Name: Kai

   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Saturday, January 28, 2012
@ 12:13 AM

Yoooohoooooooo!!!! Finally finally completed my compulsory internship!!! :D :D :D

hahahaz my seniors are really too nice to me... yesterday treated me... today treated me again... Everyone so nice to me then keep telling me not to join kpmg unless I really 想不开.... hahahaz wah lao. Issit reverse psychology to make me want to join or issit they dont like me so much don``t want me to join them!! ahahahahahahz!! But whatever it is, i`m EXTREMELY thankful to have been able to work with the CS team for 2 whole months! I remember at the start of the internship I was very satisfied and wondered whether I would still feel the same by the end of it. I can safely say now, I am very heypi! :D Enjoyed the internship alot AND the people there. Memorable 2 months! Too bad clarissa, chinling and the managers not in my parting photo :( Will def miss them all :'(

Also abit disappointed today cos of a small matter... but its ok!! :D heeeee.

Monday zichar dinner with jc peeps!!!! ahahahaha so seldom go eat zi char with friends... so special! really thank sheeenie for organising :D Wheee.. must remind myself to take more photos! :D

School starting on Monday.... looks like a very very stressful semester ahead! arghhh. hahahaha but then again, I can always choose not to stress myself :D lol. what should i do? To stress or not to stress lol. I kept telling myself one last sem and then i can relax.... the whole world is persuading me to chiong for first class argh. hahahaha. If i work hard enough i think i can scrape it.... but imagine the trade off :( lol. kan zhe ban! hahahah if i plan to relax in my grades then i must have other achievements to make up for it! :D

and ohmytians... I need to exercise more.... my pants became tighter over the CNY looool. and eat more fruits... lol. got scared when i read this news on fb about this 17 yo girl eating McDonald's nuggets and potatoes since age 2 until finally collapse cos never eat vege and fruits ahahahahz. i no veg so must eat more fruitss!! yummsss!! must buy more pure fruit juices to drink as well ahahahaha.

Sunday, January 22, 2012
@ 11:01 PM

Had a super duper amazing tuan yuan fan with my family tonight! ahahahz. All the good stuff... baoyu haisheng yupiao ganbei + steamboat all my fav fish squid pig's stomach + fried chicken and sotong balls and lots of other stuff houmaidogsssss... yummmmmmmms!!!! hahha last year was overseas didn't get to enjoy all these good stuff... love my mum's cooking!!! :D :D :D

Just took my last shower of the 2011 rabbit year and washeddd away all my bad luck from this year as a rabbit! Starting a fresh new DRAGON year!! From all the chinese horoscopes i read... seems like my rabbit luck is generally not too bad in the dragon year! yeahhhha!!!

hahaha! Been watching alot of korean variety shows recently... Running Man, Pretty Boys for T-ara and Heroes(not the angmoh one) lol. all very funny!! aahahahz. Despite being celebrity IDOLS, they can neglect their image and confidently express their natural self on tv and do all the childish/diulian/bitchy actions... :D no wonder so nice to watch.

In this Dragon year, i hope to become an even more confident person and confident talker!! But yet remain cute and happy as a bunny heee :D tataz! Happy CNY!!!!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012
@ 12:06 AM

hahaa heypi :D had dinner with the full CS team! at Din Tai Fung.. ahahahahz.. Enjoyed it! Even though i'm still not yet fully myself around them..

3 days of internship left! =\ Will get to meet all my uni friends soon! But then, will miss the CS team :( During these 2 months.... never really got to know other interns very well since they are always out on their engagements... end up stick to my own engagement team's associates quite alot.. will miss them T.T esp junyu and clarissa hahah the 2 of them are really funny and helped me alot :D and chinlingggg who taught me soooooooo much.. dunno whether i'll still see them if i return to kp :( abit sad!! Luckily today dinner i suggested to take photo! :D At least can retain happy memories of our abalone lou hei :D

Today went to rsm chio lim the corp sec at wilkie edge near dhoby ghaut to do stat audit for a few CS entities hahahaz. wah lao eh no wonder the firm is called chio lim ... the corp sec is quite pretty lol..

and tmr going k at night! hahahahaz with errr.. ohmytians goodness knows who LOL. but doesn't matter hahaha. Can expand my pathetic social circle :D

want to type more de... but falling asleep lol.. so better stop naos :) wheee good nights and sweet dreams to moiself! buais bloggie!

Friday, January 13, 2012
@ 8:00 PM

End of another week of work!! hahaha i think this week has been the most eventful week of my internship so far!!!

Monday: Finally finished all the stupid castings and stuff hahahaz. Got to do some edits on eAudit and some work allocation thingy... + monday blues... haha so not worth mentioning.

Tuesday: Paintball session for all kp interns lol. First time in my life playing paintball ahahahaz wore my no.4 army uniform :) teamed with chinnam zixin and yingbin and we lost quite badly hahahahahaha! but nvm i enjoyed the company. Personally i didnt find paintball particularly fun lol... got too much 'army feel' to it. but at least i can now proudly proclaim that i've played it before :D so its still a great experience!! :D ahaha and today i realised actually alot of girls play liao paintball got big big orcehs :o hengggg arh i neyber kena :D and pay is in! $682 for one month's worth of saikang. Pathetic lol. Didnt even get my cab fare claims... apparently expenses claims will only be approved later :(

Wednesday: Had to do my internship goal setting and appraisal... lols. Different seniors whom i've worked for have to rate my performance. I'm so touched that the seniors gave me so good ratings even though all i did was saikang :o "Exceeded expectations" omg lol. How did i exceed expectations doing casting and photocopying and dispatch hahahahahaz. Maybe cos i did my saikang still smile smile and never complain maybe tt exceeds their expectations? LoL. ok la, but i never de zui anyone at least i guess :D i'm too friendly heee. Very thankful to all my wonderful seniors, i feel really lucky to be working with them!

Thursday: oh my tians!!! For the first time in my whole internship i went down to CS's office at changi!!!! :D For half a day lol damn fail hahahaz. BUT STILL, the job there is so much more interesting!!! followed junyu to interbiew the dept on their employee screening process and check the documentations, and clarissa to interview on the controls procedures.. interesting!!!!! i like :D and had lunch at texas chicken lol. First time eating... chicken normal and whipped potato below standards.. not that great imo... ahahahaz

Friday: Training!! LOVED today's training because of the cheesecake hahahahaha! imba naise. got blueberry and strawberry fruits on top somemore oh my tianssss heavenly.... speaking of cakes, heypi bday to kq!! hahahaz wah lao the tax appreciation lesson was SUPERRRR BORLENGS though! Totally bth lol.

Staring and staring at my charts now... using my mental power to will EURUSD pair to fall!!! Short term target 1.2764! Time passes VERY fast when looking at the 1min time frame charts lol. looking at each candle stick rise and fall buzhibujue then few hours liao lol. I actually enjoy watching the candles :o hopefully one day i can be so profitable trading fx that i don't need to work anymore.. just laze around read some news and click a few buttons lol. c'est mon reve!! will continue to work towards it :D

Wheeee!!! all in all a fulfilling week!!! :D

Sunday, January 08, 2012
@ 11:36 PM

hahaha another weekend of rotting at home! xD finished watching the whole 13 ep Fate/Zero anime!! Saber!!! lolll watched it in jap avec les sous-titres en francais! :D je suis fier de moi-meme that i managed to understand most of it!

Hahahaha! and looking forward to watching the finals of the newest 华人星光大道! who will win!?!?! shall know tmr :D

Parents coming home from their penang cruise tmr wheee! Love my daddy mummy! ahahaha :))

hmmm i actually like weekdays more than weekends now... Weekdays at least got work, got pple to interact with, got markets to watch... whereas during weekends, time seems to pass painfully slow... so slow that boredom and loneliness sets in :( almost succumbed to playing computer games to pass time but managed to restrain myself... Tried to read stuff but fall asleep easily... watching shows whole day long is boring also.

I'm going to register for theory this week! so 大一个人 already still can't drive oh my tiansssss hahahaz... But since now got so much more free time.. can go learn driving liao :D

and I'm in love with t-ara and davinchi's song "We Were in Love".... very very nice....

tataz nites bloggie!!

Friday, January 06, 2012
@ 12:32 AM

Ahahahahaha! now the korean girl group trend change liao!!!

Having sexy LEGS is no longer a competitive advantage!! Everyone has them lol.

Now the focus is..... ARMPITS o.O hahahahaha! *loves* watch t-ara's new song heee can't help staring at their armpits esp soyeon's... so white omg <3

lobey dobey!! loll really can take my mind off all the unheypi things :D

gonna be a slack training day today at work loll.... yawnss!!!!

Monday, January 02, 2012
@ 2:10 PM

Yayy!!! 22 min lovey dovey mv is out!! whee... and i'm the 72nd person to watch it on youtube!! despite my constant refreshing in an attempt to be first 10 :( hahaha so no life xD

Not easy to be 72nd hokaysss!! by the time i finished watching the video, the viewcount jumped to 303 already!! :o :o :o But still... here's my victorious screenshot! :D hahaha

Why korean songs so many song titles like that one hahahaha... what roly poly, lovey dovey, funny hunny... LOL cute :D