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   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

hmm.... every morning oso go ahkang's og to learn to play contract bridge. but its simply too cheem for simple minded pple like me... sigh. floating still more fun, can play by feeling! =)

had floorball for pe. yay! so fun! but got breathless after playing for juz a while. too unfit man, or mebbe the ventilation and aircon in the hall too lousy... heee, and having floorball for pe brings back happy memories of the cute cute pe teacher last time... looking back, i still can't believe i was so bold to ask her those things... =P yay, and im in table tennis for pe elective! with pek and zhiwei. wheee!! one of my favourite sports, cuz its like one of the few sports im better at, den can boost my ego by winning pple... =D

bio teacher ban1men2nong4fu3 today la. during prac he was like walking around teaching pple how to do the skill c and skill d. haha. den as he came over to our bench to explain the stuff, he shun4 shou3 picked up my precious comssa and started spinning la! hahahaha! showing off his sonic rise which wasn't very smooth.... hey, but its not too bad liao =P tink he is quite fun la, even created this cool looking site which resembles a blog for his classes to download bio stuff from... haha, and he has tis lil video called "nkf affairs", which is made up of short clips from wu jian dao... video editing... that's something i've never tried b4...

after sch met chork in the canteen... listening to his zen micro or smthing... had a look at his playlist. wah. nice songs la... im so envious!!! chorK! muz help me rebuild my mp3 collection! more than half the songs i have now are by twins only, cuz im too lazy to download other artistes' songs...

wah. then as i was on bus 961 today on my way home.... at bukit regency there.... eeeeks. damn scary.. got this wrecked motorcycle lying against the roadside, with parts of it scattered all over the place... den there was the motorcyclist, sprawled motionless on the ground... somemore got quite abit of blood where he was lying on, near his head area... really like the scenes portrayed in those hongkong police n thief serials or crimewatch liddat.. arghhhh.... dunno whether he is dead or alive... den got police van and cars around it, cordoning off the area... ahhh... seriously speaking, i think i will never want to ride a motorcycle... too frightening. want to drive muz drive car, at least its bigger, get knocked oso won't fly off the vehicle...

hmm... 1.30am now. haha. how interestingly early... usual pple like jian, yuanchyi, cedric, and weizhong on msn... every nite also see them. tink they nv off computer de....

tmr MUST MUST MUST watch superstar!!! got junyang!!!!!!! he's the BEST singer!! but im abit afraid for him oso, saw some interview thing, he said he's going to do some dancing and sing some fast song... somehow i cannot imagine him doing all those... he shud continue to sing slower soothing songs like jiekou and jiangnan! shudnt force himself to go against his own style.. but still, i'll support him! =D

Sunday, July 24, 2005
@ 10:57 PM

Really cool quiz! =)
You are .doc You change from year to year, just to make things tough on your competition.  Only your creator really has a handle on you.
Which File Extension are You?

Wow. mebbe taking bio is a bad choice...
Personal Ads by Molecular biologist seeking romance:
1) I’ve been single-stranded too long! Lonely ATGCATG would like to pair up with congenital TACGTAC.
2) Menage a trois! Ligands seeks two receptors into binding and mutual phosphorylation. Let’s get together and transduce some signals.
3) Some dates have called me a promotor. Others have referred to me as a real operator. Personally, I think I’m just a cute piece of DNA who is still looking for that special transcription factor to help me unwind.
4) Highly sensitive, orally active small molecule seeks stable well-structured receptor who knows size isn’t everything.
5) There must be a rational way to meet a date! I’m tired of hanging out in those molecular diversity bars, hoping to randomly bump into the right peptide. I want a molecule that will fit right onto my active site and really turn me on. I’ll send you my crystal structure if you send me yours!
6) Gene therapy graduate. After years of producing nothing but gibberish, I’ve shed my exons and ready to express my introns. All I need is a cute vector to introduce me to the right host.
7) My RNA, I’m sorry I misread your UAAUAAUAA and inserted three tyrosine’s when you repeatedly asked me to stop. Something got lost in the translation. Please forgive me.
8) Naked DNA with sticky ends seeks kanamycin-resistant plasmid. EcoR1 sites preferred.
9) I’m a prolific progenitor with great potential for growth and self-renewal. Call me if you’re a potent hematopoietic factor who still believes in endless nights of colony stimulation.
10) I don’t always express myself of the surface, but I’m looking for a signal that you appreciate my complexity. Send me the right message that will penetrate my membranes, turn on my protein expression and release my potential energy.

Coolest public toilet!
This toilet is found on a public corner and is surrounded by one way mirrors,I think I'd get stage fright peeing in there...


More bio stuff...
This one actually happened at Harvard University in October last year. In a biology class, the professor was discussing the high glucose levels found in semen. A young female (freshman), raised her hand and asked, "If I understand what you are saying, there is a lot of glucose in male seme, As in sugar?" "That's correct." responded the professor, going on to add much statistical data. Raising her hand again, the sweet young thing Asked, "Then why doesn't it taste sweet?". After a stunned silence, the whole class burst out laughing, the poor girl turned bright red and as She realized exactly what she had inadvertently said (or rather implied), she picked up her books without a word and walked out of the class, and Never returned. However, as she was going out of the door, the professor's reply was a classic. Totally straight-faced, he answered her question, "It doesn't Taste sweet because the taste-buds for sweetness are on the tip of your tongue and not in the back of your throat!

tata! peace out! =)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

wahwahwah. such an eventful day with so many thigns to blog about. dunno where to start...

First things first. i think from the time i put up the link to harry potter bk 6 in my previous entry, my site visits have increased by alot... but damn sad la... why no one bothers to tag de... den somemore everyone kope kope kope until the site bandwidth exceeded its limit or something... now its down liao. hahahaa. TOO BAD! no more koping! but for those who have my msn, if u want i can send u la.. i got both the pdf and txt version... but unless you pple have eyes like mine (i can stare at the comp screen non-stop for hours...), it will be quite difficult to read... on the other hand, u can be as mad as weishern, who's planning to print out everything???? omg la. might as well go buy. zzz.

hmmm... anyway i screwed up my chem mock spa today. can't believe how stupid i am... actually went to dissolve the mixture in distilled water, when we can actually juz use the solid mixture in the experiment!! really duo1 ci3 yi4 ju:3 la.... ha, but rongen did that too! so im not that bad... rite? =P anw, for all those who haven taken the mock spa yet, its on determining the % by mass of Na2Co3 in a mixture of Na2Co3 and NaCl. looks scary rite? initially thought i had to do some double indicator crap... haha.

heeee! then we got back physics common test paper. why i "heee" leh? cuz im damn happy i got a B!!!! wahhahahah.... sibei tyco.... so now my ct grades are like.. BDBD... which im highly satisfied with. but its very weird la... subjects like maths and chem which im more confident in, i get D... den the other 2 end up getting higher... =S im just so screwd up. hha, anyway we were discussing abt someone's wonderful common test results during physics lecture, which can form "F BoA" heehee (not my idea hor)... how cool izzat man...

got released from physics abt 15 mins late.. after that juz stone around... b4 going for track n field match support... hmm... it was very gan1 ga4... ha anyway i tink rj did ok la... ri quite lousy tho... and i saw dajiejie run in the 4 x 400m relay! ok.. she wasnt the fastest runner around.. but still, she was good! and xiaomeimei is proud of u, dajiejie =)! didnt stay to listen to the overall results.. so dunno who won, but from what i observed.. shudnt be rj la =\ (of course, i mite be wrong too)

den there was jue dui superstar at nite. super screwd up, especially the last 2 guys... sebastian and hagen... their singing is really... haiz. dunno what to say. esp that sebastian la, kaoz... was telling tzekwan that listening to him sing reminds me of myself singing man... yucks yucks, shud haf switched off the tv at 9pm. hope weijian gets in... at least he got skill.. hmm, and tmr there's kelly!! wheee hope she can fan1 shen1! anw, changed the song on my blog, to junyang's jiekou now. haha. im oreadi a fan of junyang. and i tink voda voda has kind of achieved their goal... cuz even i went to buy the vodavoda mineral water la. damn exp.. fairprice selling it at $1.25 for 500ml.. but the bottle design and shape is very nice! love it!

ha! and i juz received news! no need to dance for ndp anymore!! wahhaha... thx jian for spreading such wonderful news to me! =) and big thanks to our dear president weining for persuading justin to scrape the thing. =D

i shall repeat the same thing again. who's watching "bug me not"!!?? and going yishun for ndp!!? or even going j8 this sat to watch the jue dui superstars (got silver and junyang!!)??!

Sunday, July 17, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

ohhh my god... tis is bad..... juz imagine me in miniskirt and pompoms (according to rongen) haha.... kns rite. Got assigned to this ndp cheerleading event at jurong east because of youth club... thought its juz go there lead some cheers very slack.. den had a short briefing today... gosh... realized to my horror that im required to dance!! omgomgomg. supposed to attend these 3 x 4hr sessions for the nxt 3 saturdays to learn the weird dance moves... from some weirdo korean dance teacher... who is like damn tall la. and the dances she teaches... not those funk funk act cool ones... its those weird girly twirling around stuff... sigh. always thought dancing was juz hopping around acting cute/graceful, anyhow oso can... but now after today's session my impression of it totally changed.. i couldnt even do the basic psychomotor moves... haha. pathetic me... but nvm, everyone else couldnt do it either, so im not the worst =) 12 hrs to learn a few minutes worth of dance moves... siao la... 12 hrs.... tt's like the total time i spent studying 2 subjects for my common tests... oh well. hope i learn smthing out of these sessions tho... then i'll be a true blue dancing xiaomeimei =P

haha. spent the rest of the time today chionging harry potter (n the mudblood prince, as kianghon calls it) bk 6 and finally finished it!!! at 2am in the morning!
For all the CHEAPSKATE pple.. heehee:
For all the CHEAPSKATE AND LAZY pple: or

anw... bk 6 is damn scandalous... all kinds of BGR... shall not reveal more... but quite sure many pple will feel the same way... and muz agree with sheen... damn sad that XXX got killed by Y.... sian la... how can XXX die!!!?!?!?! haiya... but really admire sheen's reading skills... completing the bk in 5 hrs... i think i spent abt 7 to 8 hrs loh!!! i hope bk 7 will have some twist... where XXX gets revived or something... i demand the return of XXX!!! *gROWLs at ROWLing*... and in response to sheen's qn on whether the halfbloodprince is "on the side of the light or the darkness".... i thought its quite obviously stated in the book? after what he did... or maybe im juz simple minded and shallow....

ha! anw... so is anyone interested in going to watch Bug Me Not when it comes out?? or going to Yishun on national day to watch twins? or nicholas tse? haha... i know dear jingzhou sure will go rite =D won't miss ah gil for anything rite, like me liddat =) oh ya, tis reminds me of the initial T site... thought i'll juz post it here: hahahha.... a must watch for those who have watched initial D!! its damnnn farni.... and that girl much chioer than anne suzuki... these pple are too free la... but actually come to think of it, i wouldnt mind doing something like that if i have the free time too! lol, provided i have the skills....

hmm... i better remember to pack my chem common test papers and the scholarship talk thing into my bag tmr morning... got reminded 4 times today la. first by jinyue thru msn, den zhiwei thru phone, den sizheng by fone oso, den junbo thru email.... if i still dun bring i really bu4 shi4 ren2 la..

Friday, July 15, 2005
@ 11:14 PM

haiz. spoilt my father's car's cd player a few days ago as i was changing the cds too fast.... now that it can't work, have to resort to listening to 933 in the morning when i go to school... instead of the wonderful mp3s which i burnt... heee... din noe 933 has some horoscope section in the morning... so qiao3 loh, heard them talking abt Aquarius(me) juz b4 im got out of the car... den dey were saying like wad, the lucky colour for me today is SILVER! hahahahahaha. den dey oso said some pple will try to pair me and a girl up and i should juz play along... haiz, but never happened leh... so sad. hahahahaa.

anyway rite, in case u all din noe, Silver got into the next round of superstar!!!! wheee! 32.5 points, highest for that night. but personally, i thought she didnt sing very well... her version of yanzi's tao2 wang2 wasn't powerful enough... hmm... and she should stop singing yanzi's songs soon... otherwise the judges will get sian oso... thought chanel (F1) was quite good tho with her hip hop style, but somehow the judges and audience dint like, so in the end she didnt get in... haiyaaa! but at the end after they announced the results, silver and hagen were like hugging each other so tightly!!!! eeeeeeeeks!!! ***jealous*** stupid hagen! go home eat ur haagen dazs ice cream la! btw... i've changed the song on my site to Junyang's Jiang Nan.. my favourite male superstar contestant... listen how zai he is la, sing live sing til so pro, like real JJ liddat!!

hmm... today's first period was GP... where there was a discussion the gattaca movie which we watched... one of the few times where the group had girls and boys equite evenly mixed... haiya. but i didnt noe what was happening loh, didnt understand the discussion question and wasnt paying alot of attention during the movie... so didnt contribute anything (oops). the only way i could make up for it was to present the thing... =\ even so i oso dint noe what i was presenting... sigh... i juz simply suck.

bio paper was returned to us. and i got B! yay, damn happy. lucky kumkit was so lenient..... otherwise i sure fail le.. ahh... but now my grades can't form any words liao (as far as i know).. BDD? no fun anymore! wonder if anyone in our class can form BOOB. =X

pw was stoning time as usual. physics was screwed up cuz i forgot all the sf stuff and precautions... and it was freaking hot. realized ms wu is very friendly la... even like sat down to chit chat with us... heeh, and she was still laughing along when pengfei called someone "kukuchris"... pe was great too! spent alot of time practising handstands with zhiwei... i tink the amount of time i spent practising handstands during pe today is more than the amount of time i studied for the whole week... lolz. if i practise handstands liddat every pe, im quite sure i'll be able to do it by the end of this mth! yayy!

stayed back to watch weihong getting slaughtered in xiangqi by pengfei. haha. both from chinese high, why one so pro one only so so... but pengfei was seriously good la. went to play floorball with sigay after that.. but so many pple around.. hardly got to play. sian la...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
@ 6:55 PM

First thing to be happy about. i got exclusive photos of silver!!! wahhhh!!! so niceeeee.... thanksssss meryl!!! if go out together again nxt time muz take more ok? haha. take a pic with her together la... scully she become the nxt superstar =D btw tmr got silver on jue dui superstar. muz watch!

yay i found out from kumkit that the lowest mark for the bio essay is 5/20!! yay!!! means i got at least one quarter of the total marks for that 3-5 minutes of rushing thru the essay question... wheeeeee!!! 3/4 page with my GIGANTIC handwriting... hahahahaha. what a big relief!

oh yeaa... and roxanne got first for her A div breaststroke 50m! wah. so shen la. beat the nxt person by about 1 second loh. haiya, but how come so few pple go support her in the end, tot alot of pple going de.... anywaez, the rafflesian family pwnzed all the events except for B div boys. arghh.... RI kiddies!! why so bu4 zheng1 qi4!! buck up la!

hmm... eeps, sheen juz reminded me about chem reflections!! argh..... disgusting piece of homework. what should i write?? dunno yet, but heehee.... tink im going to do something special, like writing in chinese! haha, see what mr tan will sae...

tan pan zhuan jia roxors. all of u should watch la. 10-11pm channel U every weekday. very nice show!! especially the yang guang and ye keren... cuteee!

ahhhh.... who wants to go Yishun on National Day??!
look at the programme:
5.35pm -9.30pm:
Performance by Teenage Icons Winners (wah meryl will u be there?)
NDP Stage Show (Synchronised Activities with Padang)
Mass Display of Singapore Flag
Yishun Explosion!
Performance by Guest Stars : Twins
Mobile Column
Performance by Guest Star : Tanya Chua
Performance by Guest Star : Nicholas Tse

urgh. here goes nothing.. due to popular demand =X.. haha

1. Kai
2. xiaomeimei
3. si gay (and lots more)

1. KaiLord
2. Pen Ninja
3. XuaN

1. my fingers! (guess why, hha)
2. my smooth left arm (no bcg haha)
3. my flexible wrists

1. non-muscular build
2. buck teeth
3. every other imaginable thing

1. teochew
2. chinese
3. singaporean

1. death
2. my mum
3. work

1. Computer (with internet access of course)!
2. Clothes (sry, but i would hate to walk around naked)
3. Friends!~

paiseh, me dun understand tis question.

1. RI Boys Brigade shirt?!!? (omg bought in sec 1 b4 i quit)
2. retainers for my teeth
3. gray shorts

1. Twins!!! (duh!!!!)
2. S.H.E (oso very cute! haha)
3. FIR (should have been jolin, but her new album not very nice leh..)

1. Xia Yi Zhan Tian Hou (by twins, cantonese)
2. Shuo Ai Ni (Jolin)
3. Samba huang2 hou4! (canto version by twins)

1. ah gil
2. ah gil
3. i still want ah gil.

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (wow, depending on who's reading this blog, the answers can differ =P) :
1. I Love Ah Gil.
2. I Love Michelle Ye
3. I Love You

1. cute face =)
2. can talk to her without feeling uncomfortable (dunno if this is physical)
3. hmm... the X factor. lol.

1. play pool
2. pen spinning
3. slacking

1. see ah gil
2. finish up this quiz so i can go watch superstar
3. pangsai

1. Computer graphics/animation designer?
2. Computer games tester
3. President of Singapore

1. hongkong
2. taiwan
3. japan

THREE KID’S NAMES YOU LIKE (heehee... i like chinese names):
1. kai xuan
2. kai ling'er
3. fei1 xuan1

1. become a billionaire
2. go on a world tour
3. erm... have sex?

1. i like chiobus
2. im a very untidy person
3. i stand up when i pee

1. i act gay sometimes.
2. im very soft-hearted
3. i like cute things, and pink is a nice colour =)

1. Ah Gil
2. Michelle Ye
3. hmm... onli 2 leh... heck... Hebe/Ruby

1. Meryl
2. Jingzhou
3. You (yes you!)

Sunday, July 10, 2005
@ 10:31 PM

ok. random stuff. alot of pple have bin asking me how i make my msn display pic animated. here's the answer: haha free advertisement for this matthuffy guy. ya, its illegal. if u want legal animated display pics, u have to pay $$$. and i dun tink anyone reading this blog is crazy enough to pay money for that few pixels on the screen. and in case u don't know, u can't just put any animated gif or flash files as your display pic. can only use those that are premade for msn. sadd... otherwise i put animated gillian pic liao =)

yesterday's pw survey was interesting... realised that of the 4 of us (soph steph sz me), steph has the best ren2 yuan2.... somehow she's good at getting pple to answer her survey questions... really gan1 bai4 xia4 feng1.... survey queen.... haiz, but that interview with the IT instructor was quite fei... he didnt seem to know anything... i tink his computer knowledge probably worse than mine la! keep telling him we are doing a project on "blogging", den he down there keep saying, "project on jogging?" baH. damn kok. and he didnt provide us with any juicy material for our final report or Evaluation Of Material...

ahhh... and i found the jue dui superstars' performance clips online... here are 3 of my favourites! or if u want other contestant's videos u can juz sub the name part for the contestant name.

hmm... was watching abit of the NKF show while having dinner juz now... muz say tanya's quite flexible. she can do very perfect headstands!!!!! ahhhhhhh me wants to learn oso! haha, everytime i see anyone doing handstands or headstands or some weird breakdance freezes i get all excited... so darn cool.

ha, then there was linjunjie's performance... he sang parts of munaiyi and bianhao89757. oh yea.... most of the singers i like are females... but somehow i oso like JJ.. dunno why... izzit his cool metallic voice? the songs he sings? his cute face? his talents in composing songs? talents in playing musical instruments? his act seh dance moves? heck la, i juz like.

btw... if anyone is wondering what song is playing right now on my blog... its ci niao by FIR. speaking of FIR.... today's zaobao zhou1 kan1 (the only kinds of newspapers i read, xianzai and sunday's zhoukan) features FIR! wah seh... got big big picture on the front page... heh, and i still think that Jade bears some resemblance to Faye (the singer in FIR) in terms of looks... and even the name is so similar la lol..

oh wells. back to my wonderful chemical kinetics (or izzit kinematics?) tutorial. yea... better be a good boy from now on so he won't give me too many bad comments during meet the parents session or smthing...

Thursday, July 07, 2005
@ 9:59 PM

School was fei4 as usual.. can't even rmb what happened for assembly, except watching some video which seems to discourage pple to donate blood more than the other way round. was observing their use of computer effects instead.. their face morphing animation very smooth! quite zai..Then after that was lectures... chem sux as usual cause i can't understand anything, maths ok la but wasn't really listening oso.. haix, shudnt b so bad to 033, shall try to pay more attention nxt time.

played pool again today... rags is pro mann... his hand damn steady... suspect its because he plays cricket... hmph, no fair!

bah......... my bro is damnn selfish!!! fell asleep after dinner, den he din even wake me up to watch jue dui superstar with him.. made me miss kelly's performance!!! argh... only watched the last 2 contestants.. that li wei song is obviously bias towards his student la.. lijun din do very well oso gif until 8 marks.. ha, but kelly still got the highest. yay 3 cheers for her!4 pple will be eliminated tonite, hope junyang and kelly gets to stay... they're so good! i want junyang's voice!!!!

sigh. still got bio and physics tutorial to complete by tmr. looks like i will have to stay til 1+am again. haha, tan pan zhuan jia starting liao.. boo!

11.10pm: ahh... i want to be a tan pan zhuan jia! such a cool job.. juz blabber some nonsense.. don't even need to do anything else... fun fun.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
@ 3:13 PM

禀报皇上: 这便是俺的 Periodic Table during the common test period:

wonderful state it is in right? had a very hard time looking for the 2nd piece....

Gosh..... chao tired.... slept at 2+am last nite "playing" my favourite "games". was thinking, since i already created the superstar logo, might as well try animating it. haha. so addictive. Need ur comments to improve! =)

My game results (600+kb):

Practically a walking zombie today... sorry if i offended anyone... was really too sleepy to notice things happening around me... new bio teacher wasnt that bad... but i still prefer audry =) oh well... at least he can command respect yet appear casual at the same time... haiz, but wonder what he will think of me after he sees my common test results...

OMG, and tomorrow = monday's timetable! StuPiD!!! HatE iT!!! &X!$&(!*$%^@*@!!!!! lessons til 4pm.... wth... htf am i supposed to last for so long!! gahhhhh.... now i can only hope for 2 things: either fall sick later, or hope tomorrow will have lots of intro sessions den can slack off... and i dun want common test papers back! bu4 ren3 zhu2 du3....

Warning to all RJ guys: the male handicapped toilet's tap (the one near the bookshop) doesnt work! disgusting... imagine pee liao den nowhere to wash hands! eeeks.....
Note to RJ gals: dun worry, ur tap works well, cuz i... *teeheehee* =X

Zzzz... falling asleep as i type..... ZzZz *snores loudly*

Sunday, July 03, 2005
@ 7:48 PM

lol. common tests over. super free now. sick of the games which i always play. realised photoshop is the bestest game to play. so challenging... =D

Yep, so i played photoshop. first challenge: creating Initial D logo.

Kai's Version (created from scratch)
woohoo. damn proud of myself. couldnt find the exact fonts, so had to make do with Arial. haha, and my comp doesnt have fan2 ti3.
hehhh then i got so ambitious. decided to go 3D! used my swift 3D program + photoshop, and attempted to create the jue dui superstar logo =) unfortunately, i REALLY SUK with 3d programs....
Kai's Version (created from scratch too!)
Kai's Version 2 (edited 4 July): yay slightly better
haha. didnt know how they make that diamond like surface. looks like i muz do some research... hmph! disappointed.
Conclusion: Photoshop is the FUNNEST game to play!

Friday, July 01, 2005
@ 11:55 PM

Yayy!!!! common tests finally over!!!!!! WhEEeEeeE!!!

hhahaha.... dunno why i so happy when im very sure i died VERY BADLY for all of them... but heck! its over and i shall not talk abt them! worry later! Want to thank some people who have helped me in some way or another for the past wk (sry if i miss out anyone, brain not functioning properly after all the tests).... not in any order... =)

Firstly, muz thank sheen and ouxiang for their encouragements =)

Secondly, muz thank TRE n ouxiang n berge (n my brother), for spending time explaining solutions to some of the problems i encountered...

Thirdly, for sheen, jinyu, and a few more for being on msn to chat with me, esp meryl... haha, still being free to chat with me at arnd 1am in the morning on some days. xie xie ni men!

Fourthly, to kwanie, for exhausting a huge portion of her free smses to exchange nonsense messages with me =P, livening up my studying. (oh yea i promised u the picture of my periodic table rite... shall post it in my nxt blog entry)

Next, special thanks to black and his dad, for the lifts to school... without them i would have to leave home abt 1 hr earlier...

Also, must thank Liangze for lending me clothes so i could go play pool juz now. haha. Mastered the art of acting pro in pool. meaning that when i prepare for a shot, my stance looks damn "professional".... until i shoot, den that illusion will be destroyed. =(

Lastly, i muz thank Twins! For their wonderful new album which came out last wk. All the songs are damn nice! every single one. especially the song "Samba Queen" (chinese version). Every time i feel tired i'll listen to this song, and it will help me regain my energy again, like some revitalizing xian1 dan1! how amazing rite! probably listened to this song for at least 50 times in the past wk... and still not sick of it

wahaha... not bad... sounds like i juz won some oscar awards or smthing.. but really, domou arigatou gozaimashita to everyone! and love y'all!

ahh.... i want to watch initial D! but most pple dowan! >.< anyone who's going to watch initialD or play pool this wkend+monday tell me kaeez!