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   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
@ 8:50 PM

*edit* 10:56:24 PM(according to my msn chat log hehe): Suddenly so happy (of course got reason)!!!! wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!! lol

hahaha... ultimate suay day today, but oso super farni...

woke up in the morning, realised that my sprained ankle didnt get any better from yesterday... so cannot do pe today... which also means cannot practise handstands T.T... haha, so me and zhiwei and keith ended up joining mat sheen and steph in the canteen.... all so hardworking doing their work, some bio some maths... then i was proudly telling keith the angle for the last question of the maths tutorial test was 29.2... haha, cos i tot sure correct since rongen and raghu oso got the same answer... until the rest of the pple like liangze hanyang all these came, den i realise 29.2 wrong! ahhh... die la, means im gonna do quite badly my maths test...

another suay period was bio. can't believe it la. raghu was like trying to squirt water at me using hanyang's nike bottle... but then apparently he didnt know how to use it. omg, he ended up SHOOTING A JET OF WATER straight at me... KNS. my uniform became all wet la.. den pple like jinyue and cherie xing zai le huo, laughing away hysterically... haha, why pple always do this kind of things to me arh.. mebbe i shud learn to act pissed off nxt time hmmm....
another thing was that justin tan's voice is damn loud... which is good and bad la. good cos can hear clearly, bad cos he keeps coming near me and liangze, destroy our eardrums... and speaking of liangze... haha, dunno whether he thinking of chiobus or something, suddenly can salivate on my bio cardiac cycle worksheet la. lol.. how suay is that.

hhaha, den after bio, i didnt want to go home alone juz because... haha. yup, so in the end decided to go buy tchers day presents with the rest of the gang... consisting of zhiwei sizheng jonfoo sheena weishern jinyue rongen... everyone so indecisive abt what to buy... esp for 033.. lol. talk lots of crap, like how some woman in a photoframe got damn big butt, how cheap some naruto wristband was (only 2 bux!) etc. interestingly we keep seeing alot of turtle products... hmm.. den we were standing arnd on the fourth floor (after having gone up and down several times), playing with jonfoo's mini basketball. hahaha, den oops loh, it fell all the way to the atrium there some fila sale thing, right onto a pile of clothes... then the sales pple got damn angry and scolded jonfoo... sorryy... >.<.... anw, i remember another suay thing happened to me at j8 oso, to which jinyue was saying serve me rite for suaning her so much... but suddenly can't rmb what it is... going senile liao. oh no...

wheee... after spending abt 2 hrs at j8 we finally finished buying everything. time to go home! hahaha... took mrt with jinyue and sizheng, jinyue so worn out, was like complaining "so tired so tired" all the way. haha. but she was still nice enuff to talk with me... heee... she's a very nice and good talker... at least can talk without feeling awkward or feeling like im having a monologue. besides a good talker she's a good listener too, abit scary.. haha. i tink she's been hearing alot of things that she's not supposed to hear, muz be careful, her ears very sharp =P

oh ya, i tink something wrong with me today oso... cannot look at pple in their eyes.. dunno why... usually only dun dare look at girls in the eyes only, den today, even when talking to pple like berge and zhiwei my eyes were also shifting around alot (and im not telling lies or anything, we juz having normal chat loh)... WEIRD!!!!!! someone help me!

Sunday, August 28, 2005
@ 6:39 PM






heard this s.h.e song on 933 juz now... boohoohoo... so touched T.T... and sorta reflects my feelings... so decided to copy everyone else and put the song lyrics on my blog... i believe chork has put this song on his blog b4 oso... =\

Saturday, August 27, 2005
@ 3:00 AM

This will be my future blog design!! i hope...
Spent quite some time on it, especially cutting out gill's pic from the background (that took me about half an hr by itself)...
pls have a look and give ur comments!! =) dankeschon!


haiz... but i dunno how to do the actual site creation... =\ so got that nice nice picture oso no use.. any pros out there can help me? chork mebbe =P? or any passers-by willing to help me pls msg me on msn at, thanks in advance!!! =)

hmm... someone is apparently damn pissed with me. hehhh... but seriously rite, i am not even sure how i offended that person loh... i wasnt the one calling others "pig"... so even if angry shud be me rite.. hmph... heck.

heee anw... quite proud of myself today... achieved 2 great things! firstly, i can hold handstand slightly longer liao! wheeee... and because of something which happened, i realized that im no longer very bothered by a matter anymore! haa! finally a burden off my chest...

anw muz thank pple like zhiwei... raghu... dajiejie... sheeen.......... n tzekwan and others for trying to cheer me up in the past few days =D today i feel great! =) lalala...

Thursday, August 25, 2005
@ 6:08 PM

talk talk talk,
talk non stop,
talk until i go siao tock.

talk wad shit,
talk wad cock,
what the fk and oh my god.

say hello,
say byebye,

what talk me,
what say you,
dunno dun care luv ah gil!

i am sad,
i am mad,
why the hell i feel so shag...

but who cares,
no one does,
so why am i kicking a fuss?

i'll be gone
... so long!
to do homework or surf porn?

homework loh,
of course lah,
i am such a guai kia mah..

and thus i shall end...
all these rant...
finished this? u're my friend!


=S can see im really crazy liao..

anw... today late for civics, cuz me liangze raghu weishern pek zhaohan justin were playing this interesting game.... called "fellowship of the ring" or "chicken". hehh... basically we stand/sit in a circle, and whoever leaves the parade square first loses! in the end weishern hummed out and lost. haa... forfeit supposed to be for him to explain to ct why we were late, but in the end ct questioned liangze instead.. so suay...

i hate ionic equilibria... disgusting!!!!! because there is pOH in it!! yuckss she wasted so much of my time doing eom this morning, den was not at the staffroom when i wanted to ask her to comment on my eom.... pOH sux!!!!

As usual, today was another Home Alone day... sad! -.-

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
@ 3:45 PM

im a clown... -.-

oh well... i tink im really becoming a clown... this is badddd.. i can't express sadness properly.... even when im feeling down, i still can't stop myself from looking happy on the outside... still laugh and joke arnd with pple.. wth. im going mad!!! ahhhhhhh!!!! see, i dun even noe how to express my feelings right now properly... haiya... so i shall continue to write abt crazy but happy things..

anw, i suddenly decided to come up with a list of clownish things which i have learnt, from young to now (quite sure got somemore, but for now these are all i can think of):

1) keeping index + 3rd finger, 4th + pinky together, yet 3rd and 4th finger apart (hmm... dunno how to explain la, its actually very simple for those who are natural, but i had to train it... had to pull my fingers apart by force last time =\)
2) tongue vibrating (beaten liangze in this b4)
3) ear wiggling (not perfected, only can wiggle left ear)
4) fake knuckle cracking (can crack unlimited times, sinwei can do it too!)
5) fake burping (quite cool, can make pple feel disgusted anytime i want)
6) juggling (3 balls onli)
7) penspinning
currently learning: headstands + handstands
want to learn: bottle flairing a.k.a flair bartending

bio spa was ok... since i was quite prepared =) so kiasu that i ended up writing sources of errors when only 4's needed. and my milk + na2co3 + phenolphthalein was immiscible -.- but who cares. anw, thx meryl and hanyang for helping me to clear up the apparatus =)

reached home by bus in record time today... dismissal at abt 1.56pm.... reached bustop at 2pm.. 0 waiting time... 157 came immediately... 10 mins later reached coronation plaza there... then 0 waiting time again, 67 came immediately and i boarded it... reached my house. final time? 2.30pm!!! this is like a super record nv bin achieved by anyone b4...

hmm... realized that pple who watch superstar very shen2 tong1 guang3 da4... getting anonymous tags recently.. hahh... tink i shall put up my msn email so pple with similar interests/hobbies can add me... always good to make more frens =) btw i changed the song to tonghua by junyang, if junyang had won weilian this song would have bin out on cd... enjoy!

oh ya, forgot to mention, pek is damn zai in table tennis! can counter-smash wor..

Sunday, August 21, 2005
@ 11:03 AM


haaaaaa.... juz returned from westmall.....

haha, went there, saw lots of pple at that open area... den got some sembawang music store pple selling kelly's and weilian's cds... not a lot of pple queueing yet, so i juz bought kelly's cd loh, can get her autograph =D her pic on the front cover so nice!!! and her front teeth so cute!! haha, reminds me of ouxiang's =D

so i started queueing at 12+... siao ehh.. at first small drizzle... then stop, den started raining damnnnn heavily again and i had no umbrella. smsed and hoped teck could bring me an umbrella since he lives so near, but nope, he juz left me there to rot! bu4 gou4 peng2 you3 la.

haa, but nvm, in the end i made friends with 4 guys queueing in front and 3 girls queueing behind me... can't believe myself oso that i suddenly became so sociable =) i initiated conversations with them first loh.. haha. those 3 girls so cute la, 12 year old small little girls down there shy shy liddat. then the 4 guys same age as me. hahah... we share very similar interests la. all 8 of us support kelly, then the 4 guys like s.h.e and cyndi etc.. so we had lots to talk abt... hahaha... such nice pple... dammit why got hardly anyone in rj who shares the same interests as me de arh? haiz, i shud just transfer to ITE bukit batok and join them... can communicate with them much better than many pple.... i tink many pple got the misconception that ITE is bad loh... tt's not true..

so the rain was like super heavy and even with umbrella we still got drenched... but as the saying goes, huan4 nan4 jian4 zhen1 qing2.. we were helping each other to squeeze thru the queues... haha, so fun...

so finally managed to squeeze up the stage where some pple queue in front of weilian and others queue in front of kelly... woohoo, got my cd cover signed by kelly (she's so pretty in real person la! mebbe even nicer than silver =X) with the silver marker.. haha, then i realize after she sign she will look up and say thank you.. so sincere.. den i was like asking, "can i shake your hand?" hahahaha so funn!!! other pple nv do that loh, wasted their chance... heehee, my right hand smells so nice now =D

after that i waited around for the autograph session to finish before the other superstar contestants arrive... woooo... got junyang weicong jason derrick, and silver ruth xinhui candyce. haha.... realized that out of these pple, only junyang, weicong, derrick, weilian and kelly have supporters cheering for them.. the others very extra hahahahaa... so they juz went up and talk abit of kok, then went off... so disappointing! nv even sing....

listening to kelly's yishidemeihao as im blogging... so niceeee!!!!!!!!!


-edited at 6pm

hmm... juz a short post b4 i go out to westmall for some jue dui superstar thing, in case later come back forgot what i want to write about liao...

Firstly.... i've finally made up my mind abt something which has bin bothering me for very long!! wheee!!! bin soooo indecisive, but not anymore! now i have a very clear goal and i shall work towards it! =D

Oso, my bro's gone back to US to study!! yayyy... haha, no nid to have him disturbing me everyday now, realize i can concentrate much better without him around. hehh.. and oso, that means im using back the handphone no. 97***195! hahh.. so those who have changed this no. in their phonebook to 9698**** in the past 2 mths, pls change back! =)

haaa... anw i thought the idea of a magnetic bookmark is quite cool, so i've successfully converted the "Today in History" bookmark into a "Twins" bookmark.. haha, is that considered "sacrilegious"?

haa, then i oso extracted and compiled these few frames from the manga "Yakitate Japan" (i didnt edit anything), cuz many pple dunno what izzit and why im so obsessed with it... *teeheehee* yakitate japan rulez!

okk, gtg out soon, dowan to be too late else westmall will be all crowded... hoep i see junyang and silver, along with kelly! haaha!

Friday, August 19, 2005
@ 6:43 PM

ok, was playing around with photoshop again, trying to create anime banners/sigs... sian, realise im getting lazier and lazier when using photoshop, too lazy to do extra clicking... so some slipshot work produced.. =(


superstar results juz out... felt very happy when they announced that kelly got in... thinking that 2 of my favourite contestants junyang and kelly will be competing.... but then...

haiz.... weilian got in instead! wth.... i don't hate weilian like i hate xinhui, but still... JUNYANG SHOULD HAVE WON!!! in case no one has noticed, i've been streaming junyang songs on this blog a lot for the past few weeks... Out of silver, kelly and junyang, he was my favourite contestant in terms of overall outlook + singing (which just proves how good he is since i usually favour female singers)... Silver looks the best but can't sing well... kelly looks good and can sing quite well, but her yin1 se4 was quite standard... whereas junyang.... he was the one who looks good, can sing, and has very nice yin1 se4... his alluring clear voice with a feminine touch to it...

Still rmb the first time i grew a liking for him was when he sang JJ's Jiang Nan... ahh.... i was totally amazed that anyone's voice could be so similar to linjunjie's... even the judges were saying he was too similar to JJ and asked him to choose songs by other artistes... so the 2nd time, he chose to sing Jie Kou... and i thought he was better than Jay Chou... he was so consistent in his singing... and had that superstar feng1 fan4... almost made me turn gay... every week, i'll look forward to his performance with the most anticipation...

Superstar has little meaning now... and i shall continue to stream different songs by junyang on my blog for quite a while... for now, it'll be "Yi Wang Guo Qu".. anyone wants his songs can ask me on msn...

Junyang, thanks for having made juedui superstar so enjoyable!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005
@ 10:50 PM

latest crazes: reading manga and handstands!

Interesting day...... hmmm... lessons as per normal... den after sch, me and zhiwei went to play pingpong at the hall again.. cuz he got training at 2.30pm, and i felt like going for shooting clinic at 2.30 oso.... hahaha, so fun! but dunno where that good table disappeared to... ended up setting up this table that's quite rusty at the sides.... eeks, make my uniform dirty... ha, muz train until can beat zhaohan =P

hmmm.. anw after that we wanted to practise abit of handstands, den coincidentally dehui came to the hall... hahah, in case u all dunno who dehui is, he's the breakdancer la.. handstanding is nothing to him.... hehhh, den he started giving us advice on practising handstands... wah, really ming2 shi1 chu1 gao1 tu2... he juz tell me bend and relax my legs more, den i immediately can hold my handstand for a longer time liao... so pro!!!! he oso taught us how to fall over without getting hurt =D so now i can safely practise handstands without wall yayy... haha, i muz learn handstanding by the end of this term! somemore its an alternative way to train up arm strength without going to weights room or doing pullups/pushups... most importantly, its FUN!!!! wheeee... haha, den dehui himself was practising some super breakdancing power move... airtracks.... so shen... see liao jaws drop (oops tzekwan i din mean urs =P)

haha, den 2.30 supposed to go with zhaohan for shooting clinic, but he didnt turn up, ended up going for the clinic with jon foo and sin wei... air pistol rocks! i tink i can shoot the whole day without getting bored of it... but that guy in charge sibei giam siap. shoot abit only then he say not enuff pellets... zzz... spoil the fun. koped one of those cardboard targets as souvenir (of course a new one, the one i practised on had a score too disgraceful to be kept). then after that went home with sinwei. ha, no nid to go home alone! haha, i hate gg home alone... we were singing some old chinese songs like ya1 zi3 and sha3 gua1 as we were walking to the bus stop... haaa nv realised sinwei likes these songs which i used to like alot oso =D

hmmm... then just now was watching superstar... must say i felt afraid for junyang after he sang his first song.... to tell the truth, it sux cuz he totally zou3 yin1-ed, esp the high parts... but cannot blame him cuz he's sick... altho somehow, his other 2 songs were very good.... some english song by blue (unfortunately i dunno anything abt it cuz i dun listen english songs, the only song i know by blue is "you make me wanna", which elva oso sang) and TongHua! 44.5 marks! break record liao! haaa nv knew junyang and candyce were together.... but candyce looked quite pretty tonite (silver too, of course), although everytime the camera is on her she will be adjusting her dress as if its going to drop down liddat... hahaha super embarrassing for her la... sry tzekwan and other weilian supporters, cuz i think weilian will finally get kicked out this time, "one mountain cannot hide 2 tigers" =)

Lastly, a message to everyone: STOP SAYING GILLIAN'S MOUTH IS SCARY OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT! (brrrr.... *growls at mat and chork*)


Sunday, August 14, 2005
@ 11:07 PM

ok... this wk has bin a super week for me.... tues saw gil at yishun.... saturday saw gil on "周日8点党".... and today? saw gil in the movie "贱精先生"...

Gillian looked so nice on 周日8点党 yesterday! i like it when she wears a cap... personally rite, i tink wearing a nice cap makes a girl looks twice as pretty =) haha. and she was so brave during the task... 说做就做... i bet jacky wu was shocked and feel very embarrassed la... yet she's so shy... like a small girl liddat, din dare to speak much.... even when she was asked to sing, she needed the help of her wonderful fans =) haha, but her chinese not very good so cannot blame her... and anyway she juz nid to smile can liao =D

today's movie was so inspiring.... teaching us how to be an upright person... its a story abt the life of Gino (acted by chen yi xun)... how at first he always 转牛角尖 when doing work and very selfish and mean to others.... but later he changed into a totally different person who 脚踏实地-ly pursue his dreams (thx to Gillian's encouragement ^^)... hmmm.... i muz set goals for myself too! 4As in promos! chiong arhhh!

anyway... according to zaobao's horoscope... my lucky colour this week is red! and lucky "item" is cat! meow! (oops do i sound like someone) meow! hahahahahaa... red cat... reminds me of chemistry electrolysis... REDuction occurs at CAThode

Think Optimistically. Smile Always! (even ct say i have a cheerful disposition =D)

Friday, August 12, 2005
@ 9:32 PM

haiz, dunno why, but someone seems to be very hostile towards me these 2 days... i dun rmb de2 zui4-ing him in any way... yet his reactions and the tone in which he speaks to me arh... like very buay song liddat. haha.. do guys have mood swings too? =/

realise i muz be more sociable.... wonder when the time will come when i'll have the courage to go up to a stranger and start a conversation with the person... hmmm... i shud watch more jacky wu's shows.. learn to talk like him. haha. tonite tonite. got wocaiwocaiwocaicaicai.

silver got out of juedui superstar. so sad. and derrick oso. i hope both of u dun gif up la, mebbe nxt yr see u 2 again ya? =) sigh. i agree with tzekwan's sis la, weilian's singing style very old loh, how to be superstar.... den as for xinhui... i simply hate her la. she can sing alrite, but i juz... dun like. was pondering over why i hate her so much... den i realize the most impt reason is because she prevented kelly and silver from getting into the female finals together... also, ever since last time she sang FIR's revolution like sai liddat, i hated her, cuz revolution is a nice song... den also i basically kan4 ta1 bu4 shun4 yan3... somemore jue dui superstar suppose to be find singaporean superstar rite... but she not loh... haiz. dunno la. i juz hope junyang and kelly dun screw up nxt rnd and get into the finals... otherwise if xinhui and weilian compete hor... like mei2 you3 kan4 tou2 liao... =/

Addicted to reading manga now. still rmb last time i read Love Hina... i was crazy over Naru Narusegawa...

den now i reading Yakitate Japan... i like Tsukino...

the artists' fault la, draw until so beautiful... i oso want to draw like them! haha. so fun.... last time i tried to learn to draw anime characters i didnt learn how to draw clothes =X

tanpanzhuanjia last episode today. looking forward to see yangguang and keren together... i tink tongxinyuan oso ending soon. timing so accurate sia... all the serials end together. but nvm, they are showing legend of the condor heroes soon =) probably all the way thru the promos la. haha. if i get addicted to it den sure die... i tink the usual heck care attitude pple like jade oso getting scared le... was asking me whether i've started studying.... hmm.. shud really start soon la cannot dilly dally anymore..

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
@ 11:50 PM

wheeeeeeeee!!! im feeling so HIGH!!! today's national day celebration@Yishun is the best i've EVER attended! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPOREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

hahahhaha. kiasu me and jingzhou met at 3pm at Yishun, wanting to go kope front seats, and mebbe even watch twins rehearse their performance... but none of this came true lol. Seats were allocated only to special pple... so members of the public had to stand/sit around the sides... haha. but since we were so early, we went scouting around the area, looking for the best place to sit. wanted to get the fun pack... but need ticket oso.. haiz..

As expected, hardcore Twins Alliance members were oreadi camping down there liao, on the left of the stage. haha.. found a nice spot on the right side of the stage just beside the railing... was going to start camping there, then i thought of dinner, since we won't be able to leave the spot until after the whole thing ends which is abt 10... hmmm... so we went to fairprice to buy some chips... and drinks, which was damn cheap la, 95cents for 1.5l pepsi fire... hha. then we went back to our nice spot and camped for abt 1hr+ b4 the celebrations finally start... luckily we were right in front at the railings there, so we could sit down and watch the whole celebrations while other pple behind had to stand... was observing pple who were around us... then my sharp eyes caught this chiobu sitting on the "special" chairs... white team de... 8th from the right on the front row... haha...

Performances were reeli interesting... somemore got this big screen showing the parade@padang simultaneously... orhor.... a certain important figure wasnt singing national anthem when the camera was on him... tsk tsk... nv set gd example.. =X

Some of the performances included this "hahaha therapist" person... who was teaching pple how to laugh... i tink she was highly successful, cuz everyone ended up laughing at her laughter and her funny antics... which were so FAKE laa... haahahaha... then there were some singing and dancing and showing off of some colourful but weird looking costumes... and also, fire stick twirling!!! (its called something like art of POI if i rmb correctly... saw it while reading some penspinning and flair bartending sites) i want to learn!!! hahahaahhahaha its so cool la... like penspinning with the whole arm instead of just the fingers...

Then there was... FROGGIE! (haha only jz will know what im talking abt) that woman so incosiderate and selfish la... shoo the frog towards jz.... but jz so brave. haha.

Fireworks!! wah.. super beautiful... first time in my life i see fireworks so close.... even closer than when im at the actual parade last time... they shot the fireworks to a very low height.... for quite a long time.... den there was this machine gun thing firing the fireworks rapidly into the air creating super nice patterns.... wah seh man. totally impressed!

After the parade celebrations ended was the post-parade celebration.... which was our main motive for being there... all hell broke loose, and everything was so messy la, so we were climbing over the railings together with other pple to get into the main area, close to the stage (where we met up with jz's frens oso), which oso means, close to the performers.. which means, close to....

TWINS!!!!! Wheee-u-wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! i get damn excited at the mere mention of the word "twins".. haha... tis is like the first time i see twins together and singing live! chiobu ah gil and cutie ah sa... both dressed in black... somemore gil had this super hairstyle which i've always thought suits her best.. they sang Jian Xi Ai Shen and Xing Guang You Le Yuan... only 2 songs!? no Samba? but still, the songs are damn nice!!! wah wah wah. got me all high... so hyper that i was SHRIEKING for them... muz mention this, cuz i seldom shriek/scream for anyone... pple around me were staring at me, thinking im some madman... some even covered their ears... so kua zhang... so i had this 50cm clear radius around me cuz pple scared of my screams... hmm... meryl says only girls scream... is that true? haha. i oso waved at them... i tink ah sa saw and waved back too =D unfortunately ah gil didnt notice me waving... T.T wasted... but nvm, i believe there are definitely more chances in the future... =D Twins simply ROCKS!

After that was the mobile column... juz some display of some tanks and fire fighting stuff.... i tink it took up too much time la.... made pple lost interest. Overheard some pple around me saying that, if not for nicholas tse, everyone would have left. i totally agree. so finally, there was tanya chua and nicholas tse's performance. must say nic had lots of supporters... even more than twins, cuz the screams were louder... after his performance, the celebrations ended with an announcement for a lost kid called "Sophia". haha. ouxiang!! lol

Reached home at 11+ realised i missed my tan pan zhuan jia... but it was well worth it... tired but very happy and satisfied =D i love twins! After seeing them tonite, i tink i have enuff motivation to start studying for promos.... soon =)

hmm... nxt time for class outing we should go for this kind of special events la... instead of watching movies all the time... this is so much more fun.. yea.. really enjoyed myself... pity those who missed such a brilliant celebration at Yishun...

Sunday, August 07, 2005
@ 7:04 PM

haha. my bro's going back to US soon! yay! hahaha. abt 10 more days... then i'll be using back my 9710**** phone! and will be having the whole comp to myself again! wheee! rmb to change back the phone no. =)

haha. woke up in the morning. surf the net for a while... downloaded some manga called "Yakitate Japan"... its about this bread maker azuma.. hehe, looking forward to reading the manga. cuz every morning in school nowadays i dun play cards liao.. got warned by teacher last time... heh, instead, every morning sit arnd with a bunch of mostly ri sec4 geps... watching anime on justin cheng's sony vaio laptop or smthign liddat... hahaha. damn fun... 1 20+ min episode every day b4 morning assembly is just right. =) even tho he doesnt read my blog... still muz thank him! Anyone is welcome to join! its at the colourful classrooms area... show starts at around... 7.10am every morning.. haha!

hmm... den got bored. so i switched on the tv. saw this cute cartoon on kids central called "Xiaolin Showdown". found it quite cool... den after that i watched a repeat of Thursday's Juedui Superstar... kelly is so cute when she starts singing the part "Duo ke ai de mei gui hua"... den silver... haha... her thighs really quite fat... but so what la... look at this la:

hahaha. oops =X... po4 huai4 my own xing2 xiang4 haha.. that's me practising headstand on the bed cuz im too hum to practise on floor... haiz... realised on friday that im really like a girl la. the pe teacher was saying that when guys eat alot, their stomach get fat. when girls eat, their legs/thighs get fat. haiz, that's me la. me and my $@^&%(% fat thighs.... then stomach dun grow fat... haiz haiz.

hmmm..... was trying to decide whether to wear red tmr for the ndp celebrations... den i found this Red shirt in the closet... haha, but it saez "Puerto Rico" on it... lol! hmm... got another red shirt.... dunno to wear anot leh... read the zaobao zhou kan horoscope which says my lucky colour this week is WHITE. and i must try to attain a balance with things and pple around me... and that my lucky "item" is INTERNET! hahahaha. what a suitable lucky item for an internet addict like me.

anyway... nxt wk is Gillian Week! hahaha. National Day go Yishun to watch Twins performance. then Saturday 7.30pm channel U on ZhouRiBaDianDang also got ah gil! =) wheeee! muz watch muz watch. haha... national day that day... i will definitely go watch twins... but havent decided whether i should go watch panweibo at IMM at 11.30am in the morning anot... btw the song is changed to panweibo's Gao Shou..

haiz. hopefully tmr's class outing we dun go watch charlie n the choc factory.... i'd rather watch somethign like Qi1 Jian4... or go play pool... or Kbox (i nv try b4)...

Friday, August 05, 2005
@ 7:59 PM

lalala. another 2 of my creations =D haha. i think all the signature banners which i create are of the same style. but heck. i like this style =)

Interested to learn how to make? haha. here's a short tutorial by me!
1) Open Adobe Photoshop. Create a 400x120 pixels canvas
2) Go to Filter - Render Clouds
3) Take out a brush tool and start brushing around until u are satisfied with your abstract art
4) Go to Layers - New Adjustment Layer - Color Balance, to adjust the colour and highlights of the background u created
5) Take a NICE picture/render (very important). crop out the main part. resize and position it in anyway u think is nice
6) Choose a nice font. Type your name in. Can add some text effects.
7) Any empty spaces? fill it with abstract shapes or fill with a pattern.
8) Adjust Opacity... change layer styles... gaussian/motion blur abit here and there until everything seems merged together
9) Create a border around your work
10) Export as jpg! Tada! =D
what a wonderful tutorial right? so fun =P

haha. damn happy today... cuz junyang, kelly and silver all got into the next round of superstar!!! wheeee!!!! I dun like ye pei fen la.... say wad silver's thighs fat fat... brrrrrr... bet she dun even dare to wear that kind of skirt... haha. and because there are only 4 songs on each day, the judges all try to waste time by spending time arguing amongst themselves... hehh, let junyang and kelly chu1 feng1 tou2... they confirm get into top 2 liao lah...

den today is sophia's bdae... Happy Bday Ouxiang! f4/strawberryjam's gan3 qing2 really very good... jade, meryl n charmaine even went all the way to j8 to buy sophia a birthday cake during the 1 hr break we had... haiz.. girls are really more caring and they treasure relationships more than guys... huan2 cheng2 shi4 wo3, would i do that for anyone? hmm.... hard to say =/

GP... weishern damn off form cuz he nv sleep well the previous nite... its ok la, juz treat it as a lesson learnt... nxt time juz rmb to sleep more k? jiayou! hmm... then meryl and jade's presentation was hilarious man... very cool... they really spent like super lots of effort in this presentation... really enjoyable... but i got a feeling that alvin lim is looking out more for the oral part of the presentation rather than other things... so i dunno la...

Rest of the day was very normal... PE was quite interesting tho... i like the way in which that PE teacher, whatever his name is, made the presentation... could actually keep me awake after such a long day...

Another thing to be happy about: long weekend! wheeeeee! means i got more time to use the comp! yayy! then tuesday can go yishun see twins somemore.... nothing will stop me, even if i have to go alone =) lalala....

Im feeling happy =)

Monday, August 01, 2005
@ 11:18 PM

haha. tagboard has finally let me down. cause my blog to load so slowly. so shall remove it for the time being... so... pls comment instead of tagging for this few days? hha.

havent updated for almost 1 wk.. woo... miss me? haha. bin bz with stuff la. stuff like... learning more photoshop. hahaha. show off some of my creations here =D

haha. and as requested by cherry blossoms.. (hehe chork, recognise this font? thx! =D)

ahh.. haha. chem spa was ok... doable la, at least. lousy gas collection as expected... which of course is a gd thing. cuz i didnt prepare other things. everyone was quite happy with the spa, i tink... EVEN meryl was like smiling away after the test.. haha oops.

hmm... realize im highly unprepared for school all the time. nv do tutorials... nv read notes... even things like gp... haha, majorly screwed up presentation, cuz everyone was so noisy... sure kena marked down alot for inability to control audience... oh wells. at least it was fun. haha. palmtop technology... lame..

hmm... i wkly is damn good. got alot of pictures... silver... kelly... junyang... felicia.... haha. not bad la. if got time mebbe scan in the silver pictures. oh yea, btw all 3 of them got into the nxt rnd of jue dui superstar. yay! hahahaha. oh ya. and the horoscope say tis wk if i study hard will yield good results... how? is that a motivation for me to study for bio test on wed? haha. evolution.. dunno a shid. haha. oso saez i muz try to be friendly to everyone... but i AM friendly wadd.. am i not? =P

oh no. becoming a matilda. very random. ahh. if teacher finds our blogs then really die.. sigh. hope mr tan duzzen call up my parents and start complaining about me... cuz my parents din go the meeting... am i so playful?? how come when mr tan was talking abt some parent complaining that their son always play comp all these, ouxiang and charmaine turned arnd and looked at me suspiciously... ahhz. haha

waiting for superstar site to upload junyang's morizhilian and diertiantang... den i'll change the song.. so bear with it for the time being.. =)