Name: Kai

   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Hobbies: Dota/CS, Ping Pong, Tennis, Ice Skating, Pool, Singing(kbox), Dancing(ddr/para para), Learn Jap, Anime/Manga, HK Serials, TW Varieties, Photoshop


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Tuesday, July 24, 2012
@ 1:50 AM

J'ai vraiment besoin de quelqu'un pour vérifier ce que j'écris. Mais il n'ya personne. Ahahaz. Aujourd'hui j'ai regardé le film Dark Knight Rises avec mes amis: mon shifu, zw et sz. Ahahaz. Je suis agréablement surpris quand j'ai vu que le catwoman est Anne Hathaway! Je lui ai aimée depuis le film Get Smart. hahahz. Il n'est pas souvent que j'aime une actrice américaine. Il n'y a que quelque actrices comme Nina Dobrev et Anne Hathaway. Je beaucoup préferè les actrices asiatiques. Le film n'est pas mal! Il semble que le Batman est très faible, mais je ne le me sens concerné. D'après moi, ils devraient changer le nom en La Shadow Lady au lieu de Le Dark Knight lol. Demain, j'ai un autre cours pratique de conduite. Donc, il vaut mieux que je dors plus tôt cette nuit, pour que je puisse faire attention demain matin! Alors, Bonne Nuit!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012
@ 1:47 AM

Je me suis beaucoup amusé ce soir! ahahaz. Une réunion avec mes camarades de classe. Pour le plupart de mes amis, je ne les ai pas vus depui un ans. Mais, maintenant, je sais au moins comment va tout le monde. Surtout mon SHIFU! Très heureux qu'il soit venue. hahah je ne sais pas comment traduire le mot "SHIFU" en francais... Je ne le peux pas trouver nulle part, mais cela n'a pas d'importance. Il va bien! Je ne oublierai jamais le phrase chinois: Un professeur pour un jour, c'est aussi un père pour éternité. A part de mon SHIFU, j'ai aussi parlé un peu avec la fille qui j'avais le béguin pour... Elle a toujours si mignonne hahahha mais elle a un copain maintenant... et je suis content pour elle, parce qu'il y a des différences religieuse entre nous ahahz ahahahz.. je pense il n'y a personne qui peux comprendre ce que j'écris ici sauf moi haahaz. Même Google n'arrive pas traduire mon mauvais francais probablement hahahahaha. arghhh... Encore une fois, j'ai encore beaucoup des choses donc je veux ecrire, mais il va prend trop de temps pour ecrire en francais... Peu importe, j'adore tout mes amis! je souhaite que nous pouvons faire une réunion comme plus souvent!! :))

Sunday, July 15, 2012
@ 12:48 AM

Youpi!!! J'ai passer le code ce matin! reussir avec un score parfait!! ahahaha, tres fiere de moi-meme!! A partir de aujourd'hui, je devrai ecrire plus souvent en francais, sinon je vais tout oublier.. je ne suis pas sur si ma grammaire est correcte, mais je ferai de mon mieux (a un peu d'aide de Google, bien sur!)

Je realise pourquoi je me suis senti si vide recemment. Parce que j'ai ete trop libre. En plus, je n'ai pas un but maintenant.. un but vers lequel je peux tendre.

Mon dieu... Je prends tres longtemps juste pour ecrire quelque phrases. c'est vraiment difficile!!

Il y a autre chose que je veux dire.... a propos du le repas de mariage duquel mon frere vient de rentrer... a propos de quelqu'un d'important... mais, je suis trop creve.. >.<

Tuesday, July 03, 2012
@ 10:06 PM

Hahahah women so scary!! loll this afternoon went out to amk central awhile... whoaa... then got one woman near amk hub screaming at someone over the phone everyone was looking at her omgggg... then she just got so angry that she smashed the phone onto the ground.... OUCH!!!!!! like really threw it forcefully at the ground.. OUCH for the phone omggg.. really dont understand people >.< no matter how angry I am with someone... i wouldn't smash my own phone on the ground...? dafuqqq... lolll i guess im really quite rational loll. why am i a ISFP xD

 T-ara got new song just out today!! Day by Day... I LOVE IT!!! hahahahahz. the MV got is abit too violent.. but Jiyeon is SUPER COOL can!!! like a triad queen!! hahahahahz. and the tune sounds sooooooo familiar!! After racking my brains for half a day i finally found the song!! loll.. yuan lai the song is inspired by a super old chinese song hahahaha... I think I'm the first in the world to make this discovery LOL. After all, who listens to such hip kpop and yet listens to such classic chinese songs :DD compare the first 17 seconds of both songs! :D:D:D

And this is my PAID Pizza Hut Delivery Dinner with 6 pcs wings and garlic breaddd yummmm!! haha paid as in i get paid to eat this :D:D:D hahahahahahaha! Feeling happy these few days! :D Although the show 我可能不会爱你 is abit sad so far i'm halfway through... haizz... I feel for the male lead :( He's too nice hais and cannot find the right opportune moment to tell his best friend that he likes her! eeeks ahhhhhhh :'( so sad.... good guys always suffer haissss...

Aies! but nvm!! Shan't let the show affect my mood! HAPPY HOLIDAYS MOK KAI HONG! YOU ONLY HAVE 1 MONTH LEFT! ENJOY!!! :D:D:D Optimism for the win heee!

Leaving early morning tmr for Genting with my family!! yay!!!! just a simple trip but with the people i treasure and love the most tts the most important :D have to dl some shows to watch on the coach to keep myself entertained loll.

Sunday, July 01, 2012
@ 1:00 AM

ahahaahhz! Proud of myself! Really Truly Absolutely Totally Officially Quit Diablo liao!! Hahahah no more time wasting playing game hahahahaz.

Hooted a new TV as well!!! omgg finally my very own 40" tv for my own room...been eyeing one for agesssssss... wanted the Sharp Aquos LCD model but suddenly no stock :( but its ok!! topped up like 50 bucks extra for Toshiba Regza LED tv! hope its worth it aahhaahz. Havent mounted it yet... Can't wait to try!!! EXCITED!!! hahah but that means i must start to stay at home to save money + find ways to earn more $$$ liao. 1 month left before school reopens hais so fast already 1st July omg!!

So funny past few days... Went out to K for the second time in 2 weeks with zw mh and sunny hahahaz. This time went to Katong Teo Heng!! Ooh the katong shopping centre is quite run down but the small room is bigger than small room at sembawang/buona vista lol. and alot of nice food pres de laba! hahaha ate durians near there!! and omg after eating that store, today I saw them being interviewed on TV! The exact same store omg. lol. 2*MaoShanWang + 1*XO liurians lol sibei expensive siah!!!! But seriously good stuff la... gawddd... no wonder sunny says he only eat these imba durians like once or twice a year lol. i think i'd prob do that too... other times just eat normal 3 for $5 or $10 that kind of durians can liao ahahahz.

Also went out to eat Everything with Fries lol. The fries portion really quite huge hahahaz but the salmon dip thing tastes weird =\ haiss the fries are okayyyy.... better than Macs lol but can never find any as tasty as those in Belgium over here... But the Nutella Tart was surprisingly good! Would probably eat it again if i were to go there again hahaz.

Other random stuff I did this week: Failing my ippt 2.4 by 20 seconds hahaha and signed up a uob savings account! lolll for fun xD ahahahahaha so funny. Such a week filled with random happenings xD and yay Euro rose again! LoL. Time to devote more time into my forex! lolll trade using my TV xD

Yawnss... Should go ice skating soon... but feeling broke :'( hahahaha but looking forward to the coming week! going Genting!! wheee.. even though its not say a big deal, but still it'd be my first time there since I become of age to enter the Casino! hahahaha. And prob make a trip down to KL to do some shopping lol. wahhh my hols seems like it just started! Wasted my first half playing diablo so stupid lol.