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   1 Feb 1988
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Sunday, January 29, 2006
@ 11:02 PM

lol. no bainianing for me. so went out to watch 霍元甲! 霍霍霍霍 霍霍霍霍! whoa... haha the fighting scenes very cool! but actually these kind of shows abit repetitive imo... alot of chinese fighting movies all liddat de... the jay chou mtv quite interesting too even tho the song not that nice..

Actually when we first reached the cinema i saw this movie 野蛮秘笈... wanted to watch it cos its by 王晶!!! hahaha i loveee 王晶's shows!!! 够烂! but my parents dun like.. hah so nv watch it...

and anw the ticket person damn lousy. had to check my buspass to certify that im > 16 years old???!!! wah kaoz... a few more days i can even watch m18 liao loh -.-

and the show Xi Zhao starrring GILLIAN is confirm showing in singapore!! wheee!! saw the poster today =D anyone wants watch with me?

haha. after that went to chun dao he pan. nothing really very interesting. except the fact that i ate some taiwan Smelly Tofu for the first time!! its not even smelly lahh! but its really delicious!! =D one day i must try those reallly smelly ones =) Smelly Tofu rockks!!

Dinner at kfc. lol. missed superstar concert juz now. but later got s.h.e concert on tv!! =D won't miss it mannn...


ahaha. Finally its chinese new year!!! =D Happy new year everyone!!!

/|6 6|{/(_o_)\}
Happy New Year!!!

To all those who received a decapitated dog sms from me (eg minghan), sorry!! it appeared fine on my phone so i assumed it would appear correctly on other phones >.<

Went chinatown to people squeeze people last night. ahha, got a pleasant surprise! saw junyang + kelly + silver + othe superstars performing on stage. but didnt watch for very long cos cannot really see much oso. too crowded....

Fireworks and firecrackers! (sry my pda cam is 1.3 megapix and no zoom de)

To all of you who're going to bai nian, wish u all collect lots and lots and lots of angpaos!!

Friday, January 27, 2006
@ 10:52 PM

heee happy bday zhiwei!! =D hope u like me n ws's meaningful present ;)

Today's cny celebrations was badd for me. reached school late, so stayed at the parade square playing asshole taiti with weishern weihong zhaohan sinwei justin...
played for quite some time, then wanted to go amphitheatre to watch the performances but it was so crowded couldnt see anything... went canteen alot of pple writing chinese calligraphy but no one i recognised... so ended up going comp lab -.-

after that went para para n ice skating! lol. the more i play the suckier i get at para para... ice skating was badd too... something wrong with the ice couldnt do hockey stop as usual... but ahha, now i got a ice skating 师姐!! wheee...

And i saw HER again! wahhh almost fainted from swooning over her cuteness.. every movement and every glide of hers was so graceful, so enchanting, so perfect... and her spinning too was mersmerising... it was as if there was this celestial gloww spreading around her as she spun and spun balletically on that single spot, switching from one hand position to another, arching her back ever so elegantly as she accelerates her spin...
*edit* discovered why i think she's cute... its cos she looks like my fav anime character! =D

juz pasted a screen protector for my palm! yay. now no nid be afraid of scratches le. =)

Monday, January 23, 2006
@ 4:38 PM

ahh. im not gd at expressing my feelings in words.. qt a few things happened in the past week that made me feel sad even tho i want to be a hedonist(credits to jade's SAT vocab list for finding this word).

But, quite a few pple actually smsed me to 问候 thanks alot pple! very nice of you! im fine now =) i can't keep feeling sad right! love yall!

Bio test today. hardly have time to study yesterday. somemore i was watching 神医侠侣 last night (alyssa chia!). hmmm juz read abit then go in and smoke. gave very unrelated and random answers but hopefully out of each large chunk of answers i gave there's some part which is correct.. poor me, bio goddess refused to let me copy even after i've professed my profound love for her =( oops! =X

oh wells. and i realised i didnt post my bedroom pic even tho i had planned to. Even tho it looks pretty simple, i love it (surprising?) =)

here goes...

Any comments?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
@ 11:44 PM

How foolish of me. sigh. hurt by a complete stranger... why? why?!!
guess i'll stop ice skating for some time...
shall try to stop myself from dwelling on unnecessary things/people
less play, more work! must catch up on my studies...

Meanwhile, i'll follow dajiejie's example and create an imaginary 理想情人...

歌手:杨丞琳 专辑:暧昧



Sunday, January 15, 2006
@ 10:25 PM

Woohoo!!! Reformatted my comp today! wahahahahaaha. im no longer using windows ME, its windows 2000 for me now!! wheeeeeeeee

whats so good abt windows 2000?

Firstly, its compatible with alot more programs (e.g. Photoshop CS!!) which i've always wanted to use when im on winME

2ndly, there this integrated chinese input thing. now i can read chinese msn nicks!! i can view chinese song titles in windows media player! no more question markssss!!

3rdly, its MUCH more stable than winME. less buggy..

4thly, its more suitable than a laggy windows XP for my old laggy 5 yr old comp =D

Thats why im so happy now!!!! im feeling a drastic improvement in the system performance now too! gd luck to berge in reformatting his comp too =)

haha. AIDA32 is the best system testing program ever!



lol. watched 周日八点党 last night. its so interesting now! love the game the play... think i'll catch it every week. oso watched 仙剑奇侠传... its quite cool, but a tad too much special effects... liu yi fei quite pretty in the show too, nicer than she looked in 天龙八部.

watched some channel 8 show this afternoon at 1pm to 1.30pm. some food show. didnt watch it for the food. i watched it for WU XU MA LI! =X lalala =P still think she's the cutest dj even tho she's becoming getting older le.. haha =P chorkie, she'll pwnz jiahui and peifen any day mann! teeheehee.

hehe. realise im spending alot of $12. for dance performances, singing performance, and for bidding on yahoo auctions... hmm... lets hope my angpao money can make up for all the money im spending now!

lalala. bbye!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006
@ 11:32 PM

片名: 犀照(49 days)
导演: 林健龙
总裁: 徐小明
监制: 李凤鸣

whoohoo! looks scaryy... hope singapore shows it!! =D

Scary Day.
hmmm. something wrong with the class today. pple not thinking clearly when voting for cip rep... anyone still remember how i left halfway to go see gillian the last time we had a batch cip? hehh.. better hope this time it doesnt happen.

Meryl was kind of scary too =X hmmm, but hope everything goes well!

my comp almost scared me to death. use halfway suddenly died. then cannot even switch on... manz. whacked my cpu casing until my hand pain still couldnt resolve the problem. ended up dismantling my whole comp and re-fixing everything... wasted so much time, but at least my efforts paid off.

Spent quite some time pondering abt whether i should go skating nxt wed... scary decision...

hci has a 2 wk orientation?! unfair!

tmr is going to be a lousy day. dun like gp. dun like mock spa. and im not looking forward to the extra 1 hr bio s lesson.

Suddenly like the song li2 xiang3 qing2 ren2 alot.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
@ 11:59 PM

I probably won't be making sense to pple... but.. hahahaaa im feeling so happyyyy nowww wheeeee =D

im turning into a pedophile! =X but omg she was really soooo cute!!! wish i had a younger sister like her haiZ. then i'll be the luckiest elder brother in the world!! Just looking at her sunshine smile is enough to brighten up my day. its like, there's this force in the smile that can lift your heart up and make you feel as if the world is such a wonderful place... with no worries, no sadness etc... a 永恒国度!

Saying byebye can be such a small gesture and such an easy thing... yet sometimes a warm, friendly goodbye, coupled with a wide smile and an instinctive hand-waving motion can really touch pple's heart too =)

Monday, January 09, 2006
@ 11:59 PM

Different feelings throughout the day...

Abit disappointed with vampire 3's ending, not as grand as i expected... tho of course, wulei + maxiaoling still rocks

Started off with gp, where we had a revolutionary change in the way we sat in class. eeew, sitting in a circle makes me feel very vulnerable, dun like it. and what does a person like me who doesnt watch the news or read newspapers know about politics? i weekly doesnt have political stuff loh.. -.-

Then there was bio with this gay lecturer teaching us about ecology. knn. i still dun see whats wrong with discussing about carbon cycle during an ecology lesson. this stupid teacher must come call me and zw to sit at the front. gah. dowan to get into trouble writing the teacher's name on my blog. but it will dirty my fingers typing it anyway. hmph.

Finally after school the day improved. got lucky for my s paper appeal, so now im in physics and bio! thanks tzekwan for wishing me gd luck, and thanks again for waking me up with ur sms right b4 my alighting bus stop =)

to those who didnt manage to get approval for their appeal or feeling sad in some way or another, cheer up! and smileZ!

Campus superstar is IMBA! this wk's contestants look so much better than last wk's, esp the girls. the M2 guy oso quite cute. haha =X but of course, who cares about the guy contestants when there's JUNYANG!!! anw, besides like 2 or 3, the campus superstar pple singing really not that good...

starting to go mad over creating nice smses, esp those with ascii art (thanks to dajiejie who taught me the ENTER symbol lol)... hmm if anyone is good at it can teach me?

Wish i can spin on the ice. must train!

someone said i dun rave about girls anymore? haha. shall dump some names down here then =P. Gillian! Michelle! Ruby! Hebe! Elva! Jolin! BoA! Leila! Silver! Kelly! Alyssa! Cyndi! Stella! =S going crazy..

and chorkkk! i want photos, but im not telling unless u tell me first! =P *teeheehee*

Saturday, January 07, 2006
@ 4:50 PM

ahh. a gillian vector art by me! (the skin colour's abit weird cos somehow when i saved as jpg the colours got changed -.-)

very proud of this. did the whole thing with pen tool. think its the zaiest thing i've ever done with photoshop haha. spent a total of about... 6 hours creating this!! yea..... took an especially long time for the eyes, nose and lips... comments please?!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006
@ 2:33 PM


So tired that i fell asleep on 961. Ended up at ten mile junction -.- gah, wasted my time taking the bus back again.

okaezz, so school has started again. thought i kind of missed school days during the hols, but now i changed my mind. The class feels so foreign suddenly, so weird that i dun even know what to say when i see my own classmates =\

and im NOT liking the new gp teacher.. reminds me of the horrible ri days with yaksy. zzz. and alvin lim bluffed me lah, say she's what eye candy, blearghhhz. i want alvin back!!!

And whats with all the change of school rules thing. stupid. Tho of course, im so guai it doesnt affect me.

Made a new discovery. Realised that if i pay attention during lectures i can actually understand what the lecturers are teaching. Amazing! i must strive to be more hardworking from now onwards.

I should see $1000+ salary added to my bank account today if i go update my bank book. at least thats something worth being happy about. yay. but im feeling lazy, dun feel like going all the way to westmall.

This doesnt seem like the usual way i blog. dunno whats happening. very confused right now, maybe the heavy falls at the ice skating rink yesterday has short-circuited my brain..

and i've lost interest in using the computer, believe it or not. dun play comp games anymore (yea, i've quite lost my interest in yahoo towers). hardly even chat with anyone online (hardly anyone chats with me either, and my msn keeps dying halfway).

All i want to do now, is sleep.

Sunday, January 01, 2006
@ 12:00 PM


woohoo! yeehaw! juz woke up but last night's high-ness havent subsided. Countdown@Boonlay 2006 ROCKS MAN (for me, at least)! hahahaha. I LOVE BEING BACKSTAGE CREW. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

goshhhhhhhh... woke up in the morning at 8+ then went off to boonlay. haha. brought a camera along oso. on the way saw one countdown banner, evidence of a bad job done by the publicity comm (who arh who arh?):

haha. then after that went clubhouse and blcc to move stuff here move stuff there do all the sai kang with team-b pple. where are the rest of the guys in youth club? haha, so we moved alot of stuff, more than 70 barricades and uncountable no. of goodie bags, but oso slack alot lah. haha, doesnt matter. as long as i can see junyang at night. met charmaine who suay suay got posted to the health stage which was really *urgh*. so i kinda discouraged her from staying oops =X then oso met mingjie jonfoo sijian etc. who were also volunteers...

at last, the long-awaited night came... the dancers and some bands performed ok, whereas other bands... argh.. but there was this LGF band actually got one chiobu heehee. but the problem was that she smokes! (lol, i went into their holding tent to see) Yucks.

haha, the other programmes were unimportant. at 9pm JUNYANG CAME!!! OMGOMG. I SHOOK HIS HANDS!!! OMGOMG, and dun look at him like small size small size his hands actually quite strong and his handshake very firm loh. and I GOT HIS AUTOGRAPH!! OMGOMG. then also asked him if i could take a photo with him after his performance he said ok 没问题, but he went back on his word =( ahh nvm, he's too busy lah. anyway, on the stage he waved straight at me!! (definitely me, cos i was the only one waving around that area and he waved back) so happy!! tralalalalalala! Junyang i love you!!

ok, then slacked around with sinwei yifan kianghow until 11pm when the mediacorp artistes came b4 going backstage again. wahhhhh. they rock the world! felicia chin and jeanette aw so pretty!!!! jeff wang oso not too bad lah, looks better than on tv. Time to show off lalala (i hate my mouth!!! >.<):

NOW IS ANYONE JEALOUS?? shook both their hands oso, and somemore felicia had her arms around my shoulders when we took photo. i love being backstage crew! =P

whoa. still feeling very excited about last night. but. haha, thats about all =) next year im definitely going to volunteer to help again if possible =P