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   1 Feb 1988
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
@ 6:00 PM

boO! tmr is gp exam! and im here blogging with my louya pokkai english. confirm die liao loh. hmm.

Promo exams very stress leh. but stress is good, got all the adrenaline or wadeva, can increase bloodflow =) increase so much blood flowing into my head until i keesiao... den tried to open my room door with my head... yea, so i was like headbutting my door to push it open. gosh.... didnt expect the stupid door to be so heavy. so much inertia that i have to apply a huge force to accelerate it from rest in order to give it sufficient torque to swing about the pivot to open it.

sian si, then according to newton 3rd law, every action got equal n opposite reaction... so my forehead kena the force oso la. my sensory neurones detected the sudden contraction in the muscles of my forehead then send the impulses to my brain: damn painful. haiz. dammit, i must deposit more triglycerides as subcutaneous fats in my forehead to act as a cushioning layer next time, protecting the rest of my head from mechanical shock.

then now got a very small bualuku. its like a tumour liddat loh... probably the impact of the force destroyed my forehead cells' mitosis control mechanisms... causing uncontrolled reproduction of the cells resulting in the small bualuku. or worse still, maybe my door is infected with some dna virus which contains oncogenes! ahhhh!!!!!

ahh... then my mum compressed and rarefacted the particles in the air and sent a message to me telling me to use a cold cloth of bottle or smthing liddat to go press abit. actually its nth noticeable la. hmm..

why use cold thing leh? izzit because it will allow water to condense on it? then as water condenses, hydrogen bonds and formed between the molecules, hence energy is released to my forehead? then maybe the enthalpy change provides energy, increasing the rate of biochemical reactions taking place in the cells then cause the cells in my forehead to shrink in size faster? or maybe the energy will be converted into ATP then allow my white blood cells or something to carry out phagocytosis to engulf the extra cells which forms the bualuku through the extension of the membrane to create pseudopodia??! then maybe my powerful lysozymes will destroy everything. hmm...

ok. i must be really crazy to be talking so much crap... must be due to mutation of my brain cells because of the excessive information. concentration of information in my brain is so high, that equilibrium shifts to the right, so all the knowledge is gradually being lost. oh no.. what must i do?!?!

sigh. PRIMA FACIE, it seems that im really stressed. but if im stressed why would i still be laming around typing crap on my blog? oh wells.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
@ 8:21 PM

Genetics is stupid. Mendel sux.

1) reading Mendel's laws make pple 闷diao
2) Mendel is disgusting. He grows and studies different kinds of pee
3) Mendel sets bad example. Supposed to be monk, but still became "FATHER of genetics"

oh well. bbye!

Sunday, September 11, 2005
@ 11:19 AM

woohoo... my 50th entry on this blog... after this i won't be blogging as often liao, probably once a week? won't even use the computer unless its for impt things like pw, and will abstain from msn as much as possible... gotta start serious mugging cos i've practically wasted my hols away... wheee....

why i suddenly turn so mugger? haha, rmb my previous post i said i'll seek help to stop using comp... yup, and i did it! haha. so happy that i can finally go concentrate on my work and not whole day 沉迷于 surfing forums and messing with photoshop. be happy for me! =D

haha, b4 i end off my first part, here are 2 jokes(ok very low quality, but probably the best i can think of):

Q: Is Silver a quiet person?
A: No, because silence is Golden.

Q: How do Japanese call Ms Lim?
A: San San San

------------WARNING: Do NOT continue if u cannot take vulgarities-------------

heee, as a goodbye, i'll impart this ultimate kai memory tip to u all! lol. its mnemonics + disgusting content. dun look down on it, its useful okaezz... especially for History, SS and Geog where there are many things to rmb...

To remember electronegativity:
Fuck Off Now, Chee Bai Kia, Hehhh....
F > O > N, Cl > Br > C(Karbon, otherwise c will repeat), H
lol, even the commas also same!

Another example:
Factors influencing ionisation energy:
Shid dis Pussy
if u pronounce correctly u should get it.
Shid = SHIelDing.
Dis = DIStance from nucleus
Pussy = Positive charge (pussytive charge)

yea. hope pple don't think im too disgusting. but its a gd idea rite? rite? go try it! bet u won't forget anything once u come up with disgusting enough mnemonics or wadeva u call it. Jiayou ba! Goodbye for now!


Saturday, September 10, 2005
@ 11:31 AM

lol. i think thats my most well created sig. sigh. realised that almost every entry i'll post new sigs. what am i doing!? why have i stopped studying?!! argH. help me! destroy my computer for me!!! i can't stop using it!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeks!!!! computer and tv, thats all my life is about.. argh. oh yea, and smsing at 3am in the morning lol. mY LifE iS ScReWeD uP!!

yesterday's jie mei qing shen was quite lousy. very sian, then the story jump here jump there until i abit blur about whats happening. but can roughly piece together la. got one part scared me tho, when the hand suddenly stick out from under the sink. i expected smthing liddat will happen, but somehow i still got shocked lol. but its lousy, dunno if i will still watch the one next friday... =
gonna look for some help to stop myself from using the computer. hopefully it will work =)

oh yea, btw tzekwan, i had a dreamless sleep lol. unluckily and luckily..

Another sig! i should learn to create wallpapers. sigs are useless -.-

Thursday, September 08, 2005
@ 9:24 AM

haha, "Get Drunk" was my favourite song last time when i played o2jam... wanted to blog yesterday nite de, but felt too tired...

yepyep, yesterday nite went for my cousin's wedding dinner at some holiday inn park view place at orchard.. lol, never realised there are places called "CoCo Bar" and "JJ Pub" over there. someone see the word JJ sure get excited liao loh. hmmm... this cousin of mine hor, is a teacher at NYJC... then the bride is a teacher from CJC... gosh.. all teachers, luckily i didnt meet any rjc teachers at the dinner. hehhh...

anw the food was quite good la, suits my taste cos got alot of meat! hah! best thing was the wine la. usually at home my parents dun lemme drink alot of wine, so yesterday i kept asking for red wine... hehe... drank 4+ glasses! eeks.. pple were commenting that my face was red. haha. but red = my lucky colour for this week again! and red = healthy mah, right right? =P

then the pple.... hmm... all the waiters and waitresses seem to be malay or indian... how come no chinese de?? isit cos lights dim den cannot see? (oops, juz kidding la).. ahh... then the bride was soooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! some kind of barebacked wedding gown.... wah seh, really 很靓 la... she got some kind of model look oso...

hmm.... mebbe i too long nv bin to any wedding liao, now they play canon in D during the bride and groom's entrance... quite nice... hmm... then all throughout the dinner they were playing some louya english love songs in the background... eeks.. next time for my wedding i will play Twins songs! hahahahah...

ya. so after i got home, had a bit of headache and very tired, so went to sleep at abt 12+... aiya, die la... if everyday liddat i dunnid to study liao >.<

btw here's my newest sig! trying out new style. hah.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

Tada! here i am for another update. lol. thanks pple for visiting and tagging on my blog, dear kelly fans and everyone else =) 我被摸了! will try to make my blog rock even more. haha.

Morning physics extra lessons = EFFICIENT (no sarcasm). I love Liang Ze!! lol, JUZ KIDDING. im not gay ok... but really, liangze made my morning highly productive by explaining oscillations to me =D thanks liangzeeeeeeee! his explanations rock! simple, to the point, ez to understand. what more can i ask for? i should hire him as my personal tutor...

haa. after physics was handstand practice with zhiwei lol. yucks la, the floor outside indoor gym so dirty... dirty floor + my sweaty palms = black water. hee.... then after that, we were walking towards mrt station, saw mhan kenneth qixiang teja playing tennis at ri so decided to crash their game oso. haha. kenneth's RED reebok cap so cool, so poser. somemore red is my lucky colour this week according to zaobao. So i wore it, and got REALLY lucky! yes, not juz in tennis heehee. But tennis rocks newae! right zhiwei? =P

So i happily took mrt home. So delighted that i forgot to go return my library book which was due 2 days ago. haha. Reached home, had lunch, slept for a while, then STUDIED. wooo.... guess why im suddenly so hardworking. heehee. then at night, surfed my favourite graphics and gaming forums. some guy there created a super nice signature for me:

Then i got bored oso n decided to create one too:

My aim is to create sigs as pro as this guy (supposedly the pro-est sig creator around, so pro that someone bought 200+ of his signatures for 120 USD):

tralalala. its a happy day =)

Sunday, September 04, 2005
@ 9:58 PM

woooo..... supposed to meet up with fellow pen spinners at cityhall mrt at 12noon, ended up being late for 15mins then everyone left liao lol. den minghan was telling me they're at marina food loft, but wth marina square so big so i kinda got lost =S haha. overshot the food loft and went to some obscure place. thx to kind mh who sacrificed alot of his sim card value and finally found me. haha...

After lunch, we went to this "no-skateboarding" place near the mrt and sat down in a circle in right the middle. haha. so cool. did some intros, den everyone was like spinning spinning and spinning. what else can i say? its a pen spinning gathering after all... =\ yupyup. then some pple were selling those cool korean comssas. juz that they don't look like magic wands anymore. they are SILVER in colour! and got the PENDOLSA brand on it! woots! looks so nice that i couldnt resist, so bought 2. haha. then i took out my box of 6 Pentel RSVP retracts cos someone wanted to buy 1 from me. wow. they sold like hotcakes. within 1 minute every single pen was sold. dammit, should have charged more (not the charge u're thinking abt, mh).

hmmm.... the gathering had quite alot of pple... abt 16 i think... haha, but half of them are from Zhong Hua Secondary School. then most of the rest are from Singapore Poly (wooo... Kelly's school!) so me and mh seemed so extra. haha. so the gathering was quite split up into 2. the younger group (zhss guys) and the older group (poly and jc pple). the supposed singapore pen spinning shen called shawn tohlz is so shy!!! so soft spoken, haha. but he was really good la. his fingerpasses were chao fast.... simply 1337. then got some elbow hopping tricks oso. hahahahaha, and he almost did a HEADSPIN (juz imagine a pen spinning on top of your head!).... but the person who impressed me the most was Mark, oso from SP de. Shadow King.... dotz dotz dotz. then edwin was not bad oso. Amazingly i can quite safely say that im not the worst penspinner there =)

Enough abt penspinning. After that me and mh and francis went to the Comex fair at Suntec. haha. was looking for a pair of nice earphones cos mine broke. haha. bad decision. they only sell computer headphones loh. siann. and mostly china brand -.-! then got this cybergaming competition where u're supposed to challenge some champion called NIRVANA. even his name sounds scary... but i think KAI-SUPREME sounds more grand =) then see everyone get whooped by him including pangwei wenwei mh. really pro la. but who cares! i stopped playing comp games liao mah... =) ahhh.... and something which i must write. the salesgirls at comex all look very chio! juz a wee bit too much makeup, haha. and im very familiar with the backdoors of the convention halls now, having walked in there several times.

Happily playing with my newest toy as im blogging: silver comssa =) lalala! hhaha. continue to keep my tagboard active (dun overdo it tho) =D tag tag tag more! later got my date with vampy 3! super nice show! muz watch!

Friday, September 02, 2005
@ 7:49 PM

Read xin1 ming2 ri4 bao4 juz now... woo... the reporters are pro, reports on the superstar finals alone took up pages 2 to 10. how they write so much de?! haa, anw today's xin1 ming2 ri4 bao4's analysis of weilian's victory concurs with mine! hehh, go read if u wanna know more. shall not elaborate otherwise pple get angry again lolz. after reading it, im not disappointed at kelly's lost anymore! hahaha, congratulations weilian! =D

oh ya, and kelly's hairstylist copy twins! no orginality. haha. see this pic:

btw every sunday 11pm, My Date With Vampire 3! wheeeeee!!! so happy that channel 8 is finally showing a nice show for poor non-scv subscribers =)

haha, spent some time making a new banner for this blog =D nice anot? and changed the song to kelly+jj's MU NAI YI (the newspapers oso said those kelly fans dressed as mummies had to hold their pee for 6 straight hours! lol). hope kelly and junyang does well in universal music =D

Thursday, September 01, 2005
@ 11:50 PM

Gah. Angry. Disappointed.

Kelly OBVIOUSLY did MUCH BETTER than someone. zZzzz.... even the judges agree. Kelly won 4 out of the 5 rounds, and even beat someone with a perfect score twice... zzz... her singing was great, and her stage performance was FLAWLESS.

Especially her performance with JJ. someone was juz singing "yiqiannianyihou" so dead-ly like a stone beside JJ. However, Kelly had hu4 dong4 with JJ, and her style of singing was much more modern... really enjoyed her "mu nai yi" with JJ... that someone should have been born like 20 years earlier and then go sing together with fei yu qing or deng li jun... and when the 3 of them were singing "beifengchuiguodexiatian" together, i juz felt that a certain someone seemed so extra... the song would have been much better without someone...

Then i also realised that someone can only sing sad/slow songs. dun haf the versatility of kelly. No superstar smell.

So Kelly should have won. but someone else did. The only consolation i have is that Universal Music is a bigger company than Play Music. Which i believe is oso one of the underlying reasons for Kelly's loss. Both companies probably wanted kelly (duh), so universal music called for weilian to let him win so that kelly will be 2nd place. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone, they get Junyang too. Worth it.

Of course tho, the best performance tonite was by JJ. he can beatbox too?! unbelievable.. talented guy yea. but i see that he dun like to spend money on new clothes, cos i've seen him worn this silver cross shirt during 933 baochanghui last time, and also in some pictures of him in taiwan.

Junyang was great too. Ironically, junyang and xinhui were singing better than the finalists... their wu ding was super nice... better than jackywu or jaychou etc.

yea. tt's all. shall study alot tmr to make up for my slackiness today. and Happy Teachers Day to all teachers out there!