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   1 Feb 1988
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Saturday, December 31, 2011
@ 11:54 PM

how can i not blog today... its the last day of 2011.... and start of 2012

hahaha so what have i achieved in 2011???

hmmm i think my biggest achievement is having gone for exchange to belgium... 7 months... my first time away for so long :o being independent (even though i didnt really take care of myself very well lol) but at least i survived xD hahaha... and travelling most of europe with nicole... experiencing so many things that i've never seen before... haz although eventually breaking up... i don't think i'll ever forget this episode of my life... when i think back i still feel sad.... but ahhh! in 法证先锋 3.... the Pro Sir and Eva got divorced after getting married for close to 10 years and having a daughter already then they realise they couldn't get along... i can't imagine if that happens to me :'( My dream is to have a lasting marriage and a happy family! :)

my second achievement is... despite not having done well this sem, i think i can pretty safely secure my 2nd upper honours liao even if i don't do well for the last 1.5 years... haha really really too tired to compete with people for what first class... satisfied can liao.. 开心就好!! my mum says i 没有斗志... i admit i'm a lazy person to begin with haahaha... but i just want to lead a simple life and be happy... i'm already beginning to find it harder and harder to smile nowadays..

on episode 25 of 法证先锋 3 already... hahahz i like the family/romance part more than all the investigation parts... i feel happy when the couples who should get together come together... when can i find my perfect match :(

ahahahha! wtswtswts im emoing.. okok 2012 new year i must start anew!! must 振作!! you can do it!! i have confidence in you mkh!! :) 新的一年 新的开始!:) may i find happiness in everything i do!!

Happy New Year!!

Friday, December 30, 2011
@ 12:32 PM

ahahahah i've finally chionged finish 鱼跃在花见 at 4+am this morning! My first completed hk drama in a longgggggg longgggg time... :D

The drama is really good! Highly recommend!! Acting is real, cast is good, story is interesting (sushi making!!).. and watching it motivates me alot! Teaches me that I must persevere to succeed.... teaches me that I must treasure people around me and my family.. kinship... forgiveness...

Often, I feel watching dramas is a waste of time... entertainment niaa. But this show has made me think otherwise! not only is it entertaining, its highly educational :D Not just about life! but i also learnt about different types of fish and sushi tasting! :D

I think I shall find another tvb drama to watch for the weekend :)

and I should go and start learning driving soon! and continue to 研 forex :D starting on 法证先锋3 today :D hohohohohohohohoho.

Sunday, December 25, 2011
@ 7:53 AM

lol. A leopard can never change its spots. A liar will always remain a liar...

Sick and tired of this.. i don't give a shit anymore.

Thursday, December 22, 2011
@ 1:09 AM

Ok a quick post before i sleep :))

Met hr for lunch @ golden shoe today!! omy... been sometime since we talked... and i realised how noob i am.. im a total foreigner in raffles place.. dunno where's anything lol. use GPS for everything xD then hr is my tourguide :D hahaha but the bubble tea drink liao got slight headache!! i think nv sleep well + drink too cold... for eskimos de haha

Then at night... went for the team dinner!!! :D heypi hahaha... i like the CS team from FS 133!! Even though i'm only an intern... can tell they really tried to involve me in their activities and discussions and stuff... touched :'( hahahaz.

bbq christmas team dinner lol... lots and lots of hotdogs omg... eat until in the end no stomach to eat alot of the good stuff like the sotong and fish!! arghh hahahz! but was really quite fun to see everyone chit chat/ bicker/ tease each other like friends... hahahaz tempting me to join them in the future :o loll

too bad my senior not feeling well left very early :( but i still received this from her for the gift exchange! she even wrote me a note!! ahhh... even though i'm just an intern for 2 months T.T touched again and heypi! :)

haha i really think im enjoying this internship much more than i was expecting :D People are nice and friendly... always have chance to have lunch with my friends still.. i still rmb almost one year ago my 4 weeks at AT was torturous lol. now already 3 wks pass le and i'm still pretty positive :)

arghhhh but my results this sem!! lollll especially my advanced audit grade... *faints* but NO MORE pure auditing or financial accounting modules! YAY!!!! I think i'm really similar to another of my senior... she told me she's always been lousy at financial accounting and better in risk management and law this kind of modules lol i totally feel the same.. rahs..

oh well!! so late liao time to sleep! tmr still got to go bedok to do CIP project houmaidogs.

Sunday, December 18, 2011
@ 12:08 AM

hahahaha omg!! Came across this video today... Pokemon has changed so much since 10+ years ago!!! lmao... it actually looks alot better now.. no more Pikachu... main pokemon is now.. Vulpix?? lol damn funny...

hahahaz.. am super confused now >.< ah well.. but nvm! watching xing guang da dao helps to take my mind off things :))

and smrt seriously sucks.. lol... they should really go take erjp's lessons on crisis management and business continuity planning lmao

Thursday, December 15, 2011
@ 10:41 PM

back again! :) whee... keeping up keeping up!

Nearing the end of my 2nd week of internship at kpmg liao :o so fast!! :D

hhaahz i got to use the BLOOMBERG TERMINAL at work!! :D heypiis! even though i'm a total noob at it... at least now i can do basic navigation! :D hahah though its just a small task like checking interest rates oops... At least its a saikang where i'm learning sth :)

Today I did sth very bad... i accidentally hai4 one of the g1s... :( cos i went to ask the senior to explain sth to me then she went to scold the g1 for not making his explanations clear :( sadd... so sorry to Kelvin even though u won't read this blog!! haishh

Had lunch with jh and kq today ahaha... why go to amoy omg so farrrrrrrrr then in the end rain somemore.. almost couldnt return lols.. xD but very glad we met up! :D i really need to meet up with my friends more often... whether its old friends or new friends... need to spend more time with all my wonderful friends!!

So... I going to try my very best to live by a new rule from now on! :) People who are nice towards me I must treat them better! As for people who aren't nice to me well... hahaz... I shouldn't try too hard also... Didn't really follow this in the past... as a result I've lost many people who're nice to me... and spent too much time and effort on others... So one-sided.. How stupid of me :( da4 ben4 dan4!

training tml oh noes.... hahaz sians! better sleep early today these few days tooooo tired :(

Friday, December 09, 2011
@ 8:18 PM

hahahaha i'm DESTINED to be a non-elite forever lols...

lols ohh manss hahahz today went for lunch with 2 of my new intern friends.... they are really nice people... but seriously totally TOO elite.... so elite that I feel like an alien :o

hokayss so this is how the story goes...

Most of the interns went out for engagements today... so i thought i'd have lunch with junyu and his friends the ntu g2s... whom I feel are my frequency... but then halfway 2 of my fellow unit interns came back for lunch :o one of them from SMU de... another one from Australian uni ahahahz they are v nice ask me if I wanna go lunch wib them... so hokays i thought must bond with other interns abit so went with them :)

Hahaz so they wanted to eat the beef noodles... (which i just ate 2 days ago T.T) but ish hokayss! since they neber eat before and the beef noodles also quite nice so i also sui bian... hahhaz... but ish jin scary... houmaidogs... firstly cos they are angmohpai ones... i've mixed with quite a lot of angmohpai pple in RI and RJC so i thought okayss doesnt matter i can speak english also mah LMAO... and i was after all from angmoh speaking schools and some of my v good friends are also angmohpai =\

BUT NO!! lolll i was totally at a loss for words... wts.. the things they talk about... staying on landed property... what monitor lizards snakes crawl into their house... what monkey run from the reservoir area and hang near their windows... which celebrities are their neighbours.... elite sports like golf.... what parents being big bosses and v gum with their auditors....

houmaidogsss T.T wts! hallo! i stay in a HDB 10th storey only got mosquito and ants and lizards. my parents ish no big boss.. ish retired teacher... my neighbour ish normal household... i pray table tennis at hdb void deck onli not golf or wakeboardss :(

Then after lunch... we just walked around then they stopped by at this elite looking place for coffee... its not even starbucks or coffeebean... :o its some v angmoh looking place :o :o :o wah raos!!! I feel like i'm in a foreign country! If anyone is wondering... i took a photo of my elite looking coffee... LOL i think I really became an alien to them also when I took photo of my kopi... HAHA but dont care!! oooh i just realised my phone is moar elite than theirs omg hahahaha.

Here it is!

hahhahahahahz!! its like.. i can't deny they are really friendly and nice but really from a different world.... A world that's far far away from mine xD lols. really can see the rich poor divide between us.

but nvm!! i may come from a not so well to do family but I'M PROUD OF IT! RAWRS. hahaha i envy how come they can be so rich and live so comfortably without caring about things that common people like me care a lot about... hahaha but I'm proud that I'm from a humble family and i think i learn more coming from such a background :))

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
@ 9:55 PM

2nd day at KPMG!! haahahaaha... must start to blog riaos... if not later nth to write for my reflections after the internship :)

ok! i kind of think i made a good choice to intern here! :D

haha WHY?

Firstly, the people here are naise :) at least my engagement team is... they all seem like v nice people... with lots of smilesssss thats what i like ahahaz :) :) :) im the only intern in this team.... the other fellow interns in the same unit are also v friendly!! hmm im the noobest intern :( all of them intern here before lol. And they returned to kp again?! is kp really so attractive?? hahahaz maybe... at least i'm having a good first impression. Ok.... interns wise they are really friendly la... just hmm maybe abit different frequency from me cos they more angmohpai (3 from SMU 2 from aus uni) while im moar cheenapai... so got abit of language barrier lmao. but they are really friendly and helpful... always helping the noobie kpmg intern here :D

perm staff wise... ahahaha today i met like 5 just freshly grad from ntu this year from my fs unit... they are v friendly too! ahahaz so kind of them to ask me to join them for lunch.. tried out the famous beef noodles there (luckily im free thinker) :D abit expensive but tastes good! and they are quite funny lol... the kind of things they say are more understandable to me... like "wahh ur skin so dark wont u absorb more heat? reply: are u trying to imply i look hot??" hahaha stupid things like tt lol but v familiar to my ears. Then there's only one NUS grad and she's also v caring.... like ask me whether i've eaten things like tt... :)

Then the seniors.... hahahaha almost all girls!! lol. so xingfu hor. lol. but they v nice also... they keep smiling and helping me out when i dunno how to do stuff... when i dunno how to use the telephone... teaching me how to print things xD lols... the whole atmosphere just quite relaxed la... like i see alot of smiles and hear small jokes and laughter around my spirits will be lifted as well :D :D :D

And its not just the laughter!!! haha my team leader or whatever they call it asked me this question which made me INSTANTLY feel connected: "ehhh 你会不会讲话语?" ahahaha YES YES 当然会!!! please speak mandarin to me!!! :D i feel soooooo muchhhhh more comfortable speaking in mandarin!!!


Secondly, the culture! lols at 5.30pm sharp today the seniors started chasing all the interns away "你们快点回家 lehh... 不然我们会被骂" hahhhahahahaha so funny!!! Of course im happy to go home early... but i feel that this really reflects the overall company culture... the "Tone at the Top"... it just shows their culture is slightly more cincai... not so strict like some companies that must force interns to work like perm staff... i dunno how to explain. hahaz i just feel that the overall mood gave me a pretty good first impression of the company. ok just FIRST impression... i hope it proves to be right as i work my way through these 2 months.... hahaha... but already got good anchor liao as erjp will say lol.

Thirdly... hmm no more thirdly lol. I think people and the atmosphere is most important in work lol. 开心就好!! gives me more motivation to work also. :) ok even though the work im involved in today is a wee bit sian... hahah summarising correspondences for the client... but hey im on my 2nd day only can't expect much!! i think its v good already... at least its more intellectual than photocopying stuff like my prev job -.- lmao!

ok overall i'm still pretty satisfied!! the cheenapai-ness... the friendly staff... the overall atmosphere.... good good! only don't like having to wake up early :( hahahahaz. yay!

I wonder how's everyone in other big 4s doing?? :)

Saturday, December 03, 2011
@ 3:21 PM

ahhhhhhhhh.... 2 more days to start of KPMG internship!! After i'll be busy busy T.T and i still haven't revamped my blog template... feeling sho razyyyyyy.....

but i think going for internship will be better than my current dying of boredom lols... Hope i can meet nice people there!! :) This is so primary schoolish... everytime exams i'll look forward to hols... then hols abit boring look forward to going back to school/work and meeting people again... then when work start i want hols xD the cycle just goes on and on...

Anw i've finally received my package!! yay!! no more battery woes EVER AGAIN for my sgs2 :D hahaha i think i can few days don't charge also no problem :D heee sad for iphone users can't change battery got to buy those bulky external battery packs :D SGS2 ROCKS!!

ahahaz.... so bored that i sang another 3 songs... having dinner with dajiejie later yay :) havent met her for so long.... but the sky so gloomy!! arghhh.. oh noes as i type it just started raining liaos.

Cry Cry: hahahaz i really love this song.... but i realise korean style singing is totally different from chinese...

纯文艺恋爱: I think my slow and low songs improved compared to those i sing a few years ago :D maybe because more 历炼 ahahaha experience more in life now :)

火柴天堂: Since I sang a low key song liao i wanna try a high key song... but didn't like the chorus of the banzou... too fast i had to rush to catch up... But i think i did okayy for the front part..