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   1 Feb 1988
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Friday, June 24, 2005
@ 8:38 PM

im dead for the common tests. seriously very dead. cuz these 2 days i've bin slacking alot. gahhhh....

lol, so bored that i recorded myself singing the chorus from laoshuaidami and tonghua hahaha. if u want to destroy ur ears then go ahead n listen =D the lyrics are juz the things i want to say to someone... haha

My Tong Hua (500+kb):

My Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (500+kb):

Watching KP Club juz now, they were discussing abt michael jackson's trial thing, then changed the lyrics of laoshuaidami to:
我爱你, 爱着你, 就像Michael爱Baby...
haha, made me laugh like mad.

Was watching jue dui superstar yesterday. Decided that i like kelly too! she looked so cute~! and sing so well until she got the highest (36 marks)... yay. support kelly and silver! den was chatting to jingzhou juz now... told me china oso got a "jue dui superstar" alike show. looks so nice! much nicer than singapore's one. ESPECIALLY THE TITLE. its called: 下一站天后! My favourite song title!!

Realised something. my blog quite high tech sia. haha. got words. got pics. got flash animations. den now got audio. haha. shall put videos soon! be sure to check back often ^^

Thursday, June 23, 2005
@ 11:46 AM

haha... done converting and uploading marill's programme! ^^

"hey! i have style, i can sing, and i look good! wan my address?" =D

"i am talented! Even my mum saez so!"

Lol! this is hilarious! "Are we still on air?" *looks around blur-ly*

aiyo... meryl and amos arh.... tsk tsk =P but nice duet: "你最珍贵"

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

sigh. hardly studied anything today. spent the whole morning and early afternoon reading blogs (which was how i found silver's blog). Yea, chork, i noticed her msn addy on her site when i was reading too. dunno whether to add anot. haha. what should i say to her,
"Hi Silver! u look so chio on tv! ur blog sounds so lesb! are u really one?"
hahaz, but as marill said, to each his(her) own. pple have their own likings...

sigh. den mh asked me to go watch initial D tmr. so tempting. arghz. but if i go watch den im dead >.< sry mhan! probably will only watch it nxt fri... who wants to go watch then?

anywayz. today's jue dui superstar was quite disappointing. meow prince sang his "I believe" again. dunno why. he got short term memory? and this time didnt seem as touching as the first time when i heard him sing it. m3's junyangwas good! his voice is IDENTICAL to linjunjie. and super nice!!

sigh. and meryl's interview was so farni. one thing i have to admit tho: i only listened to the first part of the programme, cuz it started so late... so i thought i could leave the comp on to record the programme while i go watch superstar.. but halfway my comp crashed, so only recorded for half an hr.. sry meryl! haiz. but she was so cute, haha, getting teased by the other 2 contestants =P, and even asked the dj "are we still on air?" b4 she off the mic. haha! oh yea. i recorded meryl and that amos guy singing.. shall upload it for u all to listen as soon as i find out how to convert .asx to .mp3... its very nice! heeheee.... and amos n meryl got some scandal going on ya? =D

sigh. so should i add silver to msn? someone gimme advice! im in a dilemma!

omG. juz found silver's(my fav superstar contestant) blog. She sounds like a lesb??? or am i misinterpreting everything? can someone gimme ur comments? gawdd...

Evidence that she is Silver:

"I got into P.Superstar Top 24, that i'm very happy about. But for me, happiness is almost always accompanied by some sort of sadness, as if to prevent me from being happy for too long...Grace is moving June..seemed to have severed ties with her own family...why didn't my mum do it to me..."

Evidence that she.. er..... wadeva.:

"We made we never was so sensual... She came in little waves....and there was this deep ecstasy in me...a very sensual kind of high.... I too...came in waves...more than i ever thought possible... If i could, i'd keep the moments with her eternity...that it could forever remain this way..."
"We went to Seletar...yes...early in the morning...but there were other cars, 1 to be exact when we arrived, and 2 or 3 followed after...Felt very close to her, every hug, every kiss... it wasn't just though our souls...our beings...were locked once again... "I thought to myself, i'll have you all for myself...just for this time..." was what she told me. Even for a while, i would. Just a few moments...time with her...i would... For those few moments, i feel her again...everything...right from the inside....deep inside... I was exhilarating, to make her feel that way again...waves...little waves...different from the usual... that's twice now..different from her usual...there was a kind of high in me that i couldn't really describe...very sensual, intertwined with many feelings...deep emotions.... Even after, just laying in her arms, the level of comfort was nothing i'd experienced with anyone else...there could never have been another....

Btw, there was a peeping tom i think. Some jerk driving a black mpv...kept walking past the side of the car, smoking and staring in...kao..think it's some kinda porn meh...grotesque creature...anyway i got pissed and covered the side windows with newspaper. Didn't stop him tho, either he happened to be walking past or he was really peeping, there was a shadow at the side windows. He walked to the other side of the road, backfacing us...either pissing or jerking away...bastard...kns...he drove off soon kinda man is....urgh...i can't even find the words low enough to describe him...i'll stop here...yuck..."

Sunday, June 19, 2005
@ 9:12 PM

Haha. yea. im hot! stupid weather. making me sweat like siao. somemore i got sweaty palms... was reading some longman physics textbook, then even the sides of the book oso got soaked by my sweat.... eeew... simply can't study in this kind of weather...
how i wish i can sleep thru the day.... on this pillow:

sighz... apparently tis pillow case was being sold for 10+ bux in some EEG showcase last time. too bad i din go. haha, but dun tink i'll buy la, twins is nice, but the pillow design not nice... not worth 10 bux.. should have asked me to design for them!

Managed 4 days without playing computer games. in fact, i think i've kicked my computer games addiction liao. saw my bro playing gunbound this afternoon, and all i felt was: "zzz, so boring..." dunno whether tis is a good thing or bad thing.

Consulted TRE for studying tips this afternoon. told me to picture images in my mind... juz like audry's journey thru the cell last time. sounds good! shall try it out.. thx TRE!

Was playing around with Swift 3D (a flash program), and created my first ever 3d animation! abit messy, but still im very proud of it... aren't u proud of ur fan, ouxiang? ^^

oh my... juz realized i missed my ren2 yao1 da3 pai2 qiu2 2 movie... aiez... heck.

Friday, June 17, 2005
@ 9:46 PM

ok, sorry to everyone who found the previous entry objectionable or offensive in any ways. i meant it more for the humour than perverseness. and anyway, its my blog.. where i write what i like. and im not any a*star scholar or anything like that. so there. and pls dun tag if u do not wish to reveal who u are, team-b. And btw, for all those who thought that entry was sick, i suppose u haven't read Jaime's blog b4. its really.... i have nth to say. oh ya, and her writing style is like mine.. lots of dot here dot there and lots of singlish one.. if u want to see then tagg! haha, then i'll post a sample. but be warned... its really gross.

omgomg! i have to post this! ahhH! *screams in excitement*


haha! and i came across this picture of marill and her mum on the same site too:

so bored that im blogging abt tv programmes. collected these 3 quotes these 2 days, which i found quite interesting:
1) "Women are for men to humour" by Yong Zheng from Jiu Wu Zhi Zun on Thursday
2) "Women would die for vanity" from Tong Xin Yuan on Friday
3) "Kiss her and u'll get her" from Tong Xin Yuan on Friday
haha. feel free to rebut these statements.

was watching wocaiwocai juz now oso.. den got this pro picklocker/lockpicker whatever u call it, who could pick any kinds of locks. so cooL! i want to learn it too, would be a very useful skill... den there was also this survey on cups. apparently all the taiwanese guys interviewed want their gf to have at least a C cup. hahaz, dunno why men are so particular about such things. wats so great about big ones? nice to feel? nice to squeeze? ionno -.-

haha, so happy tonight. why? dun tell u. lol. juz know that i'll sleep very soundly and will have sweet dreams. =D

Thursday, June 16, 2005
@ 9:54 AM

Readers below 18 please skip the first part

Hi my penis pen is 7.4 inches long (unfortunately it hasnt grown longer ever since i had it)! I love fiddling with it. Can't believe one can actually derive so much fun from it. Would you care to take a look? I play with it everywhere.. at home, in school etc. When i mishandle it, undesirable noise might be produced. Sometimes, i rub balm on it to get a better grip. For safety reasons, i have also capped the tip, to prevent any form of liquid from leaking out. Im proud that my penis pen is so long. Don't u wish you have one as long too? oh yea, not forgetting to add in the fact that its always so stiff. wonder why...

here's a picture of me fiddling with it:


lol. nvm. ignore the above paragraph. just thought about it as i was going to sleep last night, cuz someone said im a pervert =P if only i was better at descriptive writing...

Advert 1: Channel U 8.30 - 9.30pm tonight, Silver will be on 绝对 Superstar!
Advert 2: Marill will be on U fm (100.3) 7.45 - 8.30pm next Wed and at orchard on June 26 at 5 - 8pm for her teenage icon competition

anyway, chork and i came up with the silver clan ytd, clan tag shall look like this:
~* Sï£v3r *~
anyone wants to join? haha. can get the msn display pics from here:

Finally, im proud to announce that i shall stop playing computer games for the nxt few weeks until after common test! finally motivated enough to study wheeee! (sry jingzhou cannot play gb with u anymore haha, deprive u of the honour to get whooped by my boomer). sheen and mat and marill and everyone, u all should start studying too! maybe you all can start from here (found this site on google): (yea sheen its bio! haha)

Later in the afternoon still have to go out do pw again... oh wells. shall go study abit now. remember, must watch silver tonight ok??!! don't forget!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005
@ 10:34 AM

im so worried for my common tests when school reopens. but i am not doing anything about it. can't get into the study mood. Still playing computer games everyday, and learning how to play twins songs on the piano, after having not touched the piano for dunno how many years. lolz. enjoy ur hols everyone!!! dun let the common tests affect u! =D

The relaxed me:
haha. realised posting pictures makes blogging much more interesting.

Sunday, June 12, 2005
@ 9:35 PM

Yay! see i so enthu when it comes to things i like. took abt half an hour this morning to find my scanner cd and installed it. this is her pic! wahhh so chio rite!
Name: Silver Ang Zi Hui
Date of Birth: June 3, 1985
Age: 19
Occupation: Optometrist
Reporter's Critique: ‘So pretty!’ was my first impression of the dimpled Silver, and the slight tinge of rebellion I sensed in her could make her our version of Avril Lavigne. If she doesn’t succeed as a singer, Perlini can always get her as a spokesperson for their silver accessories.

wah. damn tired today. juz caught the last bus home from orchard and i feel totally dead.

Went out to do some pw survey at cck in the morning. Quite liked it, because i think its a good chance for me to practise speaking to other people, so hopefully i can speak more fluently. hate it when i always end up rephrasing my sentences juz because my grammar sux. unfortunately, i feel so embarrassed when approaching those people... haiz. end up only surveyed 9 pple, couldnt beat ouxiang and steph =
had lunch until.... arnd 2 i think. tre and ouxiang wants to go home. steph waiting for fren to go study. sz wants to go library. since i got nth to do til 6pm, and berge & bonks are both not free to play pool, i decided to go to the lib with sz and waste some time reading up on pool stuff. tot i would at least have some company, budden sz left abt 5 mins later after he found his george rr. dunnowat book. then met steph in the library oso. as she was telling me that her friend not there yet, pengfei appeared. haha. such a "coincidence". still say what he juz passing by. yea, so they were trying to avoid suspicion from me, pengfei said he leave first, den 30 secs later, steph oso left. haha. so there i was, alone again... spent abt an hr reading some chinese fan2 ti3 pool book in the library cuz i realised ezlink card cannot borrow -.-

Went orchard after that. ah, here's where all the interesting events occur. walking around idly, when i saw this m1 place having some dancing competition with denise keller as host. the prize was some free sony ericsson fone. ahhh i need that! shud have gone there earlier, then go there and do some pole dancing sure win la. thrash all those pple juz shaking their butts around. as i was walking away, i met jon foo (and 2 other of his bball frens)! so qiao3. he was there for the street revolution thing, some basketball competition. their nxt match was at 10+ pm, so they are also stoning arnd, planning to go home to take a rest first. so we walked together... going to library (again -.-!) and shop arnd the area. then left. by that time it was about 5 liao, so i juz waited around for another 1 hr b4 meeting chork to go watch the 933 bao chang hui together.

oh, and i received this pamphlet (omg did i spell correctly) showing the pictures of the final 24 superstars in that channel U programme. realised meow prince is called wei lian (for kwanie to noe). then there was this super chio pic which caught my attention immediately. her name is Silver Ang. what a nice name for such a beauty... haha. shall scan in her pic tmr if i find my scanner drivers cd, too tired now..

The 933 jie tou bao chang hui was organised to celebrate 933 long hu bang's 22nd bday. they invited all the 24 superstars (yes, silver included!) to sing lao shu ai da mi, and also invited some dua pai like FIR, Energy, JJ etc. Loved FIR's performance the most. Faye was so pretty in her shiny silver clothes (yay silver again). Realised that Jade actually looks alot like Faye! oh my! anyone got a pic of jade without her hair tied up? i want to compare! Zhang Dong Liang looked so much like Guang Liang in his suit, and JJ was so cool n cute! no wonder he got so many female fans.

Here's my rankings for today's performances:
1st) FIR with Qian Nian Zhi Lian, Fly Away, Bai Ai Fang Kai, Wu Xian
2nd) JJ with Mu Nai Yi, Jiang Nan, Dou Jiang You Tiao, Dong Jie etc.
3rd) Energy, dunno the song titles
4th) Zhang Dong Liang with Dang Ni Gu Dan Ni Hui Xiang Qi Shei, Ji Mo Bian Jie, Huang Hun etc.
5th) Cai Chun Jia with Pei Wo Kan Ri Chu, Kan Jian etc.
6th) 24 Channel U Superstars with Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (only because there was Silver!)
the rest: too lousy to be ranked =D

Several comments i want to make about the audience. Firstly, the JJ n Energy fans had no respect for the other singers. they were sitting down throughout the whole concert until JJ n Energy's turns to perform. And were screaming halfway through other people's performance just because Energy arrived. RUDE! 2nd observation is a funny one. haha. there was one group of supporters around me. Waving their FIR boards madly during FIR's performance, and singing along all the FIR songs. thought they were some FIR fan club. Then, JJ's turn they raised boards with JJ's name. THEN, during Energy's performance, the same group of pple were screaming and waving boards with the Energy members' names printed on them. dunno how they so free to make so many boards -.-

the concert ended at arnd 10+pm, just right for me to go watch jon foo's match for a while b4 catching the last bus at 11.45pm home. Muz say their team is quite qiang, their shooting quite accurate, so pro that even the opponent team supporters were clapping for them. Think they stand a good chance winning the 300 bux =D dun forget me if u do hor =P

Summary for today
Total time outdoors: 14.5 hrs
Total time standing/walking around: 11 hrs

cool... this is gd exercise!

Friday, June 10, 2005
@ 12:33 AM

I hate my brother. I hate my brother. I hate my brother. I hate my brother. I hate my brother.

He is back in singapore for 2 mths for some stupid work attachment for his stupid scholarship to study at some stupid screwed up university which sux big time. sorry for a lack of vocab, juz that his stupidity has affected me so much.

Near the beginning of the year, when he came back home for his hols, he destroyed the printer by just trying to refill the cartridge. end up we had to buy a new one.

3 wks ago, a few days after he came back again for his attachment, he reformatted the computer, just because he couldnt get pass some system protection error. did he even consult me? no. a simple scanreg /restore function would have solved the problem easily. dumb. That caused me to lose all my important docs... pics... and my whole 5-6gb worth of mp3 collection! oh ya, oso muz add that he koped back the handfone. that's why im using a different number for the nxt 2 mths. sorry if i don't reply to the smses sent to that 971***** one.

ok, and now he has this stupid warp theory about how he should be using the computer every night, since i get to use the comp all the time when he goes to work in the day. wth. its like, how many pple go online to msn to chat during the day??! knn. yea. and amazingly, my parents agrees with him, cuz apparently they dunno the joy of chatting on msn. they don't even know wtf is msn messenger. yep. so now i can't chat with anyone for long. sry sheen and ouxiang and jingzhou. and also u see me blogging at 1am in the morning, after my bro gets sick of using the comp and the whole family is sleeping now. xcept me. bah.

newaez, on a lighter note, me sizheng and rongen went to do some pw survey at bishan north cc today. not bad. that place is quite cool, and they even have some eClub, where the peeps get to surf the net for free and where they can also attend free computer lessons. so we barged into a class of elderly learning how to use microsoft word and how to view photos on yahoo and carried out our survey. ended up speaking to most of them in mandarin, which i prefer, budden my lousy chinese standards make it hard for me to translate the qns (not like my ingrish is any better). and we realised the ambiguity of some of our survey questions. other than that, it was quite successful. yea. that's probably about 1/8th of the total amount of survey we are going to conduct.

speaking of pw, ouxiang is back frm china! yayy wb! hope u enjoyed ur hols at china. and sheeen, hope u enjoy urs at korea too =D so cool... i oso want to go korea. korea korea korea. dunno why but when i pronounce that i think of koala bears. nvm, out of point.

oh ya, and i was watching jue dui superstar yesterday and today. saw meryl on channel u at around 9.20 like that haha. not bad la, they feature her for quite a long time... chatting to her and pak as im blogging now... hahaz, the only few people frm s03f who will usually be online at such a time are probably only cherie and meryl. hey meryl, u're didnt look fat ok... u look as chio as always. haha.

damn bored and dun feel like sleeping yet. sighx. but dunno what to write le. im not looking foward to tomorrow. cuz got some youth club meeting to plan some soccer activity which i will get daoed again bcuz it involves pple like jian angst fd. ahhz wadeva. and chork, i really hope u can sneak out on sat =D

Thursday, June 09, 2005
@ 2:19 PM

Juz visited peifen's (933 dj) blog ( thx jz i really dint noe! muz say its quite cute...

Anyway i played this flash game from her blog to see my reaction time:

and here's my results (after 5 tries), damn sad i couldnt get the cheetah ranking T.T:

yup. anyway im going out soon to bishan to do the survey on old people for my PW. shall add more content later! buaiz!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
@ 11:56 AM

ok... so yesterday i found out that gunbound world champion (new version of gunbound) finally works on windows ME. was testing it out this morning, realised it really sux.

Yes, its true that the interface looks nicer and all that, but its impractical. its so dam hard to estimate distances now... how, then, can i apply my wonderful formulae to hit my enemies on the first try (which is what i usually do)?

2ndly, the weather display is so small... barely noticeable if you are not as alert as me. Furthermore, the thunder animation now looks like a hurricane/force, makes pple so confused...

Many people also turn off the background image for gunbound in order to see the ground pixels more clearly. In the past, after u disable the background image, what remains is a DARK background (like grey). so its easy to see the shots and the weather. Now, however, the background image is replaeced by a bright yellow background which is absolutely disgusting. Not only does it spoil the eyes, it also makes the weather animations VERY difficult to see. and adjusting the monitor brightness doesnt help either.

Lastly, and most importantly (something i cannot stand), gbwc is blooodi laggy.... every few cm that my mouse cursor moves, it will pause for a while... this has nv occurred to me in the old gunbound... and because of this, the accuracy of my shots are decreasing like siao.

Yup, so my point is: gbwc sux. unless they do smthing to make the game better, i think im going to quit playing it.

Anywaez, i've come up with a list of tv programmes that i want to watch, just in case i forget:

mon to fri 10-11pm channel U: jiu wu zhi zun
wed and thurs 8.30pm channel U: jue dui superstar
thurs 10pm channel 5: Lost (omg it clashes with jiu wu zhi zun how how?)
friday 11.30pm channel U: wocai wocai wocaicaicai
saturday night 7.30pm channel U: zhou ri 8 dian dang
saturday night 9pm channel U: tian long ba bu
sunday night ?pm channel U: ren yao da pai qiu

that's it... shall add on if i find more. and right, who's going for yes 933's jie tou bao chang hui this saturday?!?! free concert leh! got FIR Energy LinJunJie CaiChunJia etc... how often can u watch them sing for free....

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
@ 9:36 PM

Supposed to have class chalet today. what am i doing here? even my mum was like asking me, "i tot u have class chalet today?". lol. quite unexpected loh. who ever heard of chalet being postponed b4?

Spent half the day learning beatboxing by myself... made abit of progress, but all the exhaling and abrupt sucking in of air thru my mouth is making my throat sore.... i've come to a conclusion: the air in my computer room is unclean, suck abit only my throat oreadi die. gah. but hey.. i can make a single snare drum sound and a kick sound with my mouth quite well now =D

went to visit my grandma in the evening at the hospital after that.... she got hospitalised yesterday for some problems with her intestines.... sad... how are they going to carry out operation on a 94 yr old woman? >.<

after that went geylang to buy dinner, cuz my mum said the prawn mee there quite nice, recommended by dunnowho frm the newspapers. yup... geylang lol. i think the place we went was the harmless side la... altho i saw one lady wearing some black miniskirt and white top with a white cap and holding a cigarette by the roadside as we were going to the prawn mee place. couldnt really see her face cuz it was quite dark... but her figure was woo woo.... =D hha, but dunno if she's a hooker la.... if she is den i tink its quite wasted =X

such a boring day. haix. shall watch jiu wu zhi zun later, looks quite farni...

oh yea! and gunbound works one winME finally!

Sunday, June 05, 2005
@ 11:55 PM

wah... so many things to blog about today... dunno where to start oso...

lemme start frm the morning: woke up at 7+am, chk email etc. left house at 11am. Took this mrt train with some "summer05 wacoal" advertisement thing, where there are bikini babes pics pasted on the windows and staring at u throughout the whole ride... den there's this lao chee ko peh, kept turning his head every like 1 minute to look at those pics... of course... those pics dun appeal to me, cuz my heart belongs to gil and xuan =D

Reached PS at 12pm to meet this really cool online penspinning fren called yu3 xuan1, who's selling me some korean pens called comssa (rare in sg), 4 pens for 6 bux to make 2 pen mods, supposed to be damn good for spinning. haha. anywayz, we were being quite lame, sitting on a bench in ps, and started spinning his pens... really cool loh... he got like dunno how many pen equipment inc. pentel rsvps, razzle dazzles, monamis, and the pendolsa modded comssa (omg). i see liao very envious loh.... he was teaching me several tricks like neobak, devil sonic, sonic double etc... unfortunately im not able to grasp all of them in such a short time... have to practise myself =)

my original spinning gear:

new additions (my comssas a.k.a korean magic wands!!!!)

yea.. den i rushed to orchard mrt to meet my class (supposedly). unfortunately, no one turned up, and end up i had to endure the arduous journey all the way to cine to meet zhiwei, rongen, weihong and sinwei. (wah lao if u all know the teenage icon thing is at cine, why decide to meet at orchard mrt?) anyway, we ended up playing pool for the whole time (which i dun mind), with xiaopekpek zhaohan breaker sheeeen liangze joining us halfway...

den at 5pm, we went down again to support meryl in her teenage icon thing (some singing competition). some pple are crazy... buying whole cartons of drinks, koped all the bottle caps (required for voting), and left the bottles of drinks lying arnd for pple to take. The competition progressed very slowly.... so we decided to go arcade first.

At the arcade: zhiwei wanted to play time crisis 2, but i didnt want to cuz i'll juz disgrace myself. ended up watching other pple play para para, and omgwtf that guy was damn pro... he was like moonwalking on the para para dance floor, and using his head and shoulders to "hit" the arrows... (im bad at explaining sry) ya, so anyway he was juz simply gosu at the game...

After that we walked arnd, went HMV to listen to free music etc to waste time, and then came back again to watch meryl. The few contestants we saw b4 her were not very good (imo). ahha, but i tink she did a very good job singing "there you'll be", except maybe the super low parts. Another thing, meryl, if u're reading this haha. maybe nxt time u shudnt wear so short if u're going to be on elevated ground, careful zao geng =P.

Some pple left after that, but a few bo liao pple like me zhaohan sinwei weihong and pek went to the youth park nearby to watch some breakdancing competition. ji COOL loh tell u, quite an eye opener, pity those who missed such an exciting event. break break break break break..... ahhh how i wish i can dance like them... also, i must also mention there's this chao zai kia who could beatbox super well... producing all the drumbeats and all the whatever dj mixing sounds with his mouth. godd... im so utterly impressed O_O

ahh well... tt's about it for today, muz go do some research on beatboxing and djing... hopefully i can be as shen as that guy someday...

Friday, June 03, 2005
@ 12:22 PM

yo! updating again.. hahaaa really too bored...

yep.. so yesterday me, mh, bakua and qix went out to watch 'hitchhiker: a guide to the galaxy' at j8... didnt noe what it was about, but heck la.. trust their recommendation... so we went into cinema 3 and started unpacking our abt 7 packets of smuggled twisties =D oreadi munching away happily as we waited for the show to start....

The movie started off with some dolphin videos with some lame narration and song... quite an interesting and funny way to start the movie, i thought. budden as the movie proceeded on, it got more and more fos.... abt some vogon aliens who blasted away the earth to create a hyperspace pathway, and how this guy called arthur managed to find an earth substitute at some planet factory and put everything back to normal after many side adventures... quite funny, but the story is screwed up and totally brainless... haiz, my 8 bucks...

anywaez, after that we went to marina bay, played lan (wahaha, my awp still ownz), den went for dinner by randomly choosing one of the 5 bbq steamboat buffet places nearby... 12 bucks.... and all i can rmb eating was juz lots of chicken... stay chicken, curry chicken, fried chicken wings.... sigh... caused me to have stomachache this morning...

some of u might be wondering what my title is about... actually its nth much la.. juz that after i reached home that night, all hot and sticky, i took out a change of clothes (including a fresh pair of underwear im super duper sure) and went into the bathroom to take a shower.. budden after my shower, feeling all refreshed, i couldnt find my underwear!!! ahhhhhhhhh......... quite freaky loh, especially so since we were discussing abt ghosts and pontianaks combing their long hair during dinner.... aiez... still couldnt find that pair of underwear anywhere even after changing up (had to ask my bro to bring me new underwear from my wardrobe).... maybe it'll appear again nxt year or smthing during da4 shao3 chu2 haha..

oh yea, and i uploaded a new flash header banner for my site =D quite proud of it... cuz my flash has always bin damn sucky and i nv play around with it much... nice rite nice rite? *looks earnestly*

ahh... at last gb finally knows that it can't work on win ME:
Hi. This is the GIS Team. Users with Window 98 / ME may experience some problems with running Gunbound World Champion. However, we assure you that the problem is being looked into and should be fixed shortly. Please be patient and wait for the appropriate patch. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this matter. Yours Sincerely, Softnyx.

im getting impatient.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
@ 5:34 PM

BoO! im back again! wahahahaaaaa... so bored during the hols, having nth to do everyday, so might as well spend some time to blog... no more funky cool web design with all those weird extras and lame boomer formulae and pen spinning stuff liao... back to the old traditional template hahhaha... maybe i might change the header pic abit if i have the time... =)

anywaez i finally completed my blog evaluation thing for my PW wheeee.... i feel very bad cuz i told rongen i would send my evaluation by last night yet i only sent it out this morning *oops*... haha... dunno what to write oso so sian... juz writing whatever comes into my mind right now... oh ya, juz remembered, my ouxiang went china early in the morning today.. haha so lucky... hope she enjoys her trip.. while i have to stay at home and rot to death, aiez, but china hangzhou and whatever zhou i oso dunno got what things... i only want to go hongkong, den can see yexuan and twins (ah gil!) and all the other chiobu actresses and yandao actors =D

oh ya... den i muz complain abt this stupid gunbound loh. they put there in their website say what 31 May GMT+9 8pm can play the new gunbound world champion game (sg 7pm), den in the end i tried at 11pm still cannot work loh... con pple de... aiya but oso cannot blame them la, the gunbound service team so lan, english grammar worse than me, cannot expect them to do their maths and count time properly oso.. so i woke up very early this morning full of anticipation as i logged into my gunbound account using the new gunbound world champion program. wah.. interface got a very fresh look... very excited until i tried to click a game.. den WTF the whole game hung... i tot its my cranky comp as usual.... so i try again loh, den still no diff, den i chat in the main gb chatroom realised alot of pple oso got the problem... SIAN ARH... new gunbound but cannot play... probably have to wait like 1 week for those inefficient kokheads to patch the gunbound properly...

haix, so i ended up playing o2jam... quite fun oso, basically its this music game like DDR/BeatMania/ParaPara those kind la.. u get the idea (as long as u are not a jinyue =X).. haha created a room with my favourite song den started whooping everybody haha, until this level 11 girl came in den perfected the song with 210 cool shots whereas i got 208... kan suay... but she was quite impressed when she realised i only played the game for 2 days hahaa.. seems like a nice m'sian chinese girl, so i juz added to msn oso loh... get to know more people from all over the place =D somehow i lost the room key afterthat, den the stupid host went to change to some stupid song i dun like, so i stopped playing =
so after that i was stoning around msn very bored-ly, decided to start a blog and juz pen down my bored-ness loh (paiseh for the lack of synonyms, my bocab beri lousy de) haiz... what to do.... i want to play pool leh.... maybe shud ask some frens out tmr and play =\ den can shun bian go to gombak cc and ask abt IT lessons for the elderly for my PW project... i seem to be the 2nd slackest in my grp loh, which isnt good.... i muz be more enthu, show appreciation for getting such a wonderful amazing stupendous terrific awesome astounding marvellous PW group! (dun stare at me liddat, kope from one haha) i luv u all guys and gals! we'll ace PW together! =D

oh ya b4 i forget... today oso my parents' 25th anniversary hahaaaa.... and my dad bought a bunch of roses for my mum =D hahaha den later i tink we going out for a feast oso yayyy so happy! aiyo, but still muz wait for my bro to come back frm work.... he working for pple for free sia... some scholarship attachment suay thing.... i hungry liao le... drooling at the thought of FOOD arhhhh!!!

Phew... quite a long entry sia... but considering the fact tt i havent blogged for abt 2 mths, juz treat it as me fa1 xie4-ing all my feelings loh =P chk back regularly hor... will update again when im bored...