎样的朋友? 没真正去留意... 喜欢就凭感觉喜欢吧.. 应该和 Q5 差不多... 但朋友就不一定限于 "华人".. 也不用爱我 etc.. xD

20.如果開了一個玩笑別人當真了,要怎么办? 看后果会怎样... 严重的话就停止玩笑..

补充的题:18 如果你同时爱上两个人, 你会如何选择?

not many read my blog now... and i can't think of 8 people who'll be bothered to read all the above traditional chinese lol. so i'll just tag yyy, chork, sheenie, and... zhaohan? :D

Monday, February 11, 2008
@ 10:13 PM


I still love you :)

Valentine's Day coming... that means Happy Birthday to Michelle Ye Xuan! haha. other than that... :'( LOL.

Saturday, February 09, 2008
@ 9:49 PM

oooh. zomgz i can't believe it. i actually watched 2 movies AT THE CINEMA in 1 week... LOL. what happened!?!? -.-!! that means im not fully utilising my rapidshare download account.... xD

went out with hanxu + chinks to watch Kungfu Dunk. lol i musthave been crazy to wake up so early in the morning to watch movie... at 10.55am. the whole cinema only got... 10 people? Yes, the show IS indeed very similar to Shaolin Soccer. AND it is significantly better than CJ7. so if u're deciding between these 2, choose kungfu dunk :)

after lunch, went with them +jian to fd's house to sing K! lol. surprisingly, its quite updated... there were songs up to last year eoy... hahha. damn funny. there was even the 敢敢做个开心人 theme song... xD

Apparently jian reads my blog from time to time lol. So... thanks jian for Heroes!! :)

Friday, February 08, 2008
@ 1:00 AM

Happy Chinese New Year to EVERYBODY!!! :)

A not too bad 初一...

Woke up quite late... so only left the house in the afternoon to go guanyintang to baibai. As i was leaving the house, i received an SMS.. rofl.... from SOMEONE wanting to compare to see who got more angpaos... who has already received 12 angpaos already xD hahaha so power... good lah good lah you win.

visited only 1 relative today... my big aunt... wah my big aunt rocks! her self made ngoh hiang (五香) is the BEST!!! yummy. yup. she's the one who's distantly related to felicia chin JING XUAN. lol. and her angpao is especially generous this year... :D

stayed there for awhile... then after that no one else to visit le. so we went to watch stephen chow's 长江7号 (the obvious choice out of StephenChow, JayChou, and FannWong...) but unfortunately its so-so only. Its good for laughs and to squeal "so cuteeeeeeee" over the 'dog' :D but storywise its very plotless. haha but! i still support stephen chow all the way! <3

And people... please stop telling/asking me about edison and the girls... she is still my goddess...

really really tired.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008
@ 11:51 PM

i've been pissing many people off unknowningly... oh dear. whats wrong with me >.<

Been secretly learning a new skill :D nope, not japanese/cantonese... not manga drawing... not pen spinning.. not card flourishes... its something no one will ever guess and no one will ever know. wahahaha. of course, im still learning jap... i won't give up!! i really want to go japan after i ord!!!! ORD ORD ORD. JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN.

got to know a new friend recently... a 婆婆, to be exact. she insists on me putting a 小 in front to make her sound younger.. heehee. we share many common points... the first thing she does after waking up is to switch on the computer, and the last thing before sleeping is to switch off the computer. haha. doesn't that sound like someone familiar.. :D talked about many many things... i even got a new english name now! ahaha. EASON ^^

anywaezzz... hope i get lots of angpaos this year! :D

Tired. Yet i have to wake up in 4 hrs+ to go for some transport hub cny celebration.. oh dear oh dear.

Saturday, February 02, 2008
@ 1:24 AM

a big THANKS to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday! thanks yyy, siaowei, lil sis, all MSU specs, ouxiang, dajiejie, yunyan, teck, ella, berge and yifan! (sorted in time order)

THanKs! im really happy :)