Name: Kai

   Male, 21 and ummm... Double? =X
   1 Feb 1988
   Pei Chun Public School class of 6A 2000
   Raffles Institution class of 4R 2004
   Raffles Junior College class of 2S03F 2006
   BMT 0107 Hawk Coy
   SISPEC Hotel Coy
   0107 AISL

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
@ 10:37 PM

YOSHH. I've passed out from 43rd BSLC!!! After 10 weeks of gruelling training, im now Corporal Mok! :D

28km route march was crazy. from about 9pm to 6am somemore. SIAO! walk until fall asleep. had to kept humming songs to myself to keep awake. and the blisters!!! and abrasions!!! ouchh....

haha. altho i heng heng never get into aslc, i got into ATI!! Armor Training Institute.. zomgz. 18 week course >.<>.< UNFAIR!!!!

NCS interview nxt week... does that mean Starhub rejected me? >.< aww.

whatever!!! i feel sleepy but dun feel like sleeping. :D

Sunday, May 27, 2007
@ 1:18 AM

Everything is suddenly going quite smooth for me now... :) think im on some sort of lucky streak..

3 more days to becoming Corporal Mok! :D :D looking forward to the pay rise hee.

Looking forward to PC Show too, from 31 May to 3 June. missed the IT show in march oreadi quite disappointed le >.<

Pen Flare is quite fun. its quite amazing how something so small can be so powerful... only wished the commanders would let me spin the pen gun :\

woots. and i actually got the nus faculty scholarship! feeling quite proud of myself :) and nxt wk got class outing! hopefully i can make it. quite a number of ocs pple will have field camp tho. sad.. :(

issit really true that i havent changed since jc1? haha. i dun mind, actually.

now i just need to get selected for medic/signals specialist course! pls pls >.<

Thursday, May 24, 2007
@ 7:50 PM

lonely but satisfied :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007
@ 8:44 PM

Just a quick entry b4 i book in.

Went for ntu tea session this afternoon. the refreshments were not bad lol. and ntu's computer engineering course seems more interesting than nus's. but i've always wanted to go nus so... i dunno. ahha. lol. and i managed to drag someone along with me. :D

hmm. i need an mp3/video player. and a game console. and lots of things. shall wait for the pc show. from 31 may to 3 june... hopefully can snatch up some good offers as part of my rank promotion celebration lol.

poor chork :( good luck this week!

hais. havent met up with many pple for damn long... sianz.

thats it. cyazzzz.

Saturday, May 19, 2007
@ 5:53 PM

Yoshh! bslc field camps all over liaoz!!! life is back to normal again yay. going to be promoted to corporal in 1.5 weeks time!! after that dunno go where to train to my 3sg... :(

tmr got ntu tea session. hopefully i can get drag a person along to go with me, but kept being dao-ed =\ haha nvm.

going to attempt to memorise s.h.e's zhongguohua lyrics this week.

now its time for my Ah! My Goddess Season 2! heee! hopefully the more i watch the better i can draw. almost filled up my whole sketch book with drawings le. just abit more. jiayou jiayou jiayou!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
@ 2:48 PM


guess the time now? yes its a WEDNESDAY 2.49pm!!! hahahha. i should be having my final field camp Exercise Grandslam. Should be proning in mud right now. or high kneeling on sharp rocks. but no! here i am, sitting in front of my computer at home :D thanks to NIS interview :)) shiokkkkkkkk!

Booking back to tekong at 6pm. wheee.

Soon, soon i'll no longer be a private!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007
@ 11:46 PM

2nd field camp over!! suffered a swollen hand with lots of sandfly bites. but other than that, im fine! :D

haha. i've acquired the army disease. now i just walk out of camp see any girls oso think they're chiobus liao xD

i love you Yining! haha, even though i dont know who u are. but since u provided me the opportunity to book out this coming week during my final field camp, u must be a good good person!! :D

And i just got my pay!! $611 this month! woooooooo! i feel richhhhh. 2.5 more weeks to my corporal rank.

Sunday, May 06, 2007
@ 12:08 AM

I HATE FIELD CAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @&%^$#%@&*$@

field camps.... proning in soft squishy mud that stinks worse than my dabian. sleeping in a basha infested with ants, spiders, praying mantis, grasshoppers and all kinds of weird insects that bite persistently throughout the night. fffffffffkkkkk.

and booking out so late... GAH.

cannot stand it... i have less than 24 hrs to book in again. WTF. and there's another field camp this week. OMG. i want to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

oh, and i discovered that tianhao is a natural joker. super funny and humourous. almost every sentence he says makes me laugh! i wouldnt mind just sitting down and listening to him speak for hours on end.