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   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
@ 3:29 AM

LoL. oKoK.




stopppppp!!!! i dunno if these are meant to compliment me for looking young... but seriously... i treat these as insults... what they totally sound like to me...




Fwwahhh. I should really try pulling some stunts. like buying a KFC student meal and using a child's ezlink. or, lol, go sing Kstudent without help xD

hahaha.... i bai-ed an ErShifu! finally someone who agrees with me that taking a random bus to somewhere unknown and then exploring is fun!! yayy. =))

4.22am. omg. i think ws is going to kill me tmr for not being able to wake up hahaha

Friday, December 26, 2008
@ 2:06 AM

Back working at Robinsons again! didnt have the fortune to be posted to Toys department.... got posted to children wear instead... Been about 3 years since i've been here... haha but Auntie Kim Eng, Anna and Sonia still there!!! Still the same as ever!!! awww... the good old memories at robinsons...

Super busy first day... super tired... Folding clothes is a much tougher job than arranging toys.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
@ 5:25 PM

ahhahahaha! Merry Christmas!!

heeeheee. back from hk and sz~!

lol. Day 1 checked into the New Hong Kong Hostel... lol. got a bad shock. Just a small room with 2-3 beds and 1 small little bathroom... goshhh.... reminded us of our SAF bunks. and the whole hostel was overwhelmed with the familiar smell of a certain ethnic group. blearghhh. haha but what to do, budget hostel -.- Rest of the day was spent exploring the streets... what temple street, women street, fa yuen street and everything around there... not very productive tho =\ the things sold there seemed more for those kind of angmoh tourists who wants a peek at chinese culture...

Day 2.... went to the central and causeway bay area and past by 天后 station! ahhh!no longer 下一站天后!its 这一站天后!! =)

Had an excellent dinner at Yung Kee! Finally tasted the legendary roast goose there... but very painful on the wallet. lols... And after dinner, we went to lam kwai fong... goshh... got dragged by the rest to this FEVAR club thingy. $50sgd for entrance + free unlimited drinks til late night... My virgin club experience. Turned out to be absolutely HORRIBLE. Squeezing with a bunch of crazy pple whom i can't even see the faces clearly, shaking to the loud dance music in a dark room with giddy flashing lights... argh.. Please don't ask me go to anymore clubs thank you.

Day 3: Went to Prince Edward Station for more shopping and eating. Then proceeded to Xin He Zhong Xin.... lol. lots of Anime and idol collectibles... Couldnt find any Twins cloth posters i wanted tho =( haha, ended up buying some S.H.E calendars and cushion xD

Day 4: Took the train to Shenzhen!!! never expected shenzhen to be more enjoyable than hongkong actually... but it turned out to be so! Holiday Inn Express Hotel was damn freaking nice for the same price as the hostel in hk... Dropped our bags there and went to this famous Queen Spa for the whole day. Service was really good and i felt like a king there lol. Really a heavenly place. Only thing was that it felt awkwardly WRONG having to choose my aromatherapy masseuse through a KTV-like picture catalogue. But it was a perfectly clean massage. nothing special happened for me. not sure about others tho. xD

Day 5: Shopped at Shenzhen 商业城.... which sells all the A-grade fake LV/Gucci and other of branded wallets/bags. Don't see the point in getting these. Tempted to buy the ralph lauren shirts tho... but couldnt remember if the guy on the horse has his club facing up or down. so in the end didnt buy lol. Rest of the day spent at 东门, where i bought some clothes and a whole stack of screen protectors for 40cents sgd each rofl.

Day 6: MY FAVOURITE DAY!!!! and it was obviously jian's favourite too. went wild at Hua Qiang Bei... its a whole street of Sim Lim Squares! zomgz. Super Cool.... they actually sell computer chips in bulk in ribbon roll form.... and LOTS and LOTS of small little gadgets!! couldnt resist.... Bought a car fm transmitter, usb fan, usb vacuum cleaner, usb fridge, 7 port hubs, all kinds of funny usb extension cables and handphone chargers, computer remote control, card readers, finger mouse, speakers, earphones and can't rmb what else. oh, and a nice 4" screen PMP with realmedia support too =) ahhahaha. so many things to add on to my baobei comp =)) muackks.

Day 7: Uh OH!!! Woke up late. Supposed to catch the flight at Hong Kong Intl Airport at 11am... but only woke up at close to 9am in SHENZHEN. Its a miracle we managed to catch the plane in the end.

Love you all hanxu, chinks, jian and teck! =))

and just watched Xing Guang 4! Kang Zhen Ting, once again, scored the highest ever in this series! a whooping 24 points!! catch her incredible performance and her cute reaction here:

Kang Kang Rocks!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
@ 4:24 PM

yeahhhh!! Finally! flying off to hongkong in.... hmmm 14 hours? hahahahhaha! EXCITED!!! my Goddess' birthplace!! HERE I COMEEEE!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008
@ 1:53 AM

Reformatted my comp!!!! eeeks. got to reinstall everything again T.T

Temporary Essential List:
Mozilla Firefox
Acrobat Reader
Spybot Search and Destroy
Some sort of Antivirus
Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop,Auditon,After Effects
Corel Painter X
Nero Burning Rom
K-Lite Codec Pack w Media Player Classic
dBpowerAMP Music Converter
Backed-up documents and favourites

my mind is blocked. can't think!!! arghhh! what other impt things!! ahhhhh.

Friday, December 05, 2008
@ 6:46 PM

whee. went kbox ytd with yyy and her 2 frens lihui and qien and kiat. so sad chork couldnt make it T.T but finally got to sing to my heart's content!!! so long nv go kbox i realise im soo OUTDATED. its so much more worth it now! was expecting a bowl of kacham puteh + 2 drinks for 16-17 bucks... but in the end it turned out to be 1 plate of snacks + chips + free drink refill + 5 hours of singing for $14.50. wah. more worth it than topone ktv! uuppps for good value for money ktv! and i <3 AMK. Haha in terms of both accessibility and amenities, its probably one of the most convenient places to stay in in the whole of singapore!

lol. then tmr going to play table tennis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! provided i can wake up by 8am. found new TT kakis online, and one of them actually stays at hillview green! which is like.. 10-15 mins walk away from my house? =D looking forward to a great game tmr! so difficult to find people to play table tennis nowadays...

Today's just another slack day at home lol. watch some tw variety shows... and finally, Finally completed the korean drama Money War that i've been watching for the past 2 months or so. it was really a pretty humourous and fun show to watch... until the last episode. The ending TOTALLY SUCKED. sucks more than my vacuum cleaner at full power. puiiiiiii~ *spits* the worstest of the worst ending i've ever seen in my 20 years of watching tv. *throws a bunch of rotten eggs at the director/scriptwriter whoever*. disgusting.

anw i've FOUND MY DREAM PHONE today!! Nokia N97.. haha too bad its not out yet xD i want to marry this phone <3

<3 <3 <3

Monday, December 01, 2008
@ 6:25 PM


Sitex 2008 is finally over!!! phew... finally can take a break..

Past 4 days have been super busy. Leaving my house everyday at 8+am and returning at 11+pm... stand about 14 hrs a day.. More xiong than army!!

hha but it was fun! and since my immediate superior is a chiobu, i feel happy to go to work too hee. learnt quite a few of valuable skills too...

1) Being thick skinned! in terms of yelling out the special promotional prices... dragging the customers to the booth to look at the printers... and the worst was when one customer was looking for someone... had to go to the management office and ask them to announce through the PA system that "Ms. PEARL looking for Mr. MOON" goodnesss. the management all give me the WTF look. so paiseh! xD

2) Handling rejections! this is the ultimate. i think i get rejected thousands of times each day while handling out the flyers, in hundreds of ways, until im totally numb liao. Some will totally ignore you and just walk into my arm handling out the flyer as if im not there... some will siam but still ignore me... some will show me the 'talk to the hand' gesture... some will even push my hand away.. But of course, there are the nicer ones who will look at me actually politely say no thank you. My personal favourite kind of rejection is when they actually smile meekly back at you and nod their head slightly (applicable to girls only hee =X)

3) Asking direct questions! 'sir/ma'am, can i get one set for you now?' after explaining, must really ask a YES or NO question to force them to make a decision. If not, most of them will just stand there and remain undecided. don't waste my time pls... if no, then thank you i'll just go on to the next customer liao, rather than stand there for 10 minutes to wait for them to make your decision. there are other potential buyers out there waiting for me to attend to them...

4) heightened 6th sense! lol. after a while it becomes quite easy to tell if the customer just asking for fun or is a really sincere buyer. i think its by their body language, but i dont really notice, just based on my instincts =)

i think i earned around 400 bucks in these 4 days... feeling abit relectant to splurge all on a new phone leh >.<