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   1 Feb 1988
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Sunday, December 25, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

heyhey everybody! Merrrrry christmasssss!!!

haha. Im not working anymore le!! wheeeeee! 1 wk of the hols left to enjoy + do homework...

but i will really miss everyone there... haiz... Mr Quek the super nice and friendly sales manager... Mr Wee the super sarcastic and funny supervisor... anna & kimeng & sonia the helpful permanent staffs.... and all the wonderful part-timers:

Boonshing! the gymnast degraded into a kitchen prep auntie. haha but lucky enuff to work on level 4 with all the gift wrapping girls =P haiz didnt get to play pool with him in the end =(
Dennis! whoa, his muscles sure helped alot during stock replenishment
Peiyu! the "hello!" n "not funny!" girl. haha, a very friendly and lovely girl, albeit abit scary when she's pissed =X
lil' Liling! wahh... this one really cute死人不赔命. too cute for words >.<
Lihao! "what you know?!" multi-talented, 有话直说 guy... really admire his frankness!! but see him must siam if not lots of work to do heehee.
Kaiyun! the ultimate chinese pro and the oldest girl around! very guai and friendly. has a nice smile too =)
Huiling! don't think i ever saw her eyes b4, hah. Very thoughtful and easy-going =)
Xiaowei! Wooohoo! fellow vampire lover, need i say more? =D haha, her name always reminds me huang pin yuan's song...

and those who quit halfway...
Shawn! haha, this shuai ge is a girl-magnet. can 跳槽 until from lowest pay to highest pay...
Reginaaa! of course, how can i miss her out... somehow she's left the deepest impression in me despite quitting halfway, with all her craziness and laughter =) =D haha, still owe her $17.35 taxi fare... better write down here in case i forget..

and everyone else whom i've had less contact with... robin xiangrui doreen leona emily jean choonguan etc...


anw, christmas today was just like any other day for me, except the fact that i went to church (oh my, 2nd time in my whole life =O) and then went to watch pple iceskate @ jurong east. whoa, 1 token para para machine spoil again >.<

still trying to figure this out haha =P:

pardon the photo quality. the cheap palm which i bought is really too lousy to take gd quality pics. gah. and the hotsync doesnt seem to work now. looks like i have to buy some usb infrared thingy. i want a new laptop too!!!!!!!!

better sort out all my worksheets and stuff tmr to find my homework.

tada! merry christmas again everybody! and a happy new year!

Thursday, December 22, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

ahhahaaaa!~ i shall start of with the usual "havent blogged for ages..."..... wasnt really planning to blog but haha, so many things happened i think if i dun blog i probably cannot rmb everything thats happened by the nxt time i blog!

First of all, really big THANKS to Tzekwan!! whoa, specially came down to robinsons (izzit?) with vivian (haha, not xu ruo xuan) to pass me the dongchengxijiu cd which i've been wanting to watch, a calendar, and a set of really really really beautiful and wonderful and amazing and cute twins christmas cards!! and not forgetting the photo and SILVER marker to which im assigned a very heavy and shen2 sheng4 task ;), and one last thing which i dunno what it is yet. shall blog abt it at a later date =)

Been reading this Romance book (at least, the westmall library classified it under that genre) called 'On the Road to Mr Right' by Belinda Jones. lol, what am i doing reading this kind of girly books? juz trying to improve my vocab and descriptive skills loh. Halfway through it le, and all i can say is the book ROCKS!!! It is highly interesting and descriptive (fyi, the descriptions are non-erotic ones). and anw, the westmall book loaning system has changed and its uber cool. there's like this CPU-like thing which they call a Kiosk, which u juz place your card on (not the slotting card kind found everywhere).

Hee, anw the jurong east 1-token para para machine is repaired le!! can go there play again! wheeee.... then got a new Kopitiam on the 2nd floor of JEC. Nv go there for 1 wk nia everything changed le. so outdated now.

Then about my work. haha. Countdown: 2 more days!! ! won't miss the repetitive chores for sure but i will miss the people there =( everyone ish so cute in their own way. its like... a Zoo. got strong and violent gorillas, kou3 bu4 ze2 yan2 parrots, can even do headspins, friendly and cute bears and cubs etc.. and the zookeeper is a pink donald duck who looks fierce (in fact he is quite fierce if u make him angry) but otherwise is actually a very very approchable and cartoony character =)

ahz. tired now. go zzZ liao.

Thursday, December 15, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

hmm. realised me and jinyue both very no yuan2 =( haiz. last time she want to visit then robinsons close early. today she cip until early afternoon but i start work late so go somerset late oso. hmm. but still met for a brief moment haha =D yayy! selling 1 pen for 10 dollars sehhh.... what kind of zai pen is that. dunno if good to spin anot haha. even my nice silver comssa oso much cheaper..

sigh. work ish so sianzzzzzz now. quite lifeless today, din feel like talking... i should start counting down to christmas eve... 9 days more to go!! then im free! take my money on jan 5 then go splurge.. wonder how's everyone else doing... zhaohan and sizheng's tuition? sinwei's waiter? cherie's bodyshop? dunno if they still surviving...


Monday, December 12, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

heehee sorry jay chou! XD

yay. didnt rot today! went simlim to buy cdrs and bought a new headphone with MIC for the comp! wheeeeee! now i can sing sing sing again! lalala.

haha. and i bought another twins poster oso. slowly building up my collection =D

lalala! and im VERY VERY HAPPY TODAY! dun think anyone can guess why =P

im shameless! but who cares.. at least i derive fun!
夜曲 sung by ME!!! =) (click then scroll down)
alternate Megaupload link

Sunday, December 11, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

haiz. regina quit today ='( *sobs* one less interesting person to talk to...

haiz. missed 1 hr of my vampire show ='( now i dunno whats happening...

haiz. tmr off day but no plans yet ='( i dun want to rot at home...


whoa. reallly gotta thank mingjie!!!! really inspired me!! he will be my role model from now on =)

Saturday, December 10, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

wooooooooooo! back to blog again!

Met a stranger magician uncle today at the bus stop. he saw me in my black robinsons attire then came forward and started talking to me, asking me if i was going to school all these. after that he said he would show me some magic. was quite wary of him cos 2 days ago i juz met a robber-like stranger who wanted to borrow money from me (of cos i told him no money). so i was clutching my wallet super tightly while he demonstrated his magic. whoaaaaa. it was reallly ZAI!!!!!! his close up magic. can make some diamond on a stick disappear and reappear again and change colour. wth. not those cheapskate magic that 一眼就可以拆穿 kind. freakk. sadly my bus came soon after... couldnt witness more of his magic... WASTED. should have asked him for his phone number.

getting phone numbers.. haha. lihao is a god at it lah. can juz walk up to stranger girls and ask "can i have ur phone number please".. gosh. really admire his bravery.

hmm. anyway today was a crazyyyyyy day. Saturday + 20% discount = MADNESS. busy until like dunno what. Everything so messy. Cashier oso cannot stop. hahahaha, and today buy scene-it got free movie ticket so sad for someone =)

Finally realised why in movies girls always lean on guys' shoulders... ahhhhh.... nv knew that leaning on someone's shoulders can allow one to feel sooo protected =P

yeaa! and sometwo visited me today. hehehehe. havent used a particular word for a veryyyyyy veryyyyyyy long timeeeeeeeeeee................. =) thanks for coming to visit me,
PENGFANIE! thanks thanks for taking the time off! juz normal friends right? yes yes, understood! heeheehee =P

Monday, December 05, 2005
@ 11:44 PM

Yo! im back to my happy-go-lucky self again! =D thanks everyone!

wheeeeeeee! today is pay day! shall go update my bank book tomorrow and check how much i got =D sadly i think its damn little cos its only for my first 7 days of work... hope they paid me for the day i forgot to swipe my card when getting off work too..

today is quite an interesting day... had some training in the afternoon (lame sia, after working like half a month then give training). the trainer was called MRS ENGLAND. lol what kind of name. someone was saying if she go participate in ms universe or something she'll be Ms England from England! but she's quite an ok teacher lah. told us alot of interesting stories..
What have i learnt from the training? Don't wear coloured undergarments to work -.-!!

anw. went back to work straight after that so couldnt go see what kind of poisonous biscuits that jon foo was selling over at youth park...

hee. work today was quite interesting. saw this kid playing tekken 5 on the ps2, then was feeling damn bored, so went up to him and asked, "boy, u like this game alot?" he stared blankly back at me, den start saying something in cantonese. something like "ngor mm sik lei gong mat yeh" or SOMETHING like that. (actually i only caught the "mm sik" part). ok, i dun wish to sound like a pedophile here, but his boyish voice was really very cute when he spoke in cantonese, somemore he was so soft spoken... got me really excited. hahah.. then his parents weren't around oso, hehe, so i took the chance to start a conversation with him. he's the first person who doesnt laugh at my cantonese! and he actually understood what i was saying!! wheeeeeeeee! i felt so accomplished!!

ok other than that, nothing else interesting really happened. besides the fact that someone shone the red laser used to scan price tags straight into my eyes, and whacked my ears so hard that it really really hurts.

oh oh. and happy birthday to qiaoqi!! she's really a nice girl imo juz a weee bit too quiet =) hope that as she grows older she'll get more talkative too =P

btw this tuodiao christmas song was dug out from chork's mp3 collection. thought it would be suitable =)

Saturday, December 03, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

haizz.. i think i've reached my limit for getting insulted at. haiz. Everytime i'll juz laugh it off but sometimes pple really get too carried away... like today... made me feel very depressed and useless and worthless. sigh.. even 7 yr old kids don't respect me...

maybe i shouldnt be so xiao3 qi4... why should i bother about other pple's comments? why should i feel hurt? after all, pple are juz trying to be friendly...

super busy everyday. youth club suddenly got lots of stuff for me to do, and pakming cannot be contacted.. argh. then work til so late everyday. don't even have time to do my own stuff.. getting insufficient sleep too..

shit. i think im falling sick too. juz coughed out some phlegm. arghhhhhhhh and i think i can guess whose fault it is.

Thursday, December 01, 2005
@ 11:59 PM

wheee. matilda's bday today!!!! finally dajiejie is not younger than me anymore! =D hehe.. happy birthday!!!!!

juz spent the past 15 minutes searching for locks. lol. at least my search didnt end up in vain.

both chork and dajiejie tagged me. haiz. shall do it then, for deaarr chorkie and bday girl =)

1. Post 5 weird/random things about yourself.
2. At the end of the quiz, list the name of 5 people who you want next to do this and leave a comment you are tagged in the tagboard and tell them to read ur blog

-My fav harry potter girl is not chochang/hermione/fleur. i like fleur's sister! lol
-My favourite kind of books are self-improvement books
-2 days ago i was wondering why girls cannot pee while standing up (discovered the answer thanks to someone's vivid description and brilliant use of imagery)
-1 minute 55 secs. i can hold my breath for that amt of time
-I am very tired now

-jingzhou, tzekwan, zhaohan, jinyue, meryl

went out in the morning for lunch with hanyang sizheng jonfoo tzekwan steph qiaoqi and most importantly dajiejie! Marche.... woo, nv ate there b4. took hy's suggestion and ordered the ham and cheese crepe (i still dunno how to pronounce this word). thought it was very nice oreadi, until i tasted jonfoo's chicken and mushroom one! kns. i should have spent that $2.50 more.. oso shared a pizza with sz...

realised saying NO is really an important skill. even the conversation book says so. very pissed and disappointed with myself for not helping sizheng.. sry!!!

tk qq mat rushed off after lunch to catch Zathura. sounds like a nice show from what they've written. but. haha, too lazy to go dl it. the rest of us who didnt want to watch or didnt have the time to watch went to play pool instead. pool is still my favourite game =) and whoa, steph really looks damn pro when she's aiming. serious.

then... worktime! argh. haha, but dajiejie tzekwan and qiaoqi very nice came to visit me during my most lonely hr of work today cos my working partners one offday and one late.... so sweeeeet of u 3!! thanks thanks!!

ps2/xbox promoter got changed today! someone whom i can communicate better with. and who doesnt start poking pple here and there or molesting girls or abusing kids =P (oh my, i made him sound like some criminal). Most importantly, he plays pool too and likes Twins! wheeeeeeeeeeeee... whahahahahahaha.

my mum always tell me in chinese: fish and bear paw cannot both have. hehhh who say! i managed to watch Zhen Ming Tian Nu: today despite having to work!!!! wheeee. but didnt know what was happening. juz saw ella and hebe crying alot. then hebe doing some karate stuff. and selina meeting some pervert. lol. hebe is still as cute as ever.

tata. time to sleep!