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   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
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   0107 AISL

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Sunday, September 21, 2008
@ 1:47 AM

heee. as i was saying. yesterday was a SUPER SATURDAY for me =D

afternoon played cabalsea (venus)... chionged lake in dusk and see what i found from zidgris! =) BLUE BIKE! =D oh my tiannnn. first time getting bike. a very pleasant shock xD

ok. then after that, met up with hanxu, chinks and teck to go for ELVA HSIAO's 3 faced showcase @ expo!!! haha somehow chinks managed to get 4 tix =) im so glad u rmbed me chinks!! =) =) =)

hee anyway the showcase was DAMN NICE. its like a mini-concert like that. oh mann. ELVA IS SOO SMEXY AND HOT!! love her! haha she sang several new songs like 类似爱情,冲动,i'll be there, more more more, and old goodies like 最熟悉的陌生人! heehee i like!

In front of me..

Behind me... (omg @ the number of pple)

ELVA!!! tgt with jiahui and zhiyong =)

More More More LIVE VIDEO!! (uploaded by me of course)

最熟悉的陌生人 Live!!

hahaha! i lazy to post all the videos here. for the other songs visit my youtube account!

i really enjoyed my day!! thanks chinks, hanxu and teck once again =) and thanks zidgris faello too xD now i can go for atec in high spirits on monday xD don't bother smsing/calling me from monday to thursday, i won't be having my hp with me because of atec T.T

Saturday, September 20, 2008
@ 2:54 PM

today is a superb day! =D shall blog more when i get back tonight =D

Sunday, September 07, 2008
@ 5:39 PM

haha too tired to blog earlier..

there's a huge wall of text coming up... Read on if u are too bored.

went for Celestial guild 'chalet' at tach's condo for the past 2 days =) thanks guardian for inviting me even though i've oreadi quit =)

haha first night was the crazy night... extremely glad i went xD met the celestians (some names are nicks some names are real names i oso can't rmb all xD): tachyon, kason n addictedtou, manda, teragram, dennis, guardian, chivas, fatal, flameyangel, seraphicangel, emotionz, arcane, elaine, hf etc etc. haha went into tach's condo for the first time. oh my tian. quite cui to be honest lol =X but no one lives there le, so i guess its considered normal... played some taiti, mahjong... and bridge! loL. havent played bridge for such a long time i've almost forgotten the rules... but nevertheless, me and teragram(who's playing bridge for the FIRST TIME) whooped chivas and flamey's asses and they had to do 20 pushups as punishment loL. (ok we oso did 14, but at least thats less)

and the highlight of the night: the DRINKING GAME! haha its funn! all started by teragram. and the chivas that chivas brought.

Here's what its like. Everyone sits around in the circle and a deck of cards placed in the centre and a bottle of (whatever drink) ready. Each person picks a card when their turn reaches:
1-5: drink that number of shots. black = ask a person to dirnk. red = ownself drink
6 : jigouba with person on left. loser drinks
7 : 7-up! 1-2-3-4-5-6-clap-8-9-0. cannot say 7 or multiples of 7.
8 : big fish (hands closed to gether). small fish (hands open wide)
9 : start topic (name an mrt station?) whoever cannot name anymore drinks.
10 : chin-up. Everyone has to put the hands up to their chins. last person to react drinks.
j : toilet break
q : the person is give the right to ask a question to anyone and if the question is answered, the person who answers has to drink.
k : each king drawn allows the person to add any amount of the drink to aseparate cup. the person who picks the last k drinks all and the game ends.

never drank chivas b4.. but by the end of the night, i had like dunno how many many shots of that burning stuff in me =\ blehs. haha but it was really fun =)

2nd day was more toned down because everyone didnt have so much energy le lol. slept most of the time, played bball, comp, go lunch, go buy bbq stuff and finally the bbq! thats when more pple turned up.. panda, akii etc.. tachyon, our very fatherly gm, pangsehed us for a wedding dinner T.T haiis. but the bbq didnt end very happily, with the rain and the prank that a few of the guys played on sc... haiis. should have been more careful with pouring the honey ba, quite serious if it really goes into the lungs or blocks his air passage since its like quite sticky.

bbq ended around 9+ 10+ i think, and since it was raining, me and the cute young couple addictedtou and kason cabbed back to sembawang to go home =) whee.

haha and i did the youtube search for cabal dance! hahaha:

haha oh! and i think the 3rd episode for taiwan's 舞林大道 is out! must go watch =)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008
@ 12:50 PM

ahhh.. im can't curb my sudden addiction to canto songs!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008
@ 2:53 AM

woots! went out to celebrate yyy's bday today(ok its yesterday liao) @ kbox! haha tgt with sw kiat sheenie vivian rox qq... so many people!!!!! but end up only 5 pple singing lolx. Realised 1 thing about me going to kbox... i hardly need to dian ge! loL. the girls choose girl songs, the guys choose guy songs, and i just sing both lol. i guess this shows im sexually pretty well-balanced right xD haha Happyyy Birthdayyy once again!

and now... *drumrolls* according to jian's calculator, right now, its 72 days/1725 hours/103500 minutes to ORD!!! can't wait.

GONNA BE ON LEAVE FOR THE WHOLE OF THIS WEEK! oc sir is so kind =D let us clear leave this week cos probably no more time to clear liao.. with atec n wallaby coming up...

Addicted to these few canto songs suddenly =D Must Listen!

About time to sleep le. nitey nite nitez peeps!