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   1 Feb 1988
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   0107 AISL

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
@ 4:15 AM

im so pissed with the idiot that i can't even be bothered to blog about what he did in the past 2 days anymore. cb.

Even more pissed when i heard that another officer also giving a presentation actually hired an external company for $27k to make the video for him. wtf. saw the video its indeed pro. but 27k...if i had 27k i would have HAPPILY sacrificed a week's sleep to make an even better one than the company lol. but omg. here i am working for FREE. wonderful. i rock.

yawnz. waiting for the stupid video to finish rendering now then can go sleep le. hopefully. HOPEFULLY, no more changes will be made. im sick and tired (reaally tiredd) of this whole video business.


Sunday, May 25, 2008
@ 3:22 PM

Lets recount the events in the past week:

TUESDAY book in. Showed a video which i was asked to make, to X officer (LTC). Rejected. blahblahblah. he didnt even give me instructions on what he wanted in the first place. So OK... he told me what he wanted, and i was supposed to go home in the night to do. Due date? WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. i said not enough time, can give me til thursday. he said NO, because producing the video is VERY EASY compared to his job. He even said he has used WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER before. "wow". what can i say... tell him he's a cmi noob?

so what can i do. didnt sleep that night. Remade a new video all the way through the night and managed to do what he wanted.

WEDNESDAY. booked in to camp like a zombie. Showed him the video. More comments. This time he wanted OTHER changes that he didnt tell me before. so i went home on wednesday night, and got til THURSDAY to amend. what the heck. couldnt take it anymore, so i chionged til 3-4am then slept for about 2 hrs.

THURSDAY. booked in to camp in worse condition than a zombie. and how did the video turn out? Sorry, no answer. BECAUSE THE OFFICER OFF***ER MADE ME STAY UP TO DO THE VIDEO BUT DIDNT TURN UP IN THE END.

so Thursday night was more relaxed since there was no need to amend anything.

FRIDAY. the guy was busy again. and was only free at 5+pm, after everyone books out. So i had to stay back while watching everyone go out. got to show him the video finally and #*^%#*&@^ HE WANTED MORE CHANGES THAT HE DIDNT TELL ME BEFOREHAND AGAIN. made me have to spend my freaking weekend to make his stupid video. wonderful. another officer saw that i would have to spend my weekend doing the stupid video, and guess what he said to me...

"aye you no girlfriend right? no girlfriend good. got time during weekend to do"

KNNCCBWTFPCCOCBLPJ! im worse than a slave. and have i mentioned im actually a vehicle commander and not some admin specialist/clerk? -.-

Im A Slave 4 U (Acappella) - Britney Spears

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
@ 10:08 PM

okok. finally an UPDATE!!! after being MIA for so long.

WHat have i been up to? simple. CABAL. yup... play cabal until siao liao. planning to quit as soon as someone offers me a reasonable price for my account. hoping to sell my account for around 150-200 bucks. so far the highest offer is 60. pui~ can't even pay for the cost of electricity spent on playing the game.

Went ice skating yesterday lolx. so many people. and people no longer wear long pants anymore... seemed like there's a new trend towards ice skating in shorts... denim shorts... fbt shorts... all kinds. sexy =X

now busy making some army video again -.-!! probably no time to sleep tonight. they should just post me to saf film unit la. i'll be happy there >.<

k. will update soon again. got to get back to work