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   1 Feb 1988
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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
@ 4:32 PM

Wheeeee.... home sweet home!!! ahahahahah. while others still having chem S. wheeee!!!

got quite sian of school.. now i've made up my mind, its more than juz sianzation. i totally hate school. i detest school. i ABHOR school! Why should i go to school? school is a waste of time! There's almost nothing that makes me want to go there. lol.. not supposed to have such thoughts when this is an important A level year. but juz can't help it...

heck! hehh.

haha. why the class dunwan cross dressing!? its so fun.. i dont remember ever wearing a skirt before (although i vaguely rmb trying on bras). haiz. this kind of things hardly get a chance to do loh.... later nv do will 遗憾终身...

Sunday, February 26, 2006
@ 9:12 PM

Sweety is nice!!! ahahahahha yyy dun look at me liddat... different one! =P look! ^^ liu pin yan frm sweety! also acting in xianjianqixiazhuan.... ooh... and she's same age as me!! lol. whoa and her bday is... whoa. such a lucky number.. 8/8/88 nth to say...

Sweety- 刘品言 - 言言

本名: 刘品言
英文名: Esther
身高: 166 CM
体重: 44 KG
生日: 1988 年 8 月 08 日
星座: 狮子座
血型: O 型
学历: 国中三年级
嗜好: 演讲、唱歌
精通语言: 中、英、日、缅甸语
精通乐器: 钢琴
最想去的地方: 埃及
最大的梦想:当 CNN 主播

keke. and im currently liking jj's yuanlai as well as s.h.e's yiyanwannian more and more!! =D

Saturday, February 25, 2006
@ 12:04 PM


歌手:林俊杰 专辑:曹操


nth to do. lolz.

Thursday, February 23, 2006
@ 6:02 PM

lol. had to use the comp so i cant refrain myself from blogging either...

haiz today shifu and raghu both sick.... and zhaohan still havent return to school... the class feels empty. hmm. ohmy ohmy... why liddat lahh, hope to see them tmr in school!

went ice skating yesterday until quite late even tho these few days quite bz... haiz joanne shijie wasnt there... but Snow White was there!!! ahhahahaha *heart races*.. in pony tail somemore different from usual... so pro so pro nothing to say... im going crazy whee..

tonite's women's free skating is from 2am to 6am. no need to sleep loh! lolz.

today's gp essay was crap (duh) since i did minimal preparations. but heck. gp has always sucked, still sucks, and will always remain sucky.

Noticed one thing after sinwei's grp's flash video.... that was, some pple actually have so much self control that they can refrain from commenting about it after it ended even tho it was so hilarious.. dammit. i need to learn that kind of self control.. cannot always heehee haha about everything and behave so immaturely... i must be more serious too! (i always say this but somehow nothing ever changes gah i guess i juz can't help it)

gosh... and someone kope so many jj postcards still think its little... actually i think if u go esplanade they should have a whole bunch of such postcards too.... saw b4..

ahh well. an advanced Happy Birthday to Chork! since i prolly won't be blogging tmr. may u always remain so popular with girls ya! =D

i love gillian!

Sunday, February 19, 2006
@ 4:31 PM

ooh.. nv noticed winter olympics being shown on tv since feb 11 cos i nv bothered switching to channel 5 until yesterday. yeaaa! so excited!

Next week's gonna be terribly busy for me... look at the channel 5 broadcast timetable:

Figure Skating - Ice Dance: Original Dance Feb 20, Mon, 2am
Figure Skating - Ice Dance: Free Dance Feb 21, Tues, 2am
Figure Skating Woman Short Prog Feb 22, Wed, 2am
Freestyle Skiing - W Aerials Final Feb 23, Thurs, 1.45am
Figure Skating Woman Free Skating Feb 24, Fri, 2am
Figure Skating Gala Exhibition Feb 25, Sat, 2am
Bobsleigh M 4x R1 (Delayed) Feb 25, Sat, 4am

Wheeeeeeeee!!! 2am to 5.30am almost every morning!!!! omgomg next wk no need to sleep liao loh!!! wahahahahaha. which is partly the reason why im blogging now. cos i've decided that i will BAN myself from the comp until next weekend in order to free up time to catch these exciting skating events! hoho. i'll be super high all week.. so be prepared! kakaka. Sure hope i dun fall asleep halfway bio spa / phy test / chem quiz... wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


Friday, February 17, 2006
@ 7:11 PM


siannnnnzzz stay up until like 4.30am on wed and thurs to do gp then knn didnt even present today. waste my freaking efforts and my sleeping time!!!!! kaoz. can't believe i spent so much time making a stupid ppt on korean war. what was i thinking?! there are so many more important things... chem tutorials... maths and physics tutorials... all undone!! dammit. i feel so CHEATED!

omgomg thx jinyue for photocopying the tutorials for me!!! thx soo much!!!

i don't like to speak english. english sux. can never find the exact words to express myself. i want to speak chinese! please speak to me in chinese!

Being a manga-ka is not a bad job. must start practicing now, in case i screw up my A levels then cannot go university at least i'll have sth to fall back on lol.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006
@ 5:14 PM

Where's my valentine? Happy birthday yexuan! Happy valentines day everybody! i luv you all~!

lol. click HERE to view my deviantart account! (nth else besides this yet tho =X but will update next time!)

Friday, February 10, 2006
@ 6:23 PM

YAY!!!! another torturous (agonizing =D) friday is over!!!! wheee whee wheeeeee!

Felt very TORPID today.
Firstly GP was eeew. vocab test??! sighhhh.. i dunno anything!! ahhhh. bio was slightly better cos at least i understood something. pe was frisbee. the fun only lies in whooping the opponents. hehh. vball so much more fun! and vball > soccer. don't understand why guys dun have vball module... =( after break was worseeee. in a totally SIAN mood. tutorials are so stressful arhhH!!!! then bio s was.... not very useful either.

heee. today o lvl results out!! whoaa. Top scorer from cedar wor.... haha. cedar girls not bad, my general impression of them is that they are all quite sporty and athletic, with a toned figure and tanned skin. lol. dun ask me how i got that impression. Congrats to all those who scored well! =)

going to continue reading my Mahou Sensei Negima manga now =D super nice!! highly recommended for guys =P especially those who fantasize alot lol. ahchooo! (dun get the wrong idea, i dont read hentai) and yesss i want to draw like Ken Akametsu... wonder how he can think of so many different ways to draw cute anime girls haha. he must be a very observant and talented cheekopeh.

Monday, February 06, 2006
@ 11:00 PM

11pm: i feel GREAT ! wheee!

Sunday, February 05, 2006
@ 9:18 PM

hmmm... something wrong with my phone maybe? or maybe with singtel. some of my smses get delayed and some dun even get sent at all... kao. and i have no idea whats wrong. so forgive me if sometimes anyone dun receive my sms replies ya.

went out to orchard in the afternoon today with boon and regina for a double belated bday celebration! ahahaha. tube top + fbt jacket what a weird combination =X been some time since we got together le... hee... brought back some nostalgic robinsons memories lol (although robinsons still owe me $$$ sianz). were deciding where to have lunch when i met hanyang(in his new cny clothes wahh) and mokmok and the rest of their og at cineleisure. OG seh... amazing lah, dun even know where my og go to liao. non-existent. haahaaa then heard pekpek was there too but too bad couldnt find him if not sure got something juicy to blog about hehh.

i realised that there are really many different kinds people to talk to.
1)The Spirit-Lifter who makes u laugh and feel very happy while talking to them.
2)The Director, when together, you can speak straightforwardly and 毫无顾虑.
3)The Comforter who makes u feel safe and are very nice pple to talk to.
4)The Sensible who is perceptive of other people's feelings and say the right things.
5)The Similar with whom u share endless things to talk about.
6)The Lover who makes u feel like u're in love.
7)The Genius who speak so intelligently that u feel inferior.
8)The Awkwardist, whom u want to talk to but dunno what to talk about, or often on the wrong frequency from each other.
9)The Loners who don't talk much.
10)The Passer , as implied, the Hi/Bye kind of people.
10)The Abominable whom u juz can't connect to/don't want to talk to.

Some pple may be a mixture of several kinds together, while others may just belong to a single category... and different people may see the same person as a different class.

oh noes. time to do my homework!

Thursday, February 02, 2006
@ 7:54 PM

5 simple steps to think like a Genius. i thought that sounds quite interesting and promising but dunno why it seems like no one is interested. Vacancies: 25/28 as of 1.30pm today. whoa. one is me, one is weihong. hopefully the last one is a chiobu. yea, im beginning to daydream like a genius liao =D

super duper hardworking today. went library after school and stayed til 6+pm with my shifu!! whoa, finally cleared alot of my doubts on various topics thankkks to him!!! my shifu rockkksss dun steal ok =D

Living in bukit timah is never boring.
Took 156 then 67 home. got off the bus. saw a MONKEY. continued walking.
MONKEY followed ME.
Then got a CUTE GIRL behind observing MONKEY.
Therefore, i conclude that CUTE GIRL followed ME.
LOL hahahahha too bad tmr spa skill B and D no skill C. if not my wonderful concluding skills sure earn me full marks.

heh. im going crazy. weishern's display pic is chio.

hmm. some human posted s.h.e song lyrics. shall do the same to relate to my current feelings...

<<美丽新世界>> (the first s.h.e song which caused me to like them!)

baby don’t cry

yup. very weird. literally "昨天" i was "悲伤-ing" about juz one single thing but i was very happy abt alot of things! haha didnt want to care about the 悲伤 on my bday tho hehh. now i've thought thru carefully and im, hee, feeling extremely light-hearted now wheee =D

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
@ 4:09 PM

wooohoo! happy bday to me!!! hahaha. im 18 now!! now i can buy alcoholic drinks, watch m18 films, get married without special license, call charity hotlines without parental consent, become a legal prostitute, and finally....
Buy 4D!(i think)
ahahahahahahaha. any other things i can do?

wheeeeeee... pple say 女大十八变, but... 看我72变! lol. i still like being a child =D maybe i'll change only when im a 72 yr old lao ah pek.

Got pple actually remembered its my birthday! :
Chinks, Chork (thankks for burning the mp3s!!), Foursome (whoaaa really cute cute cute rabbit!!), Liangze shifu, Matilda dajiejie, Sheeen (thanks for the postcard! =D), Siaowei, Regina, Jon Teo, Weishern n Zhiwei (Shan Hu Hai no one sing with me how? =P) !! yupp hope i didnt miss out anyone. u all made me feel very happy! =) a big MUACKS to all of you! (whoa i sense alot of pple siamming my muacks)

Heee... and thanks to all others who wished me happy bday as well even tho u all did not remember =D thanks thanks!! everyone of u must stay happy too, whether birthday or not! =)