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   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Monday, October 31, 2005
@ 11:28 AM

hmmm.... rmb u asked me to do this last wk, sorry i took so long! hope you don't mind anime!

Sunday, October 30, 2005
@ 8:57 PM

woohoo. first time i played billiards/snooker whatever its called. super hard la, ball so small, and then the holes like got some jinx liddat, so hard to hit the balls into them. hah, but i won hanxu and berge! wheeee........

hmm.... oso went to 2 libraries today. hehe, im so mugger =P went westmall library to borrow ice skating book, then went jurong east library to borrow pool and bowling book, while berge and hanxu borrowed some SAT book (gosh). Seems like everyone applied for SAT sia, how come i din know anything about it oops. and btw the christmas tree at westmall sucks. Quite big, but very ugly la. hardly any decorations, juz got lots of gingerbreadmen hung on it -.- so lousy. and where got pple so early put up christmas tree de??!

Anw, muz start planning what to do for the holidays liao, how to make my hols more happening. should go learn something. or i should... hmm, see how, wait for sinwei's reply first ba. =) or who else very free during the WHOLE of the holidays? can tell me oso.

havent blogged for some time, realised i've grown too lazy to even blog. shall not write such a long entry then. buaiz!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
@ 7:23 PM

urgh.. wad a lousy day. can't memorise my stupid pw script, end up haf to use some air rifle target cardboard thing to cover my script during OP. OP is dumb. rehearse so much still stumbled like siao during the first part of my presentation sigh... but i think our group still rocks =D

Got myself into deep trouble by making a promise. uh oh. everytime do flash animation oso use cheapskate method and some diao1 cong2 xiao3 ji4. but now have to start learning flash seriously and properly liao. Argh! haf abt.... 1 mth to learn flash? wonder how much i can learn in such a short time.

Super unlucky in pool oso. lost whatever little skills i had to begin with liao. Aiming totally off. sickening.

Disgusting and stupid Ulu Pandan Refuse Incineration Plant. YUCKS. i'll never take the wrong bus home again.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day

Monday, October 24, 2005
@ 7:25 PM

ahha, caught the 2nd last bus home yesterday after pw at steph's house.. heng si..

hmm... pw at steph's house was really interesting and fun =D supposed to meet at 12+ at amk mrt, woohoo so qiao3 den met wenwei weishern charmaine cherie qiaoqi weihong oso ahhahaha. everyone chionging pw on sunday. Really pei4 fu2 Qiaoqi, see me standing around with the rest of her pw group, den not curious one loh... like 四大皆空 oreadi (lol dunno if used correctly).

ahha, den steph's house really nice and big la, juz as sheeeeen said. haiz.... everytime go other pple's house always very envious, why my room like some pigsty liddat then other pple's so nice. and the bed looked so enticing... too bad not allowed to sit on it sigh... >.< Got dartboard somemore, so fun! then aiya, GUYS are so clumsy la, break this break that lol. Sz broke a chair, and tre knocked over the guitar.... Xiaomeimei more careful =) hehe

This reminds me of a very interesting msn convo with dajiejie. Started off with "Hi im jon foo", and somewhere in between got "tre here, i luv u" etc. hahaha so fun!!

Anw, we spent a very long time there... abt 9 hrs? although doing pw, it was nevertheless very enjoyable. thanks steph! and steph's parents for their hospitality, buying charsiew rice and really nice tau sar piah and da ji bao for us =D and to steph's mum for fetching us around including today to the mrt station =)

ahha. then today's events. First off must THANK CHORK!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CHORK!!! =D *BIG HUGS*. going to start transfering all the mp3s as soon as i finish typing this entry =) and thanks sheeeeen oso for passing it to me =)

Other than that, today quite an uneventful day. our dream pw team met again after school. haiz. so many pple say the ppt template not nice. Ouch. den oso pple say its very girly. Ouch again. haiz haiz haiz.

Going pool again tmr after pw, i think. yupz. 40 bux left for this month, enough spare for ice skating + pool anot?

Why don't want?! >.< sigh. (doubt anyone will understand this)

and to end off, i muz thank chork again! =D Xie Xie! =) phew, havent typed such a long entry in a long time...

Saturday, October 22, 2005
@ 6:56 PM

woohoo. feeling damn shuang, bin playing lots and lots of yahoo towers these 2 days, go try it! its super fun! More fun than any other games that can work on my comp at least. lol. and its interactive cos i get to meet other pple from all over the world =D

juz woke up from an afternoon nap. had a very weird dream. I was test driving a racing car... hmmm weird, i never had a fancy for cars.. come to think of it, i wasnt wearing a helmet oso =\ what an illogical dream.

wheeeeeeeeee! i love my pw group! haha, i think we're a dream team or something =D Gonna go steph's house tmr to do our ppt. wonder what her house is like... hmmm... haha, and i think it will be kind of weird to have like 3 guys storming into her house in the afternoon.

ahha. going to chiong TV all the way to 12.30am liao minus the 11-11.30 slot. tataz! heehee.

Thursday, October 20, 2005
@ 6:50 PM

Im freaking bored. help. and tmr i dun have open house.... am i going to just rot away at home? someone go out with me! sighx..

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
@ 6:08 PM

I sense something wrong happening in our class. something VERY wrong. and after reading some blogs i believe i can roughly guess what happened...? People say 女人的直觉 very accurate, and being a xiaomeimei, i think what i guessed should be at least half right. but im not too sure also. hmm... but i suppose this is something among the girls so i shouldnt be so ba1 po2...

Had soccer for pe today. haiz, so sian.. dun like soccer, rather play games with an aircon environment hehe =) like pool or ice skating. yep yep, my newest craze now is not pool, not handstands, but ice skating!!!!! so hua xin rite hehe. but of course i still like all 3. Going ice skating tmr, wheeeeeeeee!! anyone interested? don't go ok? wait til im better at it then i can show off =D hahahha!

Btw visit! Credits to jingzhou for telling me about it. its really funny and lame! especially the Jerk It Out mv HERE. and i oso like the ice skating competition video HERE. ahahahah. and check out some of his pics. his photoshop surgical techniques quite good.

Chork! your Zen!! Moi needs to rebuild my mp3 collection! =) hahahaha thankss in advance =P *muacks* (oops!) and Jay Chou's new song very nice, although some parts i can mistake him for panweibo somehow?

Sunday, October 16, 2005
@ 10:49 AM

woohoo. juz woke up. too tired to blog last night...

ahhahaha... dunno where to start writing from...
should i write about how i ponned youth club?
should i write about how i was watching FF7 advent children at Macs?
should i write about my lousy luck in bridge?
should i write about how i was learning to rollerblade?
should i write about how my sandy undies after getting dunked into the sea?
should i write about hearing someone complaining that her boobs are too small?
should i write about how i tried to sabo someone but got saboed in return?
or should i write about how i failed to catch the last bus home?

Too lazy to write about so many things... but it was really fun! ahhaha... think the last time i had so much fun as a class was probably in pri sch at someone's bday party.. heee, dun care if i missed she diao or yun hai or whatever bcos it was definitely worth it!

and my whole body esp my legs and back are aching all over now. think i twisted my wrist too. doesnt feel as flexible as before. hahaa.

And, like meryl said, thanks zhiwei and rongen for organizing all the games and stuff. and thanks meryl letting us use her place for our night activities and the wonderful food =)

heh. and i had a great dream last night =D

Friday, October 14, 2005
@ 6:11 PM

Trying to find inspiration to create flash video.... hmmmm but sianz, my flash skills like sai... dunno how im going to create anything...

Does anyone know what its like to have 2 sunburnt layers of skin? can't imagine leh.... what if both layers start peeling off together like some flower petals opening... so cool. For answers, observe my nose tomorrow at east coast park. im quite sure i'll get burnt again b4 my current skin peels off..

Got quite alot of people not in a very good mood these few days... wonder why... maybe because of results, maybe because of pw, or maybe because of excessive mugging for bio o.... everyone cheer up k! must be more optimistic! forget all your worries and enjoy urselves to the fullest at the class outing tmr! =)

Oh. and it seems like only chork can't view my blog layout properly regardless of which browser he uses (awwww....) i think its probably a problem with some display settings or internet settings ba... chork! if u find out the problem muz tell me k? =) ahhh.... somehow the more i look at the gillian picture on the right the more im falling in love with the hairstyle... its soo cool...............

Suddenly realised oso that i didnt include for the title of blog entries to appear on the top of each post unlike the last time.... hmm... will think of how to add it in later

Thursday, October 13, 2005
@ 7:07 PM

omG its finally completed!!!!!!!!! yay!!! Brand NEW template!!! haha, i liked the previous one, but that one is not completely made by me so its not personalised. this one is different! =D
please give your comments!

Welcome to a brand new Kai's Dreamland =)

YUCKS! everyone its supposed to look like this:

and NOT like this:

please please tell me if it appears wrong on your screen!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
@ 11:06 PM

Wow.... jurong entertainment centre really rocks!!! those pple living in jurong east are so lucky...

Today is my 2nd time ice skating but i still suck at it. sigh. still training my balance on those 2 thin pieces of metal blades.. The rentable ice skating boots are so lousy, i think worse than wearing high heel shoes... getting blisters and po4 pi2 everywhere..

So tyco loh, wednesday got special promotion only $8.40 per person for the whole day including skates rental... so cheap!!!!!!! haha, zw heard that at evening to night time got less pple so we brought our dinner(consisting of chips and bread and soft drinks) into the rink to eat...

I want to train ice skating!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! who wants to go ice skating every wednesday??!!

Den JEC got CHEAP k-pool... $4.80 for 8 ft pool table INCLUDING WEEKENDS! woww.... other places charge $8.80 for weekends loh... even billiard table oso $4.80 only.... goshhhhhhhhh..... haha, then oso got arcade with parapara and ddr..... fun fun. i like ddr cos can beat zw =X but parapara dun dare to try cos i dunno how to move my hands so elegantly like the pros...

My blog template creation is not getting along very well... created a disgusting layout then tried to test it... the alignment of all the content boxes screws up when i try to change my screen resolution... eeeks.. so im currently trying to find a way around that... sian.

Getting back results tmr. die die, think after i get back results i will cry until no mood for class outing on sat le... somemore i juz received email that tis sat got some youth club meeting. wad to do!!??

Monday, October 10, 2005
@ 11:40 PM

after watching my date with vampire 3 yesterday, i got this sudden urge to want to play catching!!! so fun! still rmb the last time i played catching was in pri school.... and some freeze and thaw game.... fun fun fun! =)

got rudely awaken by weishern this morning... lol, i was still fast asleep in my cosy bed, den suddenly, i felt my handphone on the table next to my bed: trr trr trrr... trr trr trr.... haiz, so i picked up, then weishern was like, "hey, no school today arh?" lol!

haha, den after i couldnt fall back to sleep, so i got up, and checked email awhile... then got changed and went to school for tennis with zhiwei and sinwei! being a responsible and punctual and trustworthy person,i arrived 15 minutes early, saw sizheng strolling around the canteen.... only found out later that he was supposed to be at some enrichment class, juz that he arrived 1 hr late and too was too hum to cut into the class halfway =P

sinwei arrived at 10am on time so we started playing first... hmmm then halfway chinks and angst and jian came.... so qiao3... was watching them play... jian was a total fei, getting horribly thrashed by angst and chinks... after awhile zhiwei and justin and zhaohan and rongen came to join us oso... lol. so re4 nao4.. sinwei was godly.... can hit the tennis ball over the fence onto some construction area... but justin was really pro in tennis...

play play play, play until my nose become red like rudolph nose liao.. so fun. dunno how im supposed to go for ogl interview when im stinking like dunnowat... but heck dun care. had lunch in the canteen saw alvin lim saying he going home cos staffroom aircon too cold... den say some pple did very bad all these but generally essay marks are quite high. and he oso said the person who topped gp in our class is unexpected.. hmm... means rongen weihong all these no hope liao la. then he said like "gtg now", then went to another table to pao4 niu1 with some female teachers loh... hehe...

after that was.... OGL interview! ROFLMAO! super funny la buay tahan. ask us to bring photo, den dowan me oso no need so obvious mah, din even collect my photo =( hahaha, never knew interviews are so fun and exciting when you totally go in there without any prep. so cool.... got this super cool question: using the theme "spaghetti" and the tune from "mary had a little lamb", create a song on the spot. lol! thats like so crappy!!! so the crappy me juz anyhow crapped up some song on the spot and the 2 girl interviewers were laughing like siao... heee... but laugh laugh laugh oso no use they still dowan me haha... but i had lots of fun =D hahahahehehehohoho

Didnt feel like going home yet, so i hung around in the library with liangze, reading a book on "Be a Happy Teenager" =D although im quite happy le. then yixuan anrong mattay came and said they 3 que 1 in mahjong... haha, so i juz join loh... lololol, lost quite badly... heng heng never play money, only chips nia.... and the chips oso not potato chips cannot eat so no use oso heh. so addicted to mahjong that we HAD to finish playing Bei3 Feng1 b4 going for dinner, which was about 9+pm oops.

Tmr got IHC table tennis! yay! i love table tennis! hopefully can end early so i can go ice skating in the afternoon oso >.<

Sunday, October 09, 2005
@ 10:22 AM

Newest sig! lol:

And this.... some booboo JJ request =P...

Had to resize it cos its too big to fit into my blog. Slightly bigger version HERE

finally done sia.... shall concentrate on creating a new template now. after that i'll accept more requests from everyone! =)

Friday, October 07, 2005
@ 1:00 AM

haha, promos over!!!!! wheeeeeee!!!! i successfully screwed up all my papers real badd..... but heck,die die la, complain oso cannot help le... stupid promos!! make me miss 3 episodes of YunHaiYuGongYuan starring yexuan, and Twins Effect, and 2 episodes of SheDiaoYingXiongZhuan, and 2 episodes of My Date with Vampire 3!!!!!! sian arhh!! this is disgustinggggggggggggg, missing so many good shows!!!!!!!

hmm.... so long nv blog, so many things happened, dunno where to start....
want to thank some pple again as usual haha.

First and foremost i must thank LIANGZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! For being my private tutor!!! Enduring my endless calls up to 1.5 hrs long, patiently taking time off to teach and explain stuff that i dunno to me for all the subjects in simple to understand terms... He's the best teacher!!! haha, but im going to let my tutor down cos i still died for every paper. But he rocks yea! i bet he'll get like all As for promos loh!

yeaa! then of course must thank zhiwei oso! haha. for his wonderful notes which i juz koped and studied =X should go compile all the notes and make a book loh, it will definitely sell very well =P

hmm... who else... haha, ok la, 勉强 thank tzekwan for sending crap smses with me so i dun feel too sian when studying.. but make me distracted oso haha. =P oh ya, anyway ur jj pic is really too small la den the head also cut off halfway, cannot make a signature, so this is what i came up with instead:

lol. i tink its about the size of a msn display pic..

hah. who wants to go participate in SuperHost! lol..... after promos oso nth to do mah, must try something new and exciting instead of playing comp or pool or stoning in front of tv whole day. who wants who wants!? juz for fun la! haha, muz tell me k!

Sigh, too long nv create signature, now cannot do anything le, after staring in front of photoshop for damn long, i finally created this damn cheap sig:

so cheap that i can't believe im doing this, even the background was koped. but i really ran out of inspiration.. sigh.

ahhaha. anyway today is SUCH A BETTER DAY, apart from promos being over, because when i was at bukit batok mrt there waiting for my bus,den got this vcd and music cd sale... Twins' 'Such A Better Day' Karaoke VCD only 8 bux! hou peng arh!! haha, inside got my favourite xiayizhantianhou!! i want to learn to sing! arhhh!!! so many things that i want to learn... but since i can't sing, watching the ktv is a great enjoyment too =P

den i also went pool-crazy today. 4+ hrs of pool! omg... damn cool la, dunno why that angmokio kpool woman so nice today, give us VIP table somemore. woohoo first time im playing on VIP table so cool! i tink i go so many times until she can recognize me liao haha.den somemore always try to smuggle illegal pple wearing school uniform in.. yay, i tink my pool improved after playing so long today. such a good day!

actually wanted to play tennis tmr... but in the end decided not to cos only left me and mh if i were to go early... speaking of that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINGHAN(its friday oreadi, juz that i change the date of tis entry back to thurs)! =D My birthday wish for u is to grow to be teja size! hahaha. juz kidding! hope everything goes well for u la =)

So now no more tennis, but got ice skating!! wheee... wonder if its possible to learn ice skating in 1 session. but i'll be so extra tmr lol, 3 canoeists + me, i'll get totally owned la... But i've always wanted to learn ice skating, see those pple on tv twirl and dance around on the ice until skirt fly up, like so cool and simple liddat... envious! hah!

And im back on msn regularly again! =D don't slap me anymore! haha.